Stop! Whatever You Are Doing And Learn How Not To Fail!

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“Life can be much better. You know that don’t you?  It doesn’t have to be limited in any way. It really doesn’t.  Life can be absolutely incredible! Your life can be marvelous! Have you heard the saying, life is what we make it? You may not believe that is accurate but it is.

You are the one who determines how your life goes whether you believe that to be the case or not. The reasons are clear. They are even backed up by science. Your thoughts determine your reality and here is why. Everything humans create first begins in the mind.

Thought precedes action. Everything begins in thought. Our thoughts make up our reality. Reality is only our own interpretation. What we think and believe is what we find in the world. We think, we look at the world and we draw conclusions.

We Experience The World From First Within

Those conclusions determine the kind of life we will have. We conclude we can or can’t. We conclude the world is friendly or not. We are whomever we think we are. You can think you have nothing, you can ‘know’ you are poor and in debt or you can believe you are rich and destined to be richer.

In order to succeed, and get anywhere in life you must set the course. You must specify or choose your destination. Once you determine where you are headed the way there will become obvious to you. You won’t be able to see the path until you pick your end point.

The GPS in an automobile or your phone doesn’t chose the route until the address is entered. Once entered, the route and alternatives become available. Your internal GPS to happiness and success works similarly. You must make the decision. This is what activates your internal GPS resources to get you there.

Choose Your Destination Set Your Course And Go For It

Our universe works on attraction. Your brain works on attraction. It is a ‘yes’ world, and you have a ‘yes’ brain. Whatever you believe is what comes to you, it is what you attract and create. If you think you are poor, ‘yes’, you will be. If you think yourself rich, ‘yes’, you will be. Our results are due to how we think.

Your limitations are caused by your habitual routine, patterned thinking. You maintain your problems and issues because you think about them again and again. Stop maintaining your difficulties and they will disappear. Focus on what you want NOT what you don’t.

Change your thinking and you change your life. Form new, positive thought habits and everything will change. Thought initiates everything and precedes action. Once your thought habits change you will automatically

It serves you better to imagine, to visualize, to affirm and believe you are rich and worth millions that you haven’t yet put into the bank than to focus on your bills and your debt and worry about how to pay them. What you see is what you get.

Whatever You Imagine Is Possible Is Possible

The only reason you don’t have lots of money yet, is because you don’t yet see yourself with lots of money. You haven’t claimed it in your own mind and made it yours. You live as a pauper instead of an emperor.

By thinking you are wealthy you have chosen an end point. The path to your destination will become clear as you stay focused. When you change yourself everything else changes. Your habits will change. All will become new. You must first, however, decide to make this change.

Becoming successful, happy and accomplishing your goals and desires  is a process. You must become what you want to attract. This requires your full effort and commitment. You must persist and be relentless. You must adopt the right mindset and never quit moving forward.

If You Don’t See It And Don’t Claim It – It Will Never Be Yours

Obstacles cannot prevent you but  will teach you what to do to succeed. Challenges  are great for learning, if you are willing to learn from them. Most people mistake temporary defeat as permanent and give up. The only failure that is permanent is when you quit.

You must not. You must be fully engaged and committed. Most people never actually go after their dreams. They will live a life of excuses and settle for whatever they get. You can achieve great things and greatness when you decide you want to.

‘If you can conceive it, and believe it, you can achieve it’, says Napoleon Hill. Don’t settle for less. Go for gold! Make your dreams come true. Don’t be part of the 90 some percent who do nothing with what they have. Make yourself and your life what you want!” Rex Sikes

Take time and enjoy your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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