The Formula For Creating Anything: Wealth, Career, Free Time – Guaranteed

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“All things made by humans follow a procedure. There is a formula. It is rule governed, precise, and replicable. No matter what it is, the formula is utilized in one way or another. Nothing is created by humans without following these steps.

You can use the formula to create anything you desire.

This is the formula for creating anything. This is the law of creation utilized by humans throughout most of time! At least,  written history. If you don’t already follow this, you should! I share it here so you can begin getting what you want. You have to follow it precisely!

Conceive It

See it in you mind. Conceive of it. All knowledge exists forever simultaneously.  Just as everything in the universe exists foever simultaneously. The materials to build a rocket ship have existed since the beginning of time. All resources are already here.

The know how to build a rocket ship has existed from the dawn of human kind. The only reason rockets weren’t built earlier is because humans didn’t conceive of them earlier. They had to evolve further. Once conceived of the process began.

Step one: The conception. ‘Imagination, is more important that knowledge’, said Einstein. Why is that? Because it is usually the educated that say something can’t be done as the dreamers are busy doing it.

Believe It

See, it, imagine it. Visualize it. Then write it down. Writing it down is the 1st time it is created in the world. It is created on paper. Why write it down. Because it helps crystalize it in the mind. You further specify the visualization.

Architects, engineers, planners, designers work with blue prints. They imagine it and draw it out. They get precise. They use measurements and specifications. First Step, see it. Second Step, write it or draw it.

Step Three:  Plan it and gather resources. Schedule it. Ultimately, you  the plan and the schedule. These may change as necessary so it requires that you be flexible. You keep the project going but you adjust plans as necessary.

Achieve It

Step Four:  Build it. Take action and work the plans. This is how a building, a bridge, a chair or a toy is made. This is how wealth is created.  All human creations follow essentially this formula. This is the final step of transmuting an idea into physical reality.

You want to create anything this is what you do. You want a better life, greater wealth, more free time, a fun career, See It inside your head. Imagine it. Put it on paper. Create a plan for fulfilling it. Work the Plan and Build It. The Law! From within to without.

Keep going until you get what you set out to get. Don’t let obstacles or challenges deter you. Persist. Learn from challenges. Keep on going! Believe you can do it and you will. Believe you can’t do it and you won’t. So keep the faith. Fulfill your passion. Make your dreams come true. Get it? Good!” Rex Sikes

Create your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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