Well, What Did You Expect? What Is The Basis Of Your Pain?

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“Hey, sorry the blog is late! Actually, no it isn’t. It is right on time. I wanted to do something a bit different today to try to illustrate something in a small way. A very small way, perhaps.

What did you expect? Did you expect it to be there in your mail box at the usual time? When it wasn’t then what? Maybe, no big deal. It doesn’t matter, you may not have even noticed. BUT what if you did?

Our expectations shape our world. It is an inner phenomenon more than an outer world one. It is in the category of believing is seeing. We are creatures of habit.

What You Say Is What You Get

We tend to like things the same. We get used to it. We expect there to be a consistency in others and events. We want it. This is quite normal. All part of being human.

So regarding this blog. If you are fairly new to receiving it you may not have time to have developed any expectation of delivery. On the other, had you already received the 500 plus, then you may have.

You may not care about the blog. It is nice but not necessary. It doesn’t have high signal value. That is fine. What about things that do? What about the people in our life?

What You See Is What You Get

What happens inside us? What do we see or visualize in our mind when a loved one is uncharacteristically late? Do you have a change in self-talk as well? What do you begin to say to yourself?

Is it positive or negative? We either feel good or not so good based on what we expect, or imagine to be the case. In the loved one example, if they show up, but late, we may be relieved.

We may be relieved and angry. They could be surprised by our reaction saying ‘RELAX!!!’ The point is something changed in us because we got used to things being a certain way.

You Already Affirm Your Experience – Good Or Bad

When they aren’t as we are used to extra activity begins inside us. We believe things about ourself, others, events and the world. We tend to see things not as they are but as we imagine.

Something changes out of the ordinary, what happens within? How do we react? Do we react out of habit? Do we find ourselves traveling chronic old ways of behavior and self talk. Well?

This blog thing is a tiny, insignificant, example. Whether you noticed it being late or not, perhaps, you will consider and evaluate how ‘things’ or ‘circumstances’ affect you. Think about it? Take time.

You Thoughts, You, Shape Your Results And Your Reality

What expectations do you live from? Yes, we expect sunrise, start there. What do you expect to happen each day? What do you expect of yourself? Loved ones? Friends? Strangers? The barista?

See if you can discover how sometimes you create your own pain because of your expectations? Sometimes, you create your own joy? Explore. Discover? Expectations is another word for beliefs?

What do you believe should be the case? What are your rules? How should things be? When, where and according to whom? Who says it should be any way? You, THEM, who decides?

Exploration Is The Doorway To Adventure

Do you think this is a worthwhile exercise? Why? Why not? Will you do it? Who knows, you may notice or learn something you were not aware of. Then what? Will that be good or not so good?

Figure it out. Let me know. Use the comment box if you want. More to come. Meanwhile, whether you engage in this or not, however, you spend your time, I hope it will be marvelous!” Rex Sikes

Could you be any more delighted?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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6 thoughts on “Well, What Did You Expect? What Is The Basis Of Your Pain?”

  1. great post. people that are fear based, and security minded- will probably not feel safe in exploring. People that are leading edge will. THE big question is WHY is each in one of those categories? As you say, what and why do you think that way? another great source of ideas on this subject is AwesomeFest Vishin’s talk on “How to hack yourself” great insight on you’re probably only thinking the way you think because of memes and social training- so by all means – LET’S START QUESTIONING AND THINKING HOW WE WANT OUR LIFE TO BE. no, your post was right on time for TODAY! thanks

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  2. There is a current BBC series, “The Brain, with David Eagleman” which, to me, confirms much of Rex’s content. Neuroscientist David explains how even our ‘real-time’ interaction with the world is mostly based on data stored in the brain. Our brain is conditioned to expect certain outcomes and presents us with this information. It filters out what it thinks we don’t need to know. We perceive what we expect to perceive! Much of Rex’s blog is aimed at helping us to improve what we expect to see. Focus on the good stuff!

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  3. The more I am the rule maker. The more the rules are fair and objective. The more I accept knowing I can make any reality, just with patience. Yes the rules change and they can be broken – and it’s OK. I can make a new rule that was even better than the last.
    It is marvelous and I am delighted. I couldn’t be more delighted. Could I.

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