The Difference Between Success And Failure Is You!

horizons pink sky

“I’m just saying…

that some people claim…

we have beliefs that keep us stuck and these are hard to change.

You do know this

do you not?

People claim that our paradigms and our beliefs

conscious or unconscious beliefs

limit us and keep us stuck

or prevent us from being who we truly are.

Do you believe this?



is another belief.

Do you realize this?

Keep in mind

WHATEVER you think

you make it so!

If you can or can’t

If it is easy or not

If there is abundance or lack

is all up to what you think.


ONLY you

create your reality.

The world is cruel or friendly

that is up to you.

Whatever excuse you have

whomever or whatever you blame

whether you find pleasure of pain

ease or difficulty

think it is possible or impossible

limited by your paradigms or free

all are just more thoughts or beliefs.

Your beliefs

either allow or prevent you.

Bad habits are difficult to break

it is too tough to change

it takes lots of work to transform

others can succeed but I can’t

are all just beliefs.

You do realize this, don’t you?

Do they have power?


Perhaps the only power they have

is the power you give them.

If they remain in the dark

from there yes perhaps they control you.

But can you change them?

Is it difficult to change them or easy?

Will it take a long time or a short time?

The answers to these questions are found

in your beliefs.

Do you realize this?

Whatever your answer

you answer

from your belief set.

It will be as easy and quick and pleasant

as you decide it will be.

Whatever it will be – you create it.

So create it to be how you want it

and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

Become the master of your beliefs

do not let them be your master.

You decide how you will be

decide what you will do

you decide what you will have.

Determine what your life will be

and live it!



it is simple

easy fun delightful enjoyable.

Believe what you want

and what serves you to

live how you want.

Is it easy to do?

You decide that.

You do realize this – do you not?

You might be surprised at how

simple and quick transformation can be.

Celebrate and delight!” Rex Sikes

Make this day incredible!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Success And Failure Is You!”

  1. I will admit I don’t always read your emails but when I do they are very inspiring… just wish I applied it to my life. You get to a point where you say ” I need things to change” including life, beliefs, thinking, etc. I tried to do this a few years back however, things remained the same. What I was not doing was applying it every moment, everyday because I was not sure how. Anyway, I want to try again and hope with your process and inspiration this time I will change my life. Please keep me on your list!! Please note the CHANGE of EMAIL ADDRESS. Thank you.


    1. Thanks for you message and best wishes. Apply it in baby steps or baby bites if need be. Little things we do will make a remarkable difference. Nothing will change, as you note, if you don’t change some things. Find out what you can do and do it. Make it a habit. The more successful habits you create the easier it gets.

      For example, Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich may say, read this chapter everyday for 1 month. Do it. There is a reason for doing so. You will discover what it is once you do it. He says read this out loud to yourself 2x a day then do it. Find out the difference it makes.

      When you commit and carrty through you feel good about it. When you feel good you will do what you committed to. It works this way. Make it easy on yourself and do what you are able, make it a habit and you will be able to do more you want to do. PLUS, life improves too! PS when the change to the new web address and web site happens please subscribe there with your email address as well.


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