Stop Describing Your Life As If You Are Talking To Tech Support

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“Yes, we will continue with how and why it is important to have and maintain good vibrations. This is a bit of a segue but in the same vein. It is important to staying happy, creating your dreams and attracting the future you desire to think positive and feel the best you are able to most of the time. The key to change IS in good feelings.

You want to feel good most of the time. You want the ratio of less than glorious to glorious to be predominantly on the side of glorious. This is the key to manifesting what you want more of. You want more good feelings so you start and maintain feeling good. Then you will get more of the same. Do you get it?

What You Think About You Bring About

So today, I had a tech issue on the computer and on my smart phone. I called tech support. Of course, they want to know what is wrong so that they can help correct it. I describe the problem I am having with book marks on one of my browsers. They state, yes, this is a common problem. It get’s fixed.

I state there is the problem I am having with my phone. They work to resolve it. As they do, what they do, fixes the problem I described but leaves me with another problem I discover moments after we hang up the phone. I go back through the web site, ask them to call me and they do and we begin again.

If You Always Do What You Always Did …

I describe the original problem that brought me there and that it was remedied only to discover another issue once we hang up. They work to resolve this and do but again create another issue which is larger than the previous one. I only discover this problem once we hang up.  I go back through the web site and the cycle begins again.

This went on, pretty much like this, all day long.

Each time I had to go back to the website get them to call me. Then I had to go through each of the issues and their remedies and the new problems created each time. This was repeated time and time again. During this time I had to go about business.

I left one meeting to go sit in the stair well to speak with them. At this point I was able to request call backs at certain times or whenever they finished helping someone else they would call me. So in my car en route to my computer. Later, they  called at the conclusion of another meeting I had.

…You’ll Always Get What What You Always Got

Then during a drive through while getting my son something to eat, Then back at home. The final call lasted 3 hours until my land line air phone died and the tech support person finished his 11.5 hour shift. AND get this!  The problem I dread most still looms for tomorrow . They scheduled an early AM technical support call.

So it is near the close of the day when it occurs to me that this is a great analogy for how many of us spend our days anyway. We describe the issues that bother us over and over again. Someone cuts us off on the free way while on the way to work. We get angry. Flip the other person off. Use a few choice expletives and drive on muttering about that SOB.

We mention it to the coffee barista. Once at work we complain to co-workers about the jerk on the road. During lunch we bring it up again. This continues on until we arrive home. We are asked about our day and we begin with the asshole on the highway. Only by now we have added a litany of other complaints that occurred during the day. We stock pile bad events. We pick them up like lint rollers.

If You Want Your Life To Change…

When we focus on our problems, even to solve them, we tend to get more problems. I am not suggesting we don’t fix wrongs but that we learn how to shift our attitude away from it being a problem and into how wonderful it is finding a solution. Our days are meant to be spent joyously not spent reciting lists of what went wrong.

Yet, sadly, that is what too many of us do. Why? My guess is we get caught up in it. That is one potential reason. We get snagged by it, hooked. I think we also do it because we are used to doing it. Our parents did it and we grew up doing it. It is mostly all we know. I think another reason is there is a reward in complaining.

Secretly, somehow we like the drama and the attention we get. We want to be the sad little puppy who has had it soooooo hard. Really, I do. Who doesn’t feel better feeling bad sometimes? Admit it, you like it. You do! The bottom line is it doesn’t matter much why we are the way we are. We won’t change even a little unless we do change.

…You Have To Change Things In Your LIfe

That is what we must remember. As long as we perpetuate the old way, the painful way. the negative way, the comfortable, old, wonderfully painful way that gets us attention and ‘bandaids on our boo boos’ we will remain stuck wallowing in endless lists of daytime wrongs.

Our life will remain essentially as it is. We will continue to complain about the bills, that no one listens, that we’re living in a loveless relationship, our job sucks but nobody cares, and how we wish it were better but it never really gets any better. Do you get it? If you want your life to change you must change things in your life.

You cannot go around listing problems as if you are speaking with technical support and expect your life to improve. For your life to improve you pretty much need to ignore the less than glorious circumstances and place your energy and your focus on what you can appreciate and feel gratitude for.

You Become What You Think About Most

You need to maintain your vision on your positive dreams and goals, the ones that haven’t really happened yet, and imagine them as if they are completed. You need to feel all the marvelous feelings most of your day, that you would feel if your life was perfect and all your dreams had already come true.

In order to experience the magic you have to place your attention and keep your attention on the invisible, that which hasn’t actually happened yet. AND you have to act and think as if it already has. The point of this is : if you want the good life you have to stay focused on the good life and not contaminate it with all that goes wrong in the meantime.

Fill your heart and mind with gratitude and joy. Feel thrilled that life is incredible. Live with enthusiasm, passion and joy. Be alive, totally alive. Have fun. Smile, laugh, sing, dance, love and celebrate. When you do you vibrate in that special creative way that helps you make everything you want come to be.

Speak Only To Bless, Heal And Prosper

You are a light unto the world and you radiate and attract the right people, events and circumstances into your life. Your brain works on finding opportunity and advantages, resources in the real world. You operate from such a place of optimism and power the game literally changes. You operate from being in charge and being in control

You are the captain of your fate and the master of your soul. You live as a champion instead of a whiner. You live as a victor and not as a victim. Start describing the things that go right in your life. Start talking about the things you want to say ‘YES” to.

Emphasize these! Repeat these again and again and feel blessed. Your mantra, your self talk should be positive. Speak to yourself and others only to bless, heal and prosper. Accentuate the positive and you will get more positive back. Thoughts are things. What we think about we bring about. What you focus on expands.

Radiate And Let Your Light Shine

Remember this! Keep it in mind. We become what we think about. Birds of a feather flock together. It is the flowers that attract the bees. Bears are attracted to the honey. Let your goodness flow like a river and all good things will flow to you. Stay positive! Be a light for others! Your life will wonderfully transform as you do!” Rex Sikes

Let your light shine today!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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