The Secret To Maintaining ‘Good Vibrations’ And Creating What You Want!

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“Alright, so the car breaks down and the rent or mortgage is due or overdue. The dryer went out and needs to be fixed as well. Plus, your child just got injured at school.  You work over 40 hours a week and seem to struggle all the time. Things are going from bad to worse.

You think, ‘Why me? How come nothing works out right. What do I have to do to fix this? How can I make more money fast? Now the car and the dryer. I’ll never be able to make ends meet. Everything is always going wrong.’ And you are correct.

You are suffering from a ’60’s case of Haight-Ashbury Bad Vibes. Your focus is on everything that is wrong and going wrong around you. If you keep digging a hole all you get is more dirt. And you are in a hole. You are stuck and will stay stuck unless you switch your thinking.

We Learned How To Be Stuck There Is No Shame In It

Many people are stuck. No one is to blame. That is how most of us live. Most of us grew up with people around us struggling too. We learned how from others. Circumstances can be tough. The world isn’t fair.We may know better but we do what we do out of habit.

The problem is where you put your attention.  Where you put your attention is where energy flows. If your attention and your energy goes into the current situation, the stuck state, and stays there you will get more of what you don’t want.

What you focus on expands. You become what you think about. Thoughts are things. What you think about you bring about. You actually magnify the problem in your mind. You give it energy and that is not what you should be doing. You should withdraw your energy.

‘How’ Doesn’t Help Get You Unstuck

When you try to fix it and solve it you are concentrating on what is wrong and what you don’t want. Your attempts to make it different ‘some how’ help to perpetuate the unwanted situation. Have you ever noticed that ‘bad luck’ seems to follow with more ‘bad luck’?

Things go awry and get worse. You do everything but nothing seems to work. That is because you create more and attract more of the same by what you are doing.  Like thoughts attract like thoughts. Birds of a feather flock together.

If you try to figure out ‘how’ to fix it; doesn’t fix it. You don’t know how. How is the big lie. You and I think if we only knew ‘how’ to make it different it would be different. But, sadly, that is wrong. We can’t make it better from where we currently are.

To break the cycle you must do something that seems counter-intuitive. You must do something that is not easy. It is simple but it requires effort and commitment. If it were easy everyone would have mastered it. You have to switch your thinking.

You Can Learn To Get Unstuck And Change Your Life

Bit by bit you have to move your thinking from your stuck problem state to your wonderful dreams and desires. You inch your way along, trading up your positive thinking. You do whatever you have to to put your attention on something that feels better.

Focus on your pet or your children. Think about something that makes you feel good when when you think about it. Go jogging, take a walk, a  bath, listen to music, read inspirational material, make love, go out for dinner. Immediately, do whatever you must do but put your attention into and onto thinking and feeling better.

Work your way up the ladder of positivity until you feel the most positive. Keep trading up your feelings until you feel the very best. Keep going until you are able to think about your goals and dreams and you feel really marvelous.

This can be difficult for a number of reasons. We will explore more in upcoming blog posts. One reason is because you are caught up emotionally in the bad circumstances. Your emotions are the key to getting free and living the life you want to be living.

Habits Rule Us – If You Want Success You Need Success Habits

To break the ‘bad luck’ cycle you need to take charge of your thinking, and get it under control. You need to take charge of your feelings and emotions. If you want your life to change you must change things in your life. You must change where you put your energy.

You want GOOD VIBES most of the time not the 60’s BAD VIBES. You want to think and feel best most of the time. When you are thinking positive, optimistic thoughts, and feeling good you are ‘vibrating’ good, high energy vibes. You stop vibrating the low, bad, negative energy vibes that are causing your difficulties.

Okay, I am using some metaphysical, hipster language that may turn a few people off but I think get my point. You create more of the same by whatever you think, feel and focus on most. Your current circumstances are a result of your prior thinking. You created it.

To have a new life you must create it first in your thoughts. You bring it about by your feelings. The future life is a result of the thoughts you presently think AND if you think about your dire circumstances your future will remain the same.

You Can Live The Life Of Your Dreams – In Fact You Should

To have a different better future you have to stop thinking about the circumstances, ignore them and think and feel better thoughts. You need to immediately turn your attention away from the negative thoughts and feelings and towards positive thoughts and feelings.

The value in this is that you create the new habit of moving away from the negative, the less than glorious, to the glorious. You condition your mind and feelings. The result is you spend more time thinking and feeling good. Feeling good is the fertile soil where your dreams grow and become reality. (More about this coming up).

When you do this repeatedly over the course of weeks you will build a habit for switching from the less than glorious and the less than productive to the glorious and the productive. You will gain control of your thoughts and emotions and begin transforming your life and circumstance for the better. Easy, no. Possible ABSOLUTELY!” Rex Sikes

Live joyously today!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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