Your Health Is Affected By PMA! What Is It? Why You Need It

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“PMA? What does it mean to have PMA? Some people just do not understand. Do you really know what it is? Do you know how it affects you? You may not. Most people don’t. A lot are unaware. Many are mistaken.

A number of people think it means unrealistic magical, wishful thinking. Someone even wrote a book calling it unrealistic thinking. So why do we need a Positive Mental Attitude? Does it make a difference? Does it  matter?

It isn’t unrealistic at all if you know what it is. If you actually have a PMA and use it you couldn’t and wouldn’t write a book like that. You’d understand the difference between pie in the sky thinking an a PMA based on accurate evidence or fact and good reasoning.

If You Change The Way You Look At Things

That author mistakes PMA with wishful, magical, fanciful thinking. That author’s premise is that if you wish for something and then don’t get it you may feel worse off than had you  not wished at all. Perhaps. That has absolutely nothing to do with positive thinking.

Positive thinking is about action. You don’t sit and wish and hope. You put on your best ‘I can do it’ attitude and you work to make it happen. Yes, you may not succeed but you will have gotten further than if you sat in your room and hoped for it. Yes, it matters!

Positive thinking is about determination and overcoming obstacles. It eliminates negative thinking, downer thinking, depressed thinking, hopeless thinking, problem thinking in favor of positive, powerful, solution focused thought. It is about making things happen!

The Things You Look At Change

I enjoy this definition by Napoleon Hill, ‘It is a confident, constructive, sure, practical and forward moving disposition of the mind over and against any given circumstances. As we use the expression in this study a Positive Mental Attitude is the right mental attitude in any given situation.

It is composed of positive