It Is Easier To Change Things Than You Think

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“We have been discussing beliefs. In my last post I mentioned that we would discuss changing beliefs. We can actually trade in our old limited ones for updates. It is easier than you may think. Instead of living from and getting poor results, we live from positive, powerful, tailor made beliefs and begin getting good results.

How do you change it? You tell yourself what you want to believe over and over and over again until you believe it! Repetition will make a habit. Our beliefs are only beliefs we have told ourselves again and again. Fortunately, though it seems difficult, beliefs can be easily changed.

Use the same method you did in the first place. Only this time chose a new, useful, positive belief that serves to get you what you want. Then repeat it again and again enthusiastically over time and you will come to believe it. THIS is how the military conditions minds.

Ask yourself, Directed Questions™ (see other posts on their use) and direct your mind to what you want. Ask again and again over time. Visualize yourself repeatedly already being, doing and having whatever it is you want. It is already yours. Act as if!

What you see you get! What you say you get! What you feel you get! Manage your imagination and see it fully! Manage your self talk and keep it nice. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Speak only to affirm what you want. Repeat your positive mantras over and over.

Feel it. Feel what it would feel like to have the perfect life. To already have the change you desire. Enjoy these feelings. Feel these feelings through out your day. Feel the best you can as much as you can. Think 80/20.

If you are feeling good and thinking good and speaking good 80% of your time I’d bet you are kicking serious butt. You are making your dreams come true. You are living an incredible life. AIM for it. You can make it happen. It is easy. DO IT. It is easier than you think.” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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