Few Know This Secret To Make Your Dreams Come True

horizon road - phil koch

“Wouldn’t you like to know what you can do right now to begin transforming everything in your life? The ability to get what you want in life is simple. Yet, few do it.

The first step is to be crystal clear about what you want. To desire it passionately and strongly. Napoleon Hill said you had to get a ‘white hot burning desire’. Then believe you will get it. Expect it as you expect you will get presents on your birthday.

Be Clear About What You Want

You see in your mental movie theater what you want as if it has already arrived. You are living it now. You can see, hear, touch, smell and taste it and it feels so wonderful. It feels incredible. It is as if everything is perfect and you feel blessed! These feelings are the key!

The secret to creating or manifesting your desires IS to enjoy the feeling of having what you want before it arrives. The only reason you are to visualize and act as if you already have it is to experience the emotions and feelings.

It is not about imagining a car or a house or a career! The picture you create produces the feelings. If there are no feelings, no strong positive, powerful feelings the picture isn’t worth it. You don’t have the right images. You don’t have what you want.

You make the images to get the feelings! It is all about the feeling! It is about what it FEELS LIKE to have the car you want, or the house you want or the house you want!

Feel It As If It Is Already Yours

Feelings make it happen. Feelings are the invitation. Strong, positive, powerful feelings.When you feel fully how wonderful it is to already have it (even though you don’t) that is the vibratory match with what you desire. You are completely congruent.

You feel wonderful, marvelous incredible. These feelings are what make it works. It is all about feeling good.

If it feels like a struggle or a burden or a sacrifice you aren’t feeling the right feelings. If you worry about not getting it you aren’t producing the feeling to get it.  Doubt doesn’t do it.

If you compare how far you are from right now to then you won’t get it easily. You can’t look at present circumstances and feel bummed that you haven’t got it yet. You must feel how wonderful it is to have it prior to it showing up. Prior to you making it happen you feel delighted to have it!

Have Faith You Will Make It Happen

When you are totally delighted, enthused and excited; when you feel confident and expectant you are on the right track. Everything is about the feelings you experience most of the time. The more regularly you feel this way the sooner you make it happen.

If you do the right things consistently for whatever length of time it takes you will reap rewards. It is not about the time frame it takes. It is about the feelings you feel regularly and consistently.

If you are feeling marvelous and I mean really marvelous who cares how long it takes or how quickly it comes because all the while you are enjoying the process.

As long as you are enjoying and feeling wonderful you have planted the seed. It takes time to grow and you may not know when it will sprout. You just know it will. You aren’t concerned with the circumstances.  You are enjoying living fully.

Keep Doing The Right Things Consistently

The results of your efforts are not here yet, the car, the house, the career, but you are experiencing the full pleasure of them before they arrive. This is the powerful message your subconscious needs to align all your resourcefulness and aim your abilities like a laser.

You feel it before you have it on a regular, consistent basis. You have to keep nourishing it. Just as a planted seed needs to be nourished. A flower is either growing or dying. You keep it alive by doing the right things consistently over time. Keep it alive!

Trust that what you want is on the way. As long as you continue to feel the best feelings most of the time you are in alignment with your desires. You are creating everything necessary to get them. You are doing the right thing.

Keep yourself thinking and feeling this way. Celebrate and be grateful. Delight and be glad! Fill your life with this joy every day consistently and the results will amaze you.” Rex Sikes

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Enjoy what is glorious about you today!

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