Creators Do It Differently Than The Herd: How To Be A Creator

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“Have you ever been in the presence of a person who just has ‘it’? You know what I mean. A person who walks into a room and their energy draws everyone to them like moths to a flame. Heads turn. People notice and want to move closer. They are something special;

This person is filled with positive, irresistible presence and charisma. It is positive energy. Positive high vibrations. Whatever words you want to use this is how you want to live moment to moment. You want to vibrate high and be filled with positive, powerful energy.

You Are A Light To The World

Think of yourself as a beacon.  Are you shining powerfully bright so all can see or are you a dim bulb? Illuminate yourself and you illuminate the world. Creators, those people who live powerfully live differently from the herd. They live as champions and emperors.

You can too! Do what they have learned to do and you will. They know how important it is to be in charge of their thoughts and feelings. They think the best and feel the best most of the time. The know you become what you focus on so they focus on the positive.

Live with positive energy! Feel the best you can moment to moment. Live feeling the best you can. Think the most positive and wonderful thoughts and you will feel the most positive and wonderful feelings. Thinking and feeling and feeling and thinking go hand in hand.

Make Sure Your Light Is Lit

Live with positive energy. Emphasize it. That is what the creators do. Vibrate high! Keep your self talk and inner imagining on positive things. Speak to bless heal and prosper self and others.  Your power as a creator is to feel what you want before it is.

Thought precedes results. Thoughts precede action. Thoughts precede reality. If you think it in your head you can some day hold it in your hand. Energy moves from inside to the outside. You call it into action with your thoughts, feelings and words.

Keep your thoughts and images positive. Do the same with your self-talk and the words you do speak out loud.  Keep feelings the very best. Creators use their thoughts, words and positive emotional energy to manifests what they want.

Stay Positive In Thoughts And Feelings

This is how you make it happen! Be it before it and you will have it! They fully realize it first in the imagination. They feel what it is like to be it, to do it, to own it before they have any of it. From this then they create it. They take action to bring it into being.

This is how you manifest what you want. Imagine it. Write it down. Speak it as though it is already done. Feel it! Smell it, taste it! Enjoy it as if you already have it before it arrives. It is your story tell it the way you want it to be and it can be that way.

No whining, no excuses, no blames. If you live and think lackluster thoughts your life will be the same. Creators live managing the best they have. They are active in their self awareness and in maintaining their mindset and positive energy.

Go First – Be It – Then Do It To Have It

Successful people have money because they are first successful within. They feel successful. They know they are successful. They expect to have things work out. They expect to make money and attract opportunity.

Money comes to the successful it does not make you successful. Happy people are people who are happy first. It doesn’t matter what they have or what life throws at them. They are happy first. They can enjoy everything because it isn’t things that make people happy.

Yet, countless numbers of people have it backwards. They do, they struggle and work hard to have things so that they can be happy and feel successful. This is directly counter to how it works. You first be, you become it, and then you do, you take action to have things.

Act As If You Already Are What You Want

Pretend what it feels like to be able to do whatever you want whenever you want. Pretend that you can afford anything you desire. Pretend life is good and you feel incredible. Act as if everything is perfect. Enjoy it. Feel it. Answer this question.

If life were perfect and you were who you always wanted to be and doing what you wanted and having everything you wanted how would you feel? If you had everything you always wanted how would you feel? This is the feeling you want to live from most of the time.

Feel wonderful! Feel incredible! Feel delighted! The way you do that is to fill your mind and being with the thoughts that make you feel this way. From this energy you create. From this energy you attract. This is how the creators do it. They live vibrating high!

Feeling Good Is Feeling Good Is Feeling Good

Here is an important tip: The feelings you feel do not have to be directly related to what you want. For example, you want wealth but are not sure how to feel rich. You might imagine and feel freedom. You might feel blessed.

You might appreciate everything you do have without wanting more. You just feel true gratitude. You might feel fun. You might feel joy! You might feel celebration and delight. You might feel fascinated and in awe of nature. You might feel wonder.

Good feelings open the doorway to attract more of the same. When you are feeling wonderful you open yourself up. You might feel peaceful, secure, relaxed, at-ease, confident. Feel good and vibrate high! When you feel good you invite more of the same and better.

You Are Either Positive Or Negative – Choose

Withdraw you energy and attention from less than glorious news, gossip and worries. Focus on the wonderful, the inspiring, the magnificent. Feel yourself as a powerful, positive creator. Feel it now. Not sometime in the future but now. Feel it as already done!

Decide to see what is going right and you will see it! Decided to feel it first and you will have it! Yearning reinforces the absence of what you want and blocks you from getting it. Feeling fulfilled means more can come your way! Being fulfilled means you make it happen.

Feel fulfilled first and you will open the doors to being blessed beyond belief. Stop longing and start feeling what you want already accomplished.  Make your life the way you have always wanted it to be. Create it! Attract it by making your energy irresistible!” Rex Sikes

More on this next time. Find the irresistible in today!

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