The Secret Is To Make The World Conform To Your Ideal

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“How do we make things happen? How do we create? How do we manifest? How do we attract good things to us? Let’s explore what Neville Goddard had to say about this today. It is quite profound.

He said:  ‘Master it and make your world conform to the ideal you want to experience.’

I love this! Make the world conform to your experience. Our upbringing is just the opposite. We are taught how to experience the world and that outer factors determine what happens to us.

You Determine What Is And What Will Be

Whether it is a good or bad day depends on the weather, the stock market, the parents or children, the boss, spouse, the clerk at the store.

Make the world conform to your experience. The outer conform to the inner. Yes, it is time we begin to think this way much more! Oh wait, I love the next part. Especially, cool!

‘Stop thinking of, and start thinking from.’

WOW consider that. Stop thinking of and start thinking from. Stop thinking of your dream as off in the future but think of it as right now. It is in your present. Already fulfilled.  Some day never arrives but now is right here.

Napoleon Hill said, ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it’. Imagine that for a second. Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve. You wouldn’t be able to imagine it if it were not possible. Make the impossible, possible now.

Stop Thinking Some Day And Start Thinking Already Done

The Wright Brothers wanted to fly and so they did. As far as we know it had never been done before. They imagined doing it and they did it. We made it to the moon because someone thought it possible.

‘All things are possible to him who believes, therefore learn the art of believing and persuade yourself it is true.’ Neville says. The Bible says, ‘all things are possible’ to the person who believes.

We have been brought up believing the outside dictates the inner when in fact, the truth is the exact opposite. The inner determines the outside results.

What you have going on right now, your circumstances, are merely the result of your previous thinking. If you don’t like your circumstances it is time to change you thinking. Wouldn’t you agree?

Believe It Is Possible And Open The Door To What Can Be

Neville continues: ‘One day a friend told me that when she was a child, her father would say: “If you have but a dollar and it was necessary for you to spend it, do so as if it were a dry leaf, and you the owner of a boundless forest.”

If one really knows how to pray, he could spend his dollar and then reproduce it again. You see, this world is brought into being by man’s imagination, so it is very important to learn the secret of prayer. ‘

How cool is that. The world is brought into being by man’s imagination. We know this is accurate. Thought precedes action. All human invention was first an idea.

We have created the world we live in from our thoughts. Tomorrow will be based on the ideas we have today. Where else do inventions come from? Everything that is from humans originates in the mind.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

‘If you are still desiring, stop it right now! Ask yourself what it would be like, were your desire a reality. How would you feel if you were already the one you would like to be?

The moment you catch that mood, you are thinking from it. And the great secret of prayer is thinking from, rather than thinking of.’

Neville is awesome!

Imagine the end result. Imagine the good we desire as already ours, already manifested. See, hear and feel it as having already happened and FEEL how marvelous it feels as a result. Live the end result in your minds and feel the incredible feelings.

You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

‘Anchored here, you know where you live, your bank balance, job, creditors, friends, and loved ones – as you are thinking from this state. But you can move to another state and give it the same sense of reality, when you find and practice the great secret of prayer. ‘

When you move to that other reality you find that other reality is how things work. It may be difficult to believe because we have believed the other way for so long. Our beliefs determine whether we can or can’t whether we will or won’t.

So said, Henry Ford. ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right’. Remember, the RAS proves it to be.

We think the outside controls us. The one thing humans can absolutely control is their thoughts and the mind. We can control what we focus on. We can control our decisions.

We are, we can be, and we definitely should be. Become the master your fate and the captain of your soul. It is within us and within our control. It is within you. Start living it.

Act As If Everything Already Is Completed

Imagine ‘from’ not ‘of’. Imagine and live ‘from’!  Consider this: If everything were perfect how would you feel? Imagine that. If you had the perfect life, the perfect you, what would it, what would you, look like, sound like and feel like? Most importantly, what would you be feeling?

Live most of your day with those wonderful feelings and you can make your dreams reality. Live feeling the end result and you will bring it about.

I’ll leave you today with some more from Neville and Napoleon.

‘Persistent imagination, centered in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, is the secret of all successful operations. This alone is the means of fulfilling the intention.

Every stage of man’s progress is made by the conscious, voluntary exercise of the imagination. Then you will understand why all poets have stressed the importance of controlled, vivid imagination.’

‘Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve.’ “Rex Sikes

Neville quoted from “The Secret Of Prayer’ & ‘How To Use The Imagination’

Celebrate and enjoy this day!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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