What If You Already Had Everything You Always Wanted?

horizon blue and red sky

“We think we are separate but we are not. We are all connected in every way. We are all humans made from the same stuff. We breath the same air, live on the same planet. We are one species. We are one people.

We are one. Some will tell you we are made from the same stuff that everything there is is made from. I don’t disagree. You and I and plants and trees and rocks and things are all made from the same stardust.

We seem to forget that. We think we are separate. That is the big illusion and delusion. Some believe we purposely forgot in order to re-discover, in order to play the game. Whether that is accurate or not I can appreciate it.

Seek And You Will Find

Certainly, we seem to have forgotten something. Who we are at our very core. It seems we are beings of light and goodness. We are creators and attractors. We are the very things we seek. Yet, we still seek because we have forgotten.

So remember. DO whatever it takes to discover who you are inside. Look to your source, the source within. Re-discover the abundance, the love, the compassion, the kindness, the peace that is already yours.

Isn’t it silly to look for something you already have? Claim it. This makes sense to me. Become the change you desire by realizing you are already what you desire. You just have to get out of your own way and release the you from within.

Ask And You Will Be Given

Unleash your passion and your joy. Release your receptivity and acceptance. Bring forth your abundance and good will. Let your light shine and let all good things flow from you. Stop struggling to have what you already possess.

Own it. Be it. You will have more of it when you realize you aren’t actually lacking anything. You only think you are. That is the big deception, the delusion, the illusion. You are already it. Start acting like it. Accept it, believe it, celebrate it.

When you do new doors of being will open up for you. As long as you want it you are paying attention to lack and what you don’t want. You are denying you are already that and ignoring who and what you are. You are suppressing it. Let it go! Be it and you will have it!

Knock And The Door Will Be Opened

You are it right now. Now is all there is. When you understand and wake up to this you will know that it is true and you have had everything you ever needed or could ever want available to you always at all times. You are already that which you seek.

You deny it. Stop. Wake up and stop dreaming. You are already more than enough.. You are powerful, positive, love and happiness. You are health and wealth and abundance. You are receiving and generously giving. You are One with everything. Wake up to it” Rex Sikes

Celebrate everything today!


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “What If You Already Had Everything You Always Wanted?”

  1. I will wake up and own the fact that I am one with everything for we are all made of one substance …one thinking substance which permeates penetrates and fills the inner spaces of the universe …I will get in touch with this formless stuffs by having a profound feeling of gratitude …with an unswerving faith that I am part of something bigger then me…thanks Rex


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