How To Stop Believing Lies And Acting Like A Walking Billboard!

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“Did you know that the philosophy and principles that were popularized in ‘The Secret’, movie and book, were actually suppressed through the centuries? It is true.

To this day there are groups who do not want you to know, understand and apply this very powerful, life transforming information. It works and they want to keep it for themselves.

Most of the time there is no one trying to harm us. They just to keep us off track or off balance. If we can’t apply the principles correctly we won’t know the power available to us. We won’t get ahead.

We will miss out and become a worker bee instead. You and I received many messages growing up. Many were meant to be helpful and well intended.

They were delivered  by well meaning adults and peers but ended up limiting us instead of helping us. Plus, there were those designed and delivered to keep us limited intentionally. Sadly, true.

The well meaning adults parroted many of these not knowing any better. It is how they were raised too. Among all the messages we received some positive, wonderful messages still made it through.

Stop Believing The Lies

Sadly, they weren’t emphasized enough to give them high signal value; the kind of signal value that would make a difference. So we missed their power. We heard them and missed them just the same.

You have heard it before but perhaps never thought about it this way before. The ancient texts and New Thought leaders have been saying it for eons. Be it first and then you will have it.

Happy people attract or make themselves happy. Wealthy people make and attract more wealth. Success breeds success. Be it, then do what you need to get what you want to have. Be, do, have!

The powers that be want us to struggle to get things thinking THOSE will somehow make us better. They won’t. They steered our focus around backwards. AND so we focused on the wrong things.

If you work hard to get what you want some day you might become wealthy, successful and happy. Do, have, be. In spite of this some of the powerful messages made it through. We just didn’t know it.

Love yourself if you want a loving relationship.

Be sexy and others will think you are. It is all attitude.

Be happy and good things come to you.

Feel successful and you will attract success.

Be confident and you can learn to do anything.

Start Believing In Yourself

Advertisers and others have done everything they can to create a need in you so they can sell their goods. They are willing to scare you, intimidate you and make you feel bad.

They want to make you feel as if you are lacking what is needed. They want to make you feel as if you are not enough as you are because when you do they can profit. AND they profit large!!!

They will make you fear your dandruff, body odor, clothing style, skin, wrinkles, age, weight, height, you name it. Their job has been to make you feel inadequate, ashamed and not enough.

They want you to feel absolutely incomplete without their product or service. The make you afraid to be you in so many ways. They make you ashamed that you are human. You need their products.

In ancient days they made the public feel inferior by telling them they weren’t smart enough to read the religious texts and understand it. Only gatekeepers could know and speak the truth.

In fact those power people spoke lies. They suppressed information. They hid it and told people ‘work hard’ and strive and struggle and you may be able to accumulate things and die happy.

They sold everyone a bill of goods that was incorrect. They sold lies so they could remain in unchallenged power and keep all the assets. They sold a bad bill of goods and we didn’t know not to believe them.

What You Focus On You Get

It still goes on today. The myriad of messages is that you are not enough. ‘Work hard’ and you may be able to break free. ‘Get a job’ and work for someone smarter and richer than you.

‘Be a good worker’ bee and spend all your money on hygiene and cosmetic products so you can fit in. Make sure you wear the right clothes, drive the right car, have the right home. It is all crap!

We are even silly enough to wear their designer labels thinking it is cool thereby making us walking billboards. We even PAY for the privilege! We advertise their brands thinking it IS cool to wear these.

Tennis shoes cost hundreds of dollars. Kids fight and kill over a pair of high priced high tops. Why, because you aren’t cool without cool shoes. This is complete madness.

You want the truth but as Jack Nicholson stated in the movie A Few Good Men, ‘YOU can’t handle the truth!’ That is accurate we can’t, you can’t. The truth is SO simple we miss it.

We have been conditioned to miss it. We believe the lies even when they are proved wrong. We live out of chronic bad habits and limiting beliefs.  It is time to wake up to the truth about you!

You Are A Powerful Creator

You are more than enough.! You don’t believe it but you are MORE than enough!  You have never been told that in a way that causes you to believe it, accept it and know what to do about it.

Culture and messages state otherwise. Leaders proclaim us too unwise to know what we want. We are taught we are stupid. We need leaders who know better and who decide for us.

So how could you feel great about yourself?

The secret is you are enough!  You always have been! You don’t need clothes and cosmetics to make you sexy and attractive that comes from attitude. It comes from inside not outside.

Successful people attract riches because they feel successful and they know they can do it. It doesn’t  occur to them to think otherwise. You can too if you do it the way they do.

Even though the powers that be tried to remove all remnants of your personal power some of it survived in the kind of statements I wrote above. If you want love love yourself first.

