Why You Need To Be Part Of A True MasterMind Group!

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“Do you have support for the changes you want to make? Are you working at it all by yourself? Are you helping anyone else? The Mastermind Group suggested by Andrew Carnegie to Napoleon Hill is a powerful and excellent possibility you will want to explore.

Carnegie and Hill stated it is a necessity. Hill wrote  extensively about what a mastermind group should be. You hear a lot about these groups today but few are actual mastermind groups. The name gets used for any collection of people gathered around a topic. It has become a popular term and selling point.

Without going into the particulars in this post I suggest that you find ‘likeminded’ positive people whom you can partner with or associate with to help you stay on course. It is important to surround yourself with positive people who inspire you and whom you can encourage and assist.

There is exponential potential when more than one person pursues a definite chief purpose. Together people can accomplish more than individually. A true mastermind is formed around that purpose. It is tightly monitored to insure all are on the same page. Members work toward accomplishing the same agreed upon end.

You Can Accomplish More When In Harmony With Others

It is a special and unique group that forms in particular fashion for a particular purpose.  It is not the mere collection of like-minded people. Still, there is a point to also having like minded people to engage with. It is important to begin there. It is a great benefit too!

For our purposes today I suggest you find people to associate with for the purpose of having a cheering squad and a support team. When you associate with positive others you are inspired to greater heights. You travel together instead of separately even though you each are on a solo path. Birds of a feather flock together.

We will discuss at other times elements of a true mastermind group. This is an important topic and according to Carnegie and Hill a critical component for achieving great success.  Meanwhile, I encourage you to read Napoleon Hill, ‘The Laws Of Success’ and ‘Think And Grow Rich’. Two very worthwhile books!

Read these works for a more complete understanding of the time honored principles for success and an accurate description of a true mastermind group. A mastermind is not an internet collection of hundreds of people but a select few chosen for particular purposes.

Surround Yourself With Positive Energy People

Meanwhile, surround yourself with people who are accomplishing their dreams. Find those who already have made their dreams come true and who continue to make positive pursuits. It is great to learn from people who have been where you are and who are doing what you want to do.

This is important too. People who have come from a similar background. Of someone is born to extreme wealth and you are not you don’t have much in common. Their path to success is not yours, you don’t have those advantages. If the person came from humble roots but went on to great success that is the person to learn from.

That person’s path is more parallel to your own. They have some things to teach you and you have some things to learn from them. Spend time in nourishing atmospheres with uplifting people. It is part of your nutritional program for your mind and spirit.

Read and re-read positive materials. Listen to positive speakers. Attend functions and events and stay on course by having buddies who help and whom you can help. A wonderful thing happens for you when you can celebrate and cheer on another to success. Great things can happen when you assist and give to others.

Think of your own personal improvement program this way. How much time do you spend devoted to the positive pursuit versus the negative? How much time is positive versus distraction? The goal is for you to enjoy more and more of life so that the balance falls in the favor of the positive time. 70, 80, 90% positive.

Your Positivity Scale Should Tip In Favor Of Positivity

If you read a page a day and spend the rest of your time surrounded by negative whining people whom you join in helping criticize current affairs you aren’t spending much time filling yourself with positive and inspiring thoughts, feelings and actions. You need to change that and adjust those times appropriately.

Social media can be a huge time waster and downer because so much is focused on what is wrong with everything. As is the news and unfortunately as is a lot of people we care about. Make sure you are getting more than adequate nutrition for your mind and body.

If you want to turn your life around you can. Spend more time engaged with the positive thoughts and behaviors that make it so and you will! Spend more time with positive and encouraging people. Adjust the positive to negative time spent ratio and you will find your life moving into the positive fast lane. ENJOY!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate Today!

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4 thoughts on “Why You Need To Be Part Of A True MasterMind Group!”

  1. I related to: What if you already have, everything you always wanted….I have been very blessed…..sounds like you have too….look forward to reading your blogs and sharing them….it’s like listening to myself….we are definitely kindred spirits….


  2. Just one important thought about the master mind….it only requires two people….to be a true master mind…..and just two can make fantastic wonders happen…..like get millions of dollars for your dream….


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