Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed Big?

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“People who acquire the ability to take full possession of their mind may take possession of everything else to which they are justly entitled.” said Napoleon Hill.

Hill studied over 500 of the most successful and richest people worldwide of his day, given entry from Andrew Carnegie who commissioned him to make the study.

From the study of the 500 certain behaviors, principles and laws, were extracted. These were then tested. Taught to others to see if they too could get the same or similar results. They did. It worked! Hill’s offering changed the world for many!

If It Is Possible For One Person It Is Possible For Any Person

Napoleon Hill, through his works and books, has been said to be responsible for the success and creation of more millionaires in history than anyone else. His works are just as relevant and applicable today as they were 80 years ago.

Hill and others have encouraged people to take possession of their own mind and make it give them the life they want. He taught how to develop and control one’s mind. It is the ONE thing in the universe over which a person MAY have complete control.

It is not unlike taming a wild beast. It takes dedication, patience and love. It takes persistence, repetition and reward. It may not be easy at times. The beast may appear to win some of the time but you must be in charge. The effort pays off big for those willing to pay the price.

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

It does not come cheap said  Hill. It costs you your time, energy, devotion and takes as long as it takes any individual. Some will be quicker than others for no known or apparent reason. If you are willing to commit to it, once learned, you can write your own ticket.

Through the process you control your mind, your emotions and learn how to aim and direct your mental faculties and behaviors at becoming successful. You must learn how to use your mind in a particular fashion.

The first step in becoming successful is knowing your Definite Chief Purpose in life. What are you born to do? Why are you here? What brings you the greatest amount of pleasure? What could you not live without doing or being?

You Must Be Willing To Pay The Price For Success

Through self examination, questioning, and reflection you determine you purpose. From there you set goals that are consistent with you fulfilling that purpose.  These goals can be stepping stones or rungs of the ladder to your ultimate destination.

You must want this more than anything. It must consume you. You must think on it day and night. You must imagine yourself already in possession of the good you desire. See, hear and feel your wants fulfilled. Visualize and affirm your success most of your time!

Feel those incredible feelings of gratitude and appreciation. It is through repeatedly thinking positively about it and feeling the good feelings you get your subconscious mind working on your behalf. Your subconscious is the gateway to getting your desires.

Correct Repetition Forms Reliable Positive Habits

It requires constant focus and repetition. You need to acquire the ability to maintain a positive mental attitude and stay focused on the acquisition of your desire regardless of what and while present circumstances may be contradictory.

You do that by developing an active faith. Not a religious belief in icons but the tenacious belief that you will have what you want. Because you KNOW someday you will have what you want you continue to strive toward making it happen without quitting.

One of the powerful practices to assist you along the way isn creating value for others. Going the extra mile or doing more than is expected of you, or more than your are being paid for AND following the Golden rule are critical.

Mastery Is An Ongoing Process Not A One Time Event

Through these practices and by developing and maintaining a pleasing personality Hill says you can attract to yourself others who are interested in helping you, support you and even invest in you or provide capital for your ventures.

You form a Master Mind Alliance. A small collection of  members are all of one deep abiding accord and work together in perfect harmony. Perfect Harmony is the key. The Master Mind works together in pursuit of one common goal in perfect harmony.

Otherwise, it is a mere collection of people interested in a topic It is popular these days since the term sounds important. These are not real mastermind alliances.  The true Master Mind Alliance exponentially enhances the members resources and abilities.

Success Breeds Success

It can because each member has different abilities pertinent to your pursuit. A Master Mind Alliance assembles based on the resources you need to fulfill your purpose. It’s not a club. A real Master Mind opens up incredible doorways you can’t begin to imagine.

Hill states that by cultivating these qualities and the ability to be a leader of your own self, make quick decisions based on accurate thinking and evidence, not gossip or opinion are important ingredients for making what you want to happen.

A leader must inspire others and must be willing to do whatever is asked of followers. A leader has to have a quality mindset and remain positive even when defeat appears imminent. One can not give up and run.

Learning: The More You Do The More You Are Able To Do

All in all Hills work is the science for learning how to make your career, your finances, your relationships and your life what you want them to be. It is simple but not always easy.

You must keep going and never quit. You develop the mind skills to learn from challenges instead of letting them defeat you. You pay a high price for all this but in the end the reward outweighs the price you paid.

Few will every take the journey. Many will begin but few will follow through. It is action and follow through that is important. If you want to drive to visit New York City you must keep going until you get there.

All Challenges Are Temporary – Failure Occurs When You Quit

If you quit anywhere along the way the truth is you stopped traveling toward you destination. You quit or gave up, whatever the reason. Some will say it is too difficult and never begin. Others will say it is all about money or not their values.

Everyone will have their own reason why or why not their life works or it doesn’t. Excuses and blaming others or circumstances will never get you the life or the riches or the relationships you desire. You must realize that.

Do not put it off until everything is right, or until you have enough knowledge, or friends, or money or whatever EXCUSE you use to delay moving forward, only DELAYS moving forward. The time is never right. The time is always NOW. There is no other time.

Now Is The Time – Right Here Is The Place – There Is No Other

Begin today. right where you are. You have everything you need right there within you to be a huge success. Yes, of course, you don’t believe it and you don’t know where it is otherwise you’d already be that big success. BUT YOU DO. Yes, it is like an acorn seed.

Everything about the mighty oak is contained in the seed. It simply has to be released. If released and nourished it will become an incredible oak tree. You will succeed when you release your inner resources and abilities and nourish those along the way.

Lastly, those who succeed, aren’t greedy. The true success doesn’t step on or crush others to win. The true success doesn’t need to. The genuine success celebrates the advancement of others, is not envious but realizes success never happens in isolation.

Success Never Happens Alone It Takes Cooperation From Others

It take others to succeed. The truly successful person succeeds with others and brings them along too. Celebration, gratitude and appreciation are inherent within those who are genuine. Enjoy being successful with others. Help them along.

Encourage and support. Reciprocate. Be kind, understanding and loving with people. Be relentless in your pursuit of your Definite Chief Purpose. Embody the principles, take possession of your mind and you can write your own ticket!” Rex Sikes

It is your day! How will you spend it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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