Yet people yearn for someone to come along and fulfill them because they do not first love themselves. They put it on the outside. The put the emphasis and power on a source outside themselves.

Break Free And Stay Free

See how insidious the lies are and how persistent they are. We have been lied to and trained not to believe in ourselves. We’ve been prevented from exercising our true, positive, creative power.

They did that to us so that they, a few, could maintain it all. They diverted us. Instead of looking inside to our inner strength and resources they got us focused on the outside adornments.

They got us thinking help comes from outside us. They got us thinking they are smarter, and better, and more powerful people than you and I. They distracted us from our true selves.

It’s time for a change! The secret to manifesting or creating what you want is to feel it first and then you get it. Feel happy and you will be happy. Feel successful and you will be. Feel it first! Be it First!

Feel powerful and you will be. Be positive and you will. Assume you are a powerful creator and you will make things happen. Feel like an emperor and you will live like one. Feel the victor and you will be!

Stop living as a victim. Stop accepting the backward messages designed to limit and keep you captive on a system designed to keep you down and out. Exercise your power and break free.

You Are In Charge

Stop serving them and serve yourself and others. Make you life what you want it to be. Get your head on straight. It is your thoughts and your feelings that run the show. You’re in charge. You can control it!

They don’t want you to know that you can run the show. They don’t want you to know that what you decide and where you focus is your strength. They want you helpless and hopeless and dependent.

Sucks doesn’t it. All along you contain within you a source of great power. YOU ARE THE SECRET and you don’t know it. What you think determines who you are, what you do and what you have!

Your thoughts give rise to what you want! They are the source of inspiration and innovation. Your feelings are the fuel that get you to your destination. You are the one who makes things happen.

ALL along you have either brought good things or bad things too you because they didn’t tell you YOU create your reality by your thoughts and then your actions. What you think you become!

What you focus on you get. You didn’t know. They hid it. They got you focused on bad news and not having enough. SO you created more of the same without realizing it. It is YOU, all along, doing it.

A Champion’s Actions Arise From Within

If you feel like you aren’t good enough you likely aren’t going to do much to succeed. If you feel like a victim you won’t claim your true power. They knew that and this is what they wanted for you.

If you feel a common laborer and broke you won’t live as a powerful rich person because you will always be concerned with making ends meet. You and I were duped. Most everyone has been.

See how they have distracted us! All of the emphasis and focus is on lack and not having enough. They make us think if we work hard for someone else we might get ahead. We won’t. You won’t but rarely.

There is nothing wrong with hard work but the correct hard work comes after the right mindset not before it. You need to have the mindset, the attitude in place and they managed to weaken that.

If you want to be, do and have anything in life first you must become it in your head and your feelings. Then you will then be able to hold it in your hand. You will create the results you want.

It is time to become free and not be a slave to limiting mindsets. Why spend all your money trying to be better and be enough when you are ALREADY enough within? You just have to tap into it.

You Just Have To Tap Into It

As I already mentioned it actually is very simple. You have been conditioned wrongly and powerfully for most, if not all of your life. Now you must learn a new way. You can!

You definitely can and you can succeed! You will replace your old conditioning that has held you captive with new conditioning that allows you to live free.

You will replace limiting habits with new positive powerful ones. You can make you and your life the one you always wanted. You can discover your inner resourcefulness.

You can make your dreams come true. You have waited long enough. Stop waiting. Wait no more. Decide now to no longer be a victim of a poisonous negative mindset.

Become the victor. Realize you already are powerful positive creator. Take 100% responsibility for everything good and bad in your life and you will get free. You won’t blame anyone.

Once you stop blaming and looking outside yourself for excuses or saviors you will discover how to make the changes necessary to have the life you want. You are powerful. You’ll create good things.

It Is Simple – Do It

You have always had the power but you used it incorrectly as you were conditioned to. Stop that! Start using it as you have always been intended to. Start using your powers for good.

Wow, I always wanted to be able to say a superhero line like that. BUT it is accurate. Use your power to be and do and have what you want. Stop getting less than glorious results.

Begin getting glorious ones. All you need you already have. Stop living from lack and desperation and from someone else’s conditioning. Those cause the results you have been getting.

Change your thoughts and your feelings and you will change your life. You can change your life forever! You can become the powerful positive creator you have always been intended to be.

Had you not been duped you would have created a wonderfully positive life. Don’t complain about the past, from now on live as a champion. Live powerfully, positive and create good things.

Think positive, happy, successful, confident, joyous thoughts and feelings and that is what you will live and act from.  Claim your power and use it wisely. Make everything better for yourself and others and you will live your dreams! Begin Today! ” Rex Sikes

Make today marvelous!


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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