Use The Science Of Your Mind To Get What You Want

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“Do you want your life to be easier and more hassle free?  Would you like to enjoy more of the good things life has to offer? Wouldn’t it be nice to have fewer speed bumps, but if you must have some, to be able to navigate around them smoothly? Do you want to learn how to be able to be, do and have anything you want in life?

Do you want to attract good things to you? Then you must learn how to deliberately create. You must begin to practice Intentional Thinking. It is by your intentions, your design, your deliberate, predominate thoughts that you can make positive things happen.

‘If we can conceive it’, meaning, if we can intentionally create it in our minds; if we can fully visualize and realize it inside our mental movie theater and affirm it to ourself in our self-talk and discussions daily, so that we come to ‘believe it’, and expect it to happen without doubting, ‘we can achieve it’.

In upcoming  posts I’ll share more and we will explore how to do this. Together we will put the science of your mind power to work for you. You will learn more and understand more so you can do more. Keep in mind learning about it by reading and actually doing it are two very different things.

All You Have To Do Is Convince Yourself Of It In Your Mind

IF you want enduring success then you must put into practice what you are learning. You must use it. You can read about building a house without ever having built one. That is what too many people do. We are going to build one, so to speak.

If you will commit to using these principles without fail you will transform your life in miraculous ways!

If you want a body builder’s body you must exercise, eat right and get the proper amount of rest. You wont change anything unless you first change something. Everything will stay the same, as it is, if you don’t implement these practices. You must do the work to get the benefits. Remember that! More next time” Rex Sikes

Enjoy and delight in this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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