Your Journey Can Be Amazing. Do you know why?

mountain pathway

“Your path will take you to many amazing places.

It won’t all be easy but that is part of the enjoyment.

It will be an adventure.

You will always find beauty if you just keep your eyes open and look for it.

Enjoy each step as you move forward. Delight in all you discover along the way.

No one can walk your path for you.

Since it is YOUR journey you might as well make the most of it. 

Whether you enjoy it or not is your decision. 

Those who think it is difficult and not worth the effort  will never get there. Their journey will end before it begins.

What the journey is, what you see along the way, what you allow yourself to feel and experience is all up to you.

I’ll say it again: What your journey is like is up to you.

Your attitude is everything!

It will determine what you discover along the way.

You attitude will determine whether it is fun or not.

You attitude determines what you will allow in, what you include, and what you keep out.

Your entire journey of discovery is completely up to you.

Keep this in mind.

It is amazing what we can achieve.

If we believe we can do it we will be able to do it. If we think we cannot do it we may not even try.

Believe you can then you will be able to go so much further. You will journey to new and exciting places.

Keep your faith in YOU alive.

When your attitude is in the right place, when you are in the right frame of mind you attract the right people the right events the right circumstances.

A wise person once said that we should not be victims of circumstances but we should make our circumstances as we want.

Make all your circumstances work for you instead of working for them.

Enjoy the journey all along the way. When you do it becomes even more amazing than you can imagine.

Feel grateful with and for each step you take. Appreciate everything and you transform your life.

When you celebrate you make room for more life to enjoy. You create the path all along, you and only you.

This is the most important discover you can make. Few will, no matter how many times they hear it or read it.

You are the journey. You create it all. It only exists as it does because of you. Celebrate your role as creator.

When you recognize who is in charge, who is doing the creating, then you are free to enjoy all.” Rex Sikes

I hope you have an amazing day. How fabulous will you make today for yourself and others?

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2 thoughts on “Your Journey Can Be Amazing. Do you know why?”

  1. Thank you for the many gems of information presented here. You are so right in saying that it is our decision to enjoy the journey and thus enjoy the benefits of thankful living 😀


    1. Thanks so much for commenting. It is great to know when someone reads, follows, comments or shares. It is wonderful so many people are more fully realizing that it is ‘we’ who create all this. We create the world each moment in our minds and hearts. We influence things around us and make the world and our experience what it is. It is my hope more of us begin to focus on what we want to create, all the wonderful things we can enjoy, and in doing so ourselves and ultimately the world one by one. Thank you so much. Please stay in touch!


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