You Must Feel Your Way To Happiness & Success

Disney If You Can Dream It

“Most people have it completely backwards. Do you?  They put the cart before the horse. Are you? Most people think if they make enough money or acquire enough things they will feel happy and successful. Is this you as well?

If you think getting it and having it will make you happy you will be disappointed as so many are.  It works completely the other way around. Things don’t make us happy. Money doesn’t make us happy. Those who have will tell you. Be happy first! Feel rich first!

Be happy and you will get and have what you want. Be happy first! Be successful first! It isn’t the things that make you happy but being happy makes it possible to get the things you want. The feelings make it possible.

Feel Your Way To Happiness And Success

You feel your way to success! That is the way it works. People think if you do the right things you will feel successful but it is completely the other way around. Feel it first and you will have it. FEEL IT!

This is why I keep emphasizing what the masters have emphasized since ancient times. See it ‘as if’ you already have it. It is done and you have accomplished it. It is right now and you are everything you want to be, do and have. Feel what that feels like! Really feel it!

See and FEEL how incredible it feels to have it right now! Not off in the future sometime. It is not coming to you but it is right now! It is present! NOW is the only time your subconscious mind understands. The present is the only time we actually have.

Feel It Now In The Present Moment

Now, in this present moment you feel successful.  Feel happy; feel healthy; feel wealthy; feel yourself in an awesome loving relationship; feel deeply, lovingly connected to your family; feel surrounded by positive, powerful people.

THIS is how you get what you want! Feel it first and you open the doorway. You create and attract all that is necessary because your mind, your feelings, are aligned with your desires and you behave in the most productive and powerful and positive ways.

Good things come to those who are fulfilled! Those who have will have more because they celebrate abundance! They feel incredible. They are not worried about or focused on lack. You don’t get rich by feeling poor. You don’t get freedom feeling restricted.

Feel Good Most Of The Time

Most people don’t have what they want because they are busy feeling the way they do because of present circumstances. They are reacting to what it. They feel less than glorious. You will not be glorious if you spend most of your time feeling less than glorious.

You must see that future you. You must feel that future you right now INSTEAD of your current situation. Your attention and energy must be on what you want rather than on what you do not want. This is where most people mess up.

If you want your life to change you feel how you want to feel first. If you want your life to change you will have to change some things in your life. Change your feelings and the results will follow.  If you want positive results you begin with positive feelings.

Your Feelings Are The Key

Think Attractor for a moment just as a concept. A magnet attracts that which is like it. It doesn’t attract those elements or things that are not like it. The same principle applies to you and me. Become it in your mind and body first and you shall have it in reality.

A Creator can’t create anything unless the creator first knows what to create. The idea has to be there. The same is true about getting what you want. You must know what it is. BUT you can’t put it off. You must image it as existing now. See it and feel it now!

The story is told about Walt Disney. He had created DisneyLand and had a dream to create DisneyWorld. He fell ill and died prior to its opening. More than one person said to his brother Roy, ‘it’s so sad Walt didn’t see this.’

Roy responded, ‘Are you kidding? It is because Walt SAW this that we have DisneyWorld!’ His vision, his passion, his desire and enthusiasm paved the way for DisneyWorld. He lived his dream and it became reality. You don’t doubt what you already have!

See It – Feel It – Speak It – And It Shall Be

It is so simple! It is not always easy but it is simple. Feel good most of the time and you will get what you want. You get what you focus on. Get in charge of your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings make it happen. This is your attitude and mindset!

Take control of your life! This is fully within your power. It may not seem like it because you haven’t exercised it much. This is what you and I and others ARE able to control and to do! Start small, in small way,s and if you persist you will end up with large, positive results!

Being comes before doing or having. Affirm what you want as though it already exists for you. BUT it is not merely the words. IT is the feeling you put into the words that makes it happen. FEEL IT! See it, speak it, feel it, live it and you shall have it!” Rex Sikes

More on this next time. Have a fabulous day!

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