How To Have The Energy You Want And Need Anytime!

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“When it comes to having more energy or enough energy there is a secret. Yes, you can eat right and exercise right to feel more alive. This is important. Yet, there is something about energy you need to know and understand. You have all the energy you need at any time!

While you may balk at that statement it is accurate. Your body is not suffering from lack of energy you simply aren’t releasing or utilizing the energy you have properly. Proper breathing can help you to discover this.

I am not going to discuss, nutrition, exercise or breath work in this post. I am going to share with you another reliable approach to unlocking what is within you. Consider this for a moment: what happens to you when you get some really, great, life altering news?

Energy Begets Energy

Someone you love tells you they are going to get married, have a baby or you won some wonderful prize? What happens when you get some form of glad tidings? You get glad, right? You get excited, enthused, eager. You are happy and positive.

While it may seem like the news caused it, actually it didn’t. You released the enthusiasm and happiness. In an instant! One moment you felt one way in an instant you felt filled with joy! Perhaps, you did a high five, a chest bump, a happy dance, or hugged. You celebrated the news!

Now consider this: you had this burst, this release, this positive moment because you were excited by what you heard or saw, or read or… Your state changed, your being changed. I know you have had moments like this because we all have. It is called being human.

The More You Have The More You Get

You may have to search your memory to recall but if you are honest you know this is accurate. Before you go off into, ‘yeah but’, if that is something you typically do, stop and recall the moment. Fully live it for a while, if you are able. Enjoy it. Notice in doing this you may actually feel some or all of those very same feelings.

Isn’t that cool? Whenever we recall a marvelous state OR for that matter a less than glorious one we tend to feel the same way. It’s true. Think about the person who had an incident in traffic in the morning with an ‘ass’ and how each time they tell it throughout the day and into the evening they continue to get really mad.

The incident is past in the outer world but alive in the inner. Our neurology works this way. We feel part or all of a past prior experience through vivid recall. This is why remembering sad events make us sad or cry and why remembering happy ones cause us to feel the happy. It’s mind/body memory. It’s our neural pathways.

The More You Do The More You Can Do

Our thoughts make a huge difference. If you want to feel more energy and more alive then you must think the thoughts that release that in you. What we think about we bring about. We can change our emotional states by changing what we think about.

We change how we feel and what we can do and accomplish by changing our thinking to serve us. Your thoughts should serve you. You should not be a servant to your thoughts. Remember this! Now, if you want more energy do the following. Get excited! Get eager!

You must be enthused about yourself, the day, what you are doing, who you are seeing. You must get excited and be eager and happy. Thought precedes action and feeling. People can tell what you are thinking by your outside demeanor. You can tell if another person is positive or negative, happy or sad, a winner or a loser by looking.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

Okay, it really isn’t fair to judge or call names but it is true, isn’t it? You can tell if someone has something going for him or her or not. It is based on the inner life that is reflected. The look in the eye. The carriage or the body, the movements, the sound of voice. Tell tale signs, body language, reveal the inner life.

Anytime you want to release energy get excited about something inside. Another way, is to each day, vigorously, out loud (in private) shout, chant, enthusiastically repeat your positive affirmations. You can look in the mirror for extra oomph! The military understands this and it is a huge part of their training and conditioning.

Chant your mantras out loud. ‘I feel wonderful! I am incredible! Life is great! I can do anything! I am capable and confident! Life is grand! Everything always works out for the best!’ Those are just samples you have your own. You do this five or ten minutes, or do it on your commute to work in your car and you will feel different.

The Results You Get, Your Feelings, Reveal Your Thinking

Do this at least two times a day for no less than 30 days and you will find your life changing. It is said a lie repeated enough becomes substituted for the truth. Even if you don’t believe it at first you do it loud enough, long enough, and you will. You will change your conditioning and what you believe is possible.

To be successful you need to make things an automatic reliable positive habit. You need to replace the habits that limit you or cause you to have lackluster results. If you want more energy you can instantly have it. IF you don’t believe it do the exercise I just suggested for at least 30 days. Then evaluate. BUT do it fully and completely!

If you want things in your life to change you must change things in your life. You must shake it up and loosen the hold the old thinking has on you. Then replace it with positive, powerful, productive, new thinking that supports and encourages you in getting what you want. Thought comes first. You want energy you can have it!

Transformation Happens The Instant You Make A Decision

You already have it. Unleash the energy within you. While you are at it unleash your inner genius and inner power. Unleash your inner charm and charisma. Unleash your inner confidence. You think you lack anything you do not! It is there inside you wanting to get out, hidden, kept captive, by layers of old thinking and behaving.

You can let it out and change your world. You can transform yourself from a can’t do person to a can do one! You can dream big and make your dreams come true. You can walk the planet as a victor and champion. Others will look and take notice. Or you can remain the same. The choice is yours! Decided today!” Rex Sikes

Be glad and celebrate this day!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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