Who Else Knows This SureFire Way To Getting Everything You Want?

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“Do you know how to get what you want? Are you able to consistently? Would you like to know how? If so you will want to consider the following questions:  How much time do you spend on your personal happiness? How devoted are you to feeling good?  How devoted are you to making your career and life goals come to be?

Are you aware that how you spend your time matters; what you spend your time focused on matters; what you do during that time matters? Do you spend your time wisely?

The amount of time you spends devoted to your personal happiness and your personal and professional goals makes a difference at how easily attainable these are. How you spend your time IS a critical factor. Consider the following:

Are You Growing Or Dying

A plant is either growing or dying. It is either eating or starving. Are you feeding and growing or starving and dying? You can actually evaluate this each moment of each day. Where you spend your time is where you are at?

All you have to do is ask throughout the day, ‘Am I growing or dying?’ ‘Will doing this contribute to me growing or dying?’ Evaluate how you spend your time and what you spend it doing. Are you thriving or withering? Does it contribute to what you want or detract from it? Will it get your closer or take you further away?

If you are spending most of your thinking positive and feeling positive you are moving in the right direction. If you are growing more often than dying that is a good thing. That is what you want. The next ingredient is the kicker that makes it all work better and faster. Intensity. The ability to feel intensely good is important!

FEEL GOOD NOW! You want to feel AS GOOD as you can feel for AS MUCH of your time as possible. You want your day and night to be spent enjoying the very best feelings you are capable of.

Feeling Good In The Present Moment Is What Makes It All Work

When you feel great, when you feel passionate and enthused, when you are eager and are filled with energy you think clearer and are able to keep going longer. Your passions make you powerful.

You may think, ‘Well, if I could feel good I would.’ This is where taking charge comes in. You will never think and feel your best if you expect the outer world to make you happy or better. It just doesn’t work that way.  How you feel better is by taking control, even when you don’t feel like it.

To feel better you must learn how to control your thoughts and feelings! It is true we may all have bad days. We do! Some times in our life are more difficult than others. Accept that.

Still, much of the time, the reason the day sucks is NOT the outer circumstances (though they may be horrendous) as much as our reaction to them. Our thinking contributes to whatever the day will be like. Whether we react automatically or respond with measured control makes a difference.

You Can Learn To Control Your Thoughts And Feelings

When you learn to control your thoughts you absolutely can have higher highs and higher lows. Since you learn how to control your thoughts and feelings you aren’t a victim of them.

If there is a legitimate reason to feel less than glorious, grief at a loss for instance, you can and should allow that process to unfold. When the timing is right you move forward again.

This is the reason why we fill our mind with positive thoughts. It is why we read and listen to inspiring materials. It is why we visualize our goals as completed and feel the feelings of that accomplishment. It is why we monitor our self-talk to insure it is positive.

It is why we affirm out loud and passionately who we are and what we are capable of. It is so we learn to have and to take control of these processes. It is a system of self management. You put yourself in the driver’s seat 100% and take responsibility for whatever happens good or bad.

Take 100% Responsibility And You Will Make Life Wonderful

You take responsibility for managing your thoughts and feelings and steering yourself in the most positive and productive ways. You celebrate whatever life hands you, even if you don’t know how things will work out, and you look for everything to be thankful and grateful for.

You do whatever you can do to make yourself feel even a little bit better each day.You can ask, am I growing or am I dying? Each moment, whenever you notice you are not feeling great, you do what you can to feel better. Read something inspirational or chant your affirmations firmly and enthusiastically! Take a break, a walk, get some exercise.

Generate some positive physical energy by moving your body and your mind in positive ways. The more energy you put into it the more you get from it. Think better and your body responds. Move your body on positive ways and your thinking responds. Mind and body are part of the same feedback loop or system.

Body And Mind Are Part Of The Same Feedback System

Too many people feel just ‘okay’. They robotically move from day to day doing the same routines, accepting that is how it is supposed to be and there  isn’t much to look forward to. They put all their hope in things outside themselves to rescue them from this existence. You know, you work hard, pay taxes and die. It is sad, really.

Life IS vibrant and alive. There is more energy in a empty inch of space than in all the worlds power sources. There is plenty to go around. You are alive! All of your millions of cells are alive and vibrating. Experience it because you can! You can tap into it and enjoy it!

In order to put the ‘oomph’ into your positive thoughts you have to intensely feel good while thinking them, The more intense you feel while affirming or visualizing (or simply in daily life) the more the subconscious mind gets the message. It reproduces that which we give to it through powerful feelings. Feelings are the message!

This is how people limit themselves. The feel strongly afraid, or hurt or depressed, or doubtful and the subconscious mind takes that as the message and ends up giving them back more of the same. Whatever you focus on, concentrate on, think about, most of the time is what you get and what you become.

You see it is always working. You can’t stop it! You cannot stop it but you can change the outcome. You can’t stop it but you can direct it! You can’t stop it but you can steer it to get different results. Since you can’t stop it learn to use it. Take charge! Gain control. Be the victor not the victim of the process.

Zest For Life Makes Life Worth Living

Successful people tend to be passionate, intense, people. Their emotions are powerful. You can feel their energy when you are around them. Creative energy is intense. People who are passionate are intense! They know they must be laser focused and at the top of their game. They live at the top of the world!

People who make money are intense. Think, Wolf of Wall Street. However, I am not advocating licentiousness. Still, these people are not half assed, namby-pamby, wishy washy, ‘oh well, ho hum’ people. They live to their fullest. They understand this is important.  When you live with passion, when you fill yourself up with positive feelings and energy you become unstoppable!

How you think determines how you feel and how you feel determines how you think. You can begin by thinking or you can begin by feeling. Head first or body first. Are you growing or are you dying? Put energy into you thoughts and feelings. Put energy into your actions! Live to your fullest.

A great way is to begin with gratitude. Look around at what you are so happy to have in your life, people, relationships, what you are able to do, health, career, wealth, things whatever makes you truly appreciate and happy can start you feeling good. Take a moment to actually feel how these make you feel!

You Can’t Stop It So Make It What You Want It To Be

Some times you have to ‘prime the pump,’ as Zig Ziglar used to say, to overcome inertia. You have to pour some water down into the pump to get the flow going. Energy flows where attention goes.

Feel it! Savor it! Feel it some more! Savor it some more! Keep with it. Let it grow. Allow yourself to be consumed with gratitude and celebration! Live happily. Live intensely! Live passionately! Have fun!

If you want to feel better think better. If you want to think better put  a spring in your step. Shake up your body, dance, skip, twirl. Stand and move with confidence, energy and liveliness. Move your body vigorously! Have fun! Feel more alive!

The more you feel the good feelings right now the more changes you will discover. Positive changes! The more you will transform your life into something more incredible. When you do this you can and you will surprise and delight yourself.

Live passionately! Celebrate and enjoy! Shake it up positively and you will discover yourself moving into new areas of joy that are beyond anything you could presently imagine!” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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