Stop Deceiving Yourself And Make Better Choices!

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“Are you having problems and difficulties? Perhaps, you are struggling with career, family, relationships or finances. How are you challenged? Do you know why you are having troubles? According to science we don’t actually see what is. We see through neurological filters. Our perceptions are constrained.

In fact, our conclusions that we draw about ourselves and the world are largely inaccurate. Some would say, completely wrong. Those conclusions and reasons why we have troubles are subjected to the same filtered neurological processes hence they MUST be wrong. We make conclusions based on limited information.

We never see the whole picture.  We only get fragments and tiny parts bit by bit; never everything all at once or over time. Our conclusions are drawn from our limitations of filtered processing and from our co-opted conditioned thinking as we grew up. We adopted the beliefs and conclusions of others from birth on.

We are wrong about most things because we can’t actually see who we are or what we are capable of. We may glimpse it from time to time, but mostly we react to the world from chronic, worn out, conditioning. We use the past as the basis for approaching the future and that contaminates the present and future.

Everything Can Be Otherwise If We Open Up To The Possibility

According to physicists everything is energy vibrating at different rates. Matter is energy appearing hard to our senses. This tells us our senses are easily tricked. There are upper and lower limits of what can be consciously perceived. We miss far more of what there is than we can ever know.

We are conditioned from birth to rely on our senses. We are taught that there is a separate outer world made up of solid things. Our senses wouldn’t lie, even though, quite frankly, they do. Everything is illusion, only we do think so. We believe it to be the truth about how things are. We are very wrong.

We believe there is an independent, objective reality. We believe the circumstances around us IS what is going on. We believe that it is true. For example, if we get enough reports that the economy sucks we accept it. If certain people are considered bad, we believe it. We believe so many inaccurate things!

We don’t actually know what is out there. Science reports to us, that we are mostly, if not completely, deceived. None of it has any independent outside truth, other than it is all energy appearing solid, but rather, it IS what we BELIEVE it to be. We believe our subjective appraisal. We determine whether things are ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Believing Is Seeing

Since our subjective appraisal is deceptive things are not as they appear. They are only as we believe them to be. Our consciousness creates what is.  AND so it is, whatever we say it is, by our own declaration. We conclude it is a particular way even when multiple other possibilities exist.

We simply lock into one way of thinking about it and accept it as that. Silly human. There are infinite possibilities and we choose one. The one we choose is based on our prior conditioning from our interactions and experiences with others and the world. We create a version of reality and then tend to stick with it.

We draw conclusions and then eliminate other possible conclusions so we don’t have to think about it much. Our brains streamline the information for us. We make generalizations about ourselves and the world, which may or MAY NOT be accurate. We delete things so you can bet it is mostly inaccurate.

We leave things out when we generalize. Science says we can only consciously entertain and recall so much data in a given moment. Our brains process trillions of bits of date each second that we can’t possible  be aware of or think consciously about. Still, all of it is there.

We Delete, Distort And Generalize

We distort. If we generalize our experience and leave things out, then by that very process we necessarily distort reality or what it is. It can also work the other ways around. We distort, thus we delete, or, we even add in things that aren’t there and make generalizations based on that.

Or it could be because we delete, and distort we then make generalizations. Generalizations are the rules and reasons we adhere to through all time and space across the board, to navigate the world we create. We accept these as what is, or as independent, objective truth, when actually it is all subjective.

We see through our minds and beliefs. We are a bag of skin and bones and processes. Ongoing continuous processes attempt to decipher the nature of the universe through a limited human apparatus. We draw limited inaccurate conclusions about ourselves, the universe and ‘reality’.

We accept these conclusions as accurate; a reflection of what is. We call it reality. Our reality is comprised of outer circumstances and our inner reactions. We draw conclusions. We decide whether or not we are worthy of certain outcomes and or capable of certain actions. We believe our own BS. AND IT IS ALL BS!

We See Through A Glass Dimly

We believe our delusions. We have made our conclusions. And so it is. Science, still informs us, that everything is actually just energy appearing solid. It isn’t as we conclude it to be. The trick is to wake up to what else there is.

We have the opportunity to  shed our chronic, habitual conditioning, and drop the beliefs, the conclusions and thoughts that limit us. We can become more aware and discover new ways to think and be. Even through the very processes that trap us, we can awaken. If only we will.

It can be said, if you are seeking more, and entertaining notions such as these, that you are at least on the outer edge of beginning the process of awakening. Whether you do or not, who can say, but your very interest or desire may be an indication of something better and  important going on. We can awaken and we must want to awaken.

If that IS the case, then what can you do to enjoy it and assist the process? What can you do to accept it and go with the flow? How can you most naturally awaken, easily? How can you become more consciously aware and appreciative of the process? What can you do to celebrate and get through the limitations?

What You Say Is What You Get

Don’t fight it, but relax into it. Go with it. What is IS. Enjoy everything! Why not? If the universe is of our making then why not make it the most incredible, wonderful, experience of universe possible? No matter what goes on, why get caught up in anything less than glorious. Why not celebrate and enjoy it all?

Do you realize you are here? You have consciousness. You are alive. You have this go around why not be totally thrilled with this opportunity. In all, the trillions of stars, and immensity of the universe through billions of years YOU are here to enjoy it. If that doesn’t make you stop and go WOW what ever would?

YOU are here to live and enjoy and delight. I mean why not? What other purpose for you being here could there be? If you think there is no purpose then you are a complete idiot if you don’t assign your own. MAKE it whatever you want it to be. You have THIS opportunity. Make it great, for goodness sake. WHY NOT?

If you don’t thrill and celebrate every second you are wasting every second you don’t. What does anything matter but the love, and life and goodness you can help create? YOU exist so make it count for something marvelous! Celebrate everything! After all it is your choice. You can choose to make it whatever you want it to be.

It Is Whatever You Declare It Is

You can limit your problems, and stop it from being any difficulty. In all that there is why focus on what might be wrong, EVER, when you can make things right. Why waste time caught up in less than glorious issues?  You can decide to enjoy the ride for all it is!

Think about that. Really, think about it. It is you choice. Everything is an illusion. If we make generalizations, why not make better ones? Make ones that serve you. Instead of living out a crappy existence based on conditioning, with problems, lack and discord make it a life that includes everything you want.

Dictate what circumstances will be. If you are going to be deluded, be deluded in ways that feel good. Make it glorious. Exercise good taste and judgement. It is your choice. Decide now to enjoy it!” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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