Your Beliefs About Money Matter!


“Do you deserve to be rich? Do you struggle to make ends meet?What do you think and believe about money? Is the love of money the root of all evil? How much are you entitled to? How come few others have lots of it while most others have little? What is it about money?

Only one person left a comment here when I made the tithing post.  I received numerous other comments from people in other areas on social media and by email. That tithing post created a little heat. People felt compelled to tell me their ideas on where and with whom to tithe and why.  A few did not want the churches to get the money.

Money is an area ripe for exploration. We all have so many beliefs, rules and regulations around it. Some people don’t think they are worthy of having lots of money. Others think money is evil. Others think of money as a tool for more comfortable living. Others fight to get even a little bit of it. Do you know how much money there is????

There Is Always More Than Enough For Everyone

TONS of it. Trillions and trillions of dollars are circulating each moment. Some love money, perhaps, a bit too much while others understand abhor it. They want it, need it but they abhor it. There is a lot of baggage around this form of exchange. Money. Hmmmmm

That is why I felt the subject of tithing was a good call to post. We have issues surrounding money. We have issues about how it is spent, saved, received, and given away. All sorts of beliefs about what is right. I knew the topic would get the pot stirred.

Whenever I point out that something is a belief, I am not suggesting it is wrong. Not in the least. I am suggesting it is a firmly held idea that you may have had for a long time. You may not know how or why you came to believe it.

I Can Learn To Do Anything Easily If I Will Attempt To

You might want to examine why you hold the belief. Many of our beliefs are borrowed from those around us while growing up. We don’t know why or when we developed them. Some we do, most we probably don’t.

Sometimes, we are aware of the conclusions we drew because of extreme circumstances or events. Something unforgettable happened and at that moment we formed a new belief or we strengthened an already existing one.

Beliefs are chronic, habitual ways of thinking. They are simply thoughts we think again and again. Typically, we have a cluster of beliefs around a topic. Open up one and more come out. They are tied to our values and what we ‘believe’ is important.

What I Want To Do With Ease I First Have To Do With Diligence

When asked, ‘what is important about love’ or what’s important about a relationship? or a career, of your finances, or parenting or life, beliefs pop up. Rules for being and doing come up. Some we hold to firmly while others we may be more flexible or relaxed about.

When I say ‘THAT is a belief’,  I hope is that the reader will take it as an invitation to look at it. It could be accurate or valid to hold. Still, look at it. Examine it. Is it truly yours? Did you come to this conclusion on you own? If so, how? Based on, what?

Is this conclusion applicable in the current situation or mostly applicable to the original situation? How does having this belief serve you? What does it do? How does it limit you? If you could believe something else what would that be?

It Is Completely Up To Me Whether I Can Or Whether I Can’t

Why don’t you believe something else instead of this? Have you ever wondered that? Why don’t you believe something else? There are so many questions one could ask. Reflection and examination are useful. We should make up our own minds instead of having them made up for us. Don’t you think?

I phrased that as a possible belief. Did you catch that? You see, you can try on beliefs, similarly to how you try on clothes. You can put them on and off, metaphorically, to determine whether they fit or not.

Do you need to update?  Are there some beliefs you want to exchange for better beliefs? You might? You might not need to. You might want to.  Anything is possible. The Red Queen in Alice Through The Looking Glass stated, ‘Why I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’ Perhaps, you’d like to, too.

I Am Responsible For What I Do And Do Not Have

Through honest exploration you can discover more of your talents and resources. You can uncover and begin to process or eliminate any of those that hold you back and begin to heal.

The choice is yours. Unless, you don’t believe you have choice. Then you aren’t likely to take it or make it.

Someone may or may not be able to prove to you or convince you otherwise. It depends on your beliefs. If you don’t believe you have choice, I would say you are correct, you don’t. If you can’t conceive of a reality you can behave in that reality.

Hill said, Anything you can conceive and believe you can achieve. That is powerful. If you can imagine it and believe it you can make it happen. If you don’t believe that is possible then it is impossible.

I Am Accountable For What I Do And Do Not Have

If you believe others may be capable or entitled, but not you, then for others,, it is true but for you, it is not. Beliefs determine how we interact with the world, circumstances and others. They determine how we hold ourself in esteem.

Taken altogether they establish our attitude or mindset. We believe the world is either a friendly or a hostile place. We either can do something or we can’t. Others can do it or we can. Maybe everyone can or some can’t.

Beliefs determine the who, the what, the where, the when, the why and the how in life. They determine whether we mean everyone or only a few. Whether we mean for now only or for all of time. Beliefs shape our reality. According to science, it is more accurate to say, believing is seeing than it is the other way around.

The Mind Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Think

Okay, we haven’t discussed money beliefs but we will. We started back at beliefs. You might want to pick a topic, as I did above. Something important to you. Begin to write down every belief you have, pro and con, about it.

Write your thoughts and your opinions. Some will stop after a few some might write all day. Do the exercise, it might surprise you. Pick money, for example. How many beliefs do you have about money. Go find out!” Rex Sikes

It is your day! How will you spend it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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