Doing This Can Help You Feel Much Better

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“If ever you feel out of sorts, down and out, depressed or angry there is something you can do to change how you feel. It is simple and powerful. It works like magic in many ways. It can help you feel better and make your life much more meaningful.

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be able to volunteer to assist physically and mentally challenged adults go water skiing and tubing. What a joy and blessing that was.

They had so much fun and so did we. Their looks of excitement, their sounds of joy was truly touching and wonderful. Their gratitude and that of their parents and caretakers was incredible.

The ski club my son belongs to has done this for 20 years. We joined last year and this was our first event of this kind. As they thanked us I thanked them for coming out and having fun with us.

The other dedicated volunteers worked hard to make this a special day for all. It absolutely was. I mention this opportunity I had because it serves as a great reminder.

One is that people are people. Love them all. Whatever shapes, sizes, colors, abilities, religions, politics, anything and everything. People are people. All people seem to like having fun. To make that possible for them was a blessing in itself.

Some people are more fortunate than others. Some have fewer hardships or challenges. We should be grateful for whatever hand we are dealt. It could be better, true, but it could also be worse. Be grateful. Find all the reasons you are fortunate and blessed!

Whenever you may be feeling down or sorry for yourself volunteer. Help out someone else. Service for another is a great way to get outside of one’s own issues and find comfort, blessing and satisfaction. When you help another person you help yourself. Help uplift another person and you uplift yourself. Instant good karma!

Give. You get back more than you give. The amount of fun and joy and delight I had volunteering was far greater than the efforts I made on behalf of others. The reward or payback was and is immense. As you give you get the rewards immediately!

So lift yourself up and lift up others. Give for no reason other than it feels good and it feels right. Enjoy the feelings that you get helping put a smile on someone else’s face. It is worth it in every way.” Rex Sikes

PS In my previous blog I invited you to comment and share whatever needs and wants, successes and difficulties you may be having making your dreams come true. This is an open invitation. Let’s see how together we can support each other in being, doing and getting what we want. Let me know what you need so I can help as best I am able.

Have a glorious day!!!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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