Do This And Your World Can Immediately Become Better!

horizons years-gone-by-phil-koch

“It always fascinates me how things work out together. Some call it synchronicity. The topic I chose to write about today came home to me in a delightful way. I had planned to write on kindness and committing those random acts when one happened to me.

Prior to writing this I am at home. I had dozed off. I was awakened gently by my daughter who said, ‘I brought you soup’. Wonderful, I thought. Plus, she brought home something for me to drink. I am delighted. It was welcomed and it was tasty.

I felt well taken care of and loved. As we talked and I ate soup, it comes out that out she has been delivering soup to a friend’s grandmother for a number of weeks. She had visited once and realized the woman’s refrigerator was bare.

If You Want To Lift Yourself Up Lift Up Someone Else

She had a couple eggs, cheese, and nothing in the freezer. My daughter brought some soup over the next evening and the woman enjoyed it. So my daughter made it more of a regular thing. She’d take her a quart or two of soup.

Nightly, after work, she’d tell me she was going to this woman’s house. Even in very bad weather she made the delivery. I had been concerned at times when weather was rough. I wanted her to come home safe,  but she would say she was going to her friend’s grandma’s house first.

I never knew why until tonight.  It simply came up as we chatted and I ate the soup she brought me. After some more conversation she stated she was excited about our plans for the evening tomorrow. Off to her room she went. I am blessed with two wonderful children. I was well taken care of this late night.

You Don’t Need A Reason To Help People

I am very proud. My daughter simply wanted to do something nice for this woman because she cared. She said, though the woman has a job and works hard she has a difficult time making ends meet. She can’t make enough money to buy much food.

My daughter cared! She acted! When people care for other people we lift each other up. We ought to  assist people without criticizing them for their lot in life. We help them because of what is in our heart not because of what they can do in return.

I think this is what life is really all about. Simple kindness. Simple goodness to each other. We are all on this cloud encased globe together. We ought to be able to get along, help and enjoy each other. I will close this out soon, but first a quote I would have used tonight, anyway. Joseph Murphy wrote the following:

My Religion Is Kindness – Dali Lama

‘There is no one to change but yourself. You have to be nice to yourself; the real self of you is God. Exalt, honor, revere and respect this Divine Presence within yourself; then you are loving and honoring your neighbor.Your neighbor is the closest thing to you; God is your neighbor; and if you love God you will have goodwill toward all men.’

Simple acts of kindness can go a long way toward helping us help people feel exalted, honored, revered and respected. We should strive to lift each other up together instead of tearing each other apart or down. More kindness is needed, less greed and intolerance.

Be kind. Do something nice for yourself by doing something nice for someone else. Let your actions be your reward not the praise from others. It feels good to do something nice. It is increase for all! A rising tide floats the boat and everyone in it.

Right Now How You Feel Is Creating The Future

It is good to uplift others. When you put it out there you get it back in countless untold ways. Simply make it a point to be more gentle, accepting, kind, peaceful and loving. The more love and goodness we spread around the more we get back to enjoy and spread again.

Create that ambience around you. And know this: People are mostly good! We hear about the bad ones all the time in media, but mostly, people are wonderful! We all should keep that in mind. What we focus on we get back. Let’s focus on the goodness. Let’s build what we want to have more of. Let’s celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is another day to be thrilled!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “Do This And Your World Can Immediately Become Better!”

  1. Very true. After reading your post only one person came to my mind thats my Mom. I haven’t seen an extremely kind and generous person as my Mom. Whatever kindness and generosity I have today in my nature, is only because of my Mom and for that I am extremely grateful to the god. Also, I am really happy that there are so humble, kind and generous people like you and your daughter in this world. Thanks for the post.


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