Don’t Let Them Suck You Dry! Stop Energy Vampires!

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“Have you ever noticed sometimes you feel blah and aren’t sure why? Perhaps, you feel down or negative, even ornery and can’t put your finger on it. We catch illness from others has it ever occurred to you we may catch attitudes too. Because, we do!

The people around us might be bumming us out. Your mental states are just as contagious as your physical states. Are you aware of that? Did you know? Just as you can catch a cold or flue or strep from others you can catch or infect others with a negative attitude.

Therefore, it is important to inoculate yourself with positivity. Seek to be positive and give away positive thoughts and feelings. Always strive to be in the company of positive people. You may need to temporarily quarantine people if they are too negative. Avoid them.

This applies to what you read, listen to and watch. If your social media is a downer, a bummer, as much as we know the news is, limit your time on it. Switch to something more beneficial. Read and listen to inspirational speakers. Fill your mind and heart with good.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Hang around with positive and uplifting people. Be positive and uplifting too. First, get your own house in order. Don’t be an energy vampire either. We don’t like it when we feel down so don’t be one. Help yourself and others to feel good. You’ll be more productive.

You think, feel, and act your best when you are your best. Thought precedes feeling and action. When you’re feeling down change your thoughts. Also,change what you are doing physically. Get up and go for a walk if you need to. Shake it up! Change your physiology.

Or lie down if the need applies. The body and mind are part of the same cybernetic system which means they influence each other. Smiling more can help you think better and if you think better you automatically smile more. It works this way. Treat yourself well!

Take it lightly, never let it become a big issue. Be aware of yours and other people’s energy.  Make wise, peaceful, quiet, positive choices. Never rock the boat. Never accuse others of being a ‘downer or a bummer’. Be kind. Simply, opt to be around more positive people.

Never Let Anyone Rain On Your Parade – Rise Above That

In order to perform well in your career, on the job, at home, with friends, family or strangers you need to be your best in thought and feeling. Cut off the energy vampires. Seek wise and positive people to fraternize with. Contribute as much or even more of the same!

The more often you are positive the stronger you become. Positivity grows. Imagine protective shields of positivity around you reflecting away from you all negative thoughts and feelings. You are encased in teflon armor and nothing negative sticks. You’re protected! Free!

Some imagine themselves incased in a protective bubble of light. It does not allow negativity in. Others imagine a shower that cleanses inside the head and body, as well as the outside. Rinsing all negativity away from you and down the drain. Refreshing you!

When negativity leaves fill yourself with positivity. That imaginary shower can fill the inside and outside of you with golden white positive, healthy, healing, completing energy. Bask in it, Savor and enjoy it.

Build Positive Success Habits

Remember this, you never have to fight the darkness. You only have to turn on the light. Light a candle and darkness flees. Think positive. Two thoughts cannot occupy the same mind or space. Continue to think positive and negativity cannot take hold.

Celebrate! It is freeing it is to let go of the less than glorious. Drop it! Simply concentrate, focus on and feel the glorious! Discover what is good and new and enjoy. Then delight in it. Then delight some more!” Rex Sikes

Live long and prosper!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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