The Secret To Wealth: What A Surgeon Learned From A Poor Coal Miner

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“Wouldn’t you like to believe you can succeed no matter what and then actually succeed? Don’t you want to believe you deserve of all good things and riches? What if you could develop a powerful, unstoppable mindset, would that be worth it to you?

Your beliefs determine whether you will succeed or fail. You will only go so far as the limitation of your own thinking. You won’t do what you don’t believe is possible for you to do. Whatever you believe determines the results you get in the world.

I have shared principles and approaches so you can work with your beliefs. Go back through this blog site re-read and study these articles. Learn to uncover and challenge your own beliefs when they limit you and you will have learned something of great value.

Our beliefs form the framework, the window, that we look at the world from. It is important we develop powerful and positive beliefs to see us through any hardship on the way to accomplish our goals. Wouldn’t you like to have your beliefs support you?

Author, researcher, lecturer Joseph Murphy related a wonderful and powerful story which I paraphrase here. I love this story. Perhaps, you will too.  We can learn much about ourselves from others experiences. This biographical tale was told to him by  an Irish surgeon, the son of a poor coal miner.

A Surgeon’s Tale

As the story goes, the miner and his family were very poor. Barely able to make ends meet, fruit and meat appeared on their dinner table twice a year for the holidays.

Mostly, they existed on potatoes, tea and buttermilk. The young son went to school barefoot because they could not afford to buy him shoes.

One day the boy announced to his father that he wanted to become a surgeon, because one of his schoolmates had cataracts removed and he, too, wanted to help people, as his classmate had been helped.

His father spoke these words. ‘Son I have saved and put aside 3000 pounds over 25 years for your education. It is yours but I prefer you do not touch it until you complete medical school. Then use it to open a nice office in a good section of town.

Meanwhile, it will draw interest, and upon your graduation it will make a nice egg for you. Leave it in the bank and let it accumulate.’ The young boy was thrilled.

He never expected such a wonderful gift. He promised to never touch the money until he graduated from medical school. He worked and scrimped. He  made his way through medical school on his own. He worked in a pharmacy in the evening.

He worked holidays. He earned money teaching classes in pharmacology and chemistry at the medical college. His goal was to live up to the vow he made his father that he would never touch the waiting money.

On his graduation day his father told him, ‘Son, I’ve been a poor miner all my life. I have gotten nowhere but you, I am so proud of you. You have put yourself through college and have graduated. I must tell you something.

There is not one shilling, nor one penny saved for you in a bank. There never was. I wanted you to dig deep inside yourself and discover the treasures there within. These treasures are limitless, inexhaustible and eternal.’

The surgeon told Murphy, his mind was blown for a moment. He was dumbfounded and unable to speak. It took a few moments to recover but then both, he and his father, had a hearty belly laugh. He got it. He understood what his father wanted him to learn on his own.

The father wanted his son to develop and appreciate the feeling wealth made possible by the thought that he had lot money in the bank to back him up, if needed. His father understood the value of a healthy mindset.

Because he believed he had that money, he told Murphy, this gave him the courage, the faith and the confidence to accomplish his dream of becoming a surgeon. He pushed ahead. He worked hard to make it happen and to keep his promise.

He said his belief in the money being there had accomplished this purpose just as well as if it had actually been deposited by his father. His belief saw him through to the end. He told Murphy that everything he accomplished was a symbol of his conviction, faith, commitment and vision.

‘For everyman in the world, the secret of success, achievement and fulfillment of his goal in life lies in the discovery of the miraculous power of thought and feeling. Our surgeon friend, ACTED CONFIDENTLY, just as if the money had always been there!’ Joseph Murphy.  From his book, Your Infinite Power To Be Rich.

Attitude Determines Your Altitude

I love this story! Don’t you? Celebrate and enjoy! How might you begin to develop positive beliefs that serve you in like fashion? Beliefs are thoughts we think over and over again and ultimately accept as if true. They may not be true at all, as in this case.

What can you do to believe the best about you? As I have stated many times, if you don’t like the TV show you are watching you change the channel to something better. The same is true of your thoughts. Make your thoughts and feelings work for you!

Switch negative limiting beliefs and feelings to positive, productive, enjoyable thoughts and feelings. Change the focus of your thinking. Withdraw your energy from the less than glorious and put your energy, focus and concentration on what you want instead.

If you knew you would succeed, no matter what, if you worked at it, would you try? Would you try harder? If you knew you couldn’t fail would this help propel you? If not this, what would? What beliefs do you need to have in place in order to accomplish everything you want?

You can develop those and believe them! Put autosuggestion and affirmations to work for you. Develop the very beliefs you need. Many times, I have shared with you how you can put this practice to work for you. The question is, will you?” Rex Sikes

What wonderful discovers can you make today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. I’m coincidentally reading a book right now by Joseph Murphy. But never heard the story that Rex shared and it brought tears to my eyes. “What can you do to believe the best about you? As I have stated many times, if you don’t like the TV show you are watching you change the channel to something better. The same is true of your thoughts. Make your thoughts and feelings work for you!” –Fantastic Rex!!

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