What Do You Want And Need Most?

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“On the road to making our dreams come true we sometimes hit snares or get caught up in problems and issues. It would be wonderful, would it not, if we could more simply move through these tough times? It would be great to have help and support, right?

What issues keep you captive? Where do you get stuck that you’d like to change? What do you need to know, want to know, need to do that will help you get through the tough times? How can I help you accelerate your progress?

Yesterday was my 400th consecutive blog post. I thought I’d celebrate a little bit by taking a break. Not a rest but a moment to say thanks for reading and sharing. THANKS!!!!


More than anything I hope you find value in these pages. My life has been so transformed in incredible ways because of the practices and principles I practice, write about and share here.

Most of them are not new. Most are not mine. Some are. They have either been around almost for ever or re-emphasized in one way or another in the past couple of centuries. Regardless, they are powerful. My goal is to simplify and illuminate these.

Yet, it seems success using them may be elusive at times for some of us. Some people gravitate to them and seemingly make them work instantaneously. Others, seem to have more trouble. I want to assist both or all types of people on this path make them work for.

Plus, I really hope to help those who seem to have trouble because I certainly did. I understand it when it is difficult or when you don’t seem to get the results you want fast enough. I really do.

I am a powerful creator. Took me a long time to realize that. Most of what I created for many years was the opposite of what I wanted. I was incredibly skilled at getting precisely what I did not want. It took me a long time to figure that out and begin to change it.

We Are Powerful Creators And The Results We Get We Created

One of the most profound insights I can share is that it is all a process. We are all a process. Life is a process. Everything is a process or in process. I said it a bunch of times what do I mean?

I mean rarely do we see it or get it all at once. Information comes to us in a trickle or bit by bit. We can’t see the conclusion or around the corner or the forest for the trees. So whenever we get upset, discouraged or lost we do so on limited information.

We only see a part of the picture at a particular time. We never see the whole thing at once. Or very rarely do we. Because of this we act on incomplete information. Imagine if your GPS only had part of the directions to where you want to go.

Things will change. No matter what they will change. Better or worse and most usually for the better. We just forget that much of the time because of where we place our attention. AND that is the big point.

Where we place our attention while in this process is what we pay attention to! Since we can’t pay attention to everything WHAT we pay attention to IS critical!

Since we don’t have all the info it is too easy to get caught up and lost in details that drag us down. We have to remember we are in a process! We can place our attention any where we choose. This is a major point. We choose!

Keep It In Mind: Everything Is A Process – We Are In Process

This simple, but not always easy act, makes a helluva a difference for us. Often, it means the difference between great suffering or great blessing. It is the meaning behind ‘we get what we focus on’ AND ‘we become what we think about.’

What we think about we bring about. What we hold in our head we will some day hold in our hand. From within to without.

Okay, enough for now.

I wanted to say I hope you find value here. If you do I hope you make your lives everything you want them to be. You can, you know! Plus, I hope you help others do the same. A great way to get is to give.

I always enjoy comments but I want to make a special request.

If there is anything you want to discuss, or anything I can share, or anything you want to know more about please post comments or questions. Let me know what is important to you.

Share With Me In Comment Section What You Want And Need

If I know about it I can discuss it. If I don’t, maybe I can find out for you. I really want to know what is pertinent to you. I want to help you have more successes. Please, also share your success that can help others!

I want to work with you on making your dreams come true. I want to help see you through your difficulties. Which areas do you need to read about more? How can I better serve and help you?

How can I make what I share really valuable to you? What do you want and need? I want to deliver as best as I am able. So I really want to hear from you.

Together We Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Then over time and in these pages I can address these areas. We can even discuss in the comment sections. So let me know, okay?

The new blog site is coming soon. I hope you will enjoy it and stay with us in transition. For now, thanks for everything. And please tell me how I can best meet your needs and what you want to know.

Help me help you make your dreams come true! You can do it. You will do it! Exploration is the doorway to adventure! Keep the faith.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy your day!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Please stay with us. I’d hate to lose you or have you miss any blog you want to receive. I’ll let you know when the change is taking place. I might launch and update as we go along.

PS YOU may know someone who could really benefit from hearing this message. Feel free to share this with them via social media or email. Buttons below make it easy for you to do so.

PSS  A great practice is read the posts daily and then go back and re-read from time to time. You will discover things you missed the first few readings. Try it, you will be surprised.

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Want And Need Most?”

  1. Thank you soo much for your inspiring advices my one major issue is procrastination and total lack of determination to sort out my life PLEASE help me
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


    1. Thanks for the comment and request. I certainly will address this at different times and in different ways. One way I have addressed it is in my recent blog ‘why the secret & LOA doesn’t work’.

      I recommend reading this and perhaps going through the blog and reading other posts. Make a study of these. People tend to want to wait to get inspired to act and rarely does it work that way. When you wait – you wait. Getting motivated comes from doing. The more we do the more we can do.

      YES I know you or I may not feel like it – but no one said we had to feel like it. If something should be done it should be done whether or not you feel like it. START IT! if you were in the service you wouldn’t have an excuse such as ‘i don’t feel like it’ you’d have to do it or else. SO begin what you want to do. AS you do it motivation comes from the process of completing the task.

      Motivation is intrinsic to being productive. We think we get motivated because motivational speakers give rah rah speeches. That isn’t real motivation. Real motivation comes from our actions. If you start working on your mindset and attitude and you learn how to control your thoughts (the one thing any person can control) then you can learn to adjust your feelings as needed too.

      You can begin to think differently about things.

      You can provide your own reasons and motivations inside your own mind so that you take action. THOUGHT precedes actions.

      Plus, realize you are not a victim of procrastination or lack of determination that is a choice you make. An active choice to not do. Become a powerful decision maker and take responsibility for your thoughts, your feelings your actions or lack of them. Think like a champion. YOU CAN DO THIS. Step by step.

      Follow my blog – take the advice and do it. If you want your life to change you must change things in your life. If you change nothing nothing changes. If you are going to overcome this it will be because you decide to and you take some actions. It is not going to come magically from the outside.

      Take control of your own life. Take control of your thoughts. Once you do you will be amazed at how everything can and does change for the better. Take it step by step, a little bit at a time is better than none at all. The more you do the more you can do.

      Realize you go where your thoughts take you. If you don’t take charge of them they are in charge of you. Lastly, if you really want to do a thing – YOU will find a way. If you don’t then you will find an excuse. DO it and best wishes!


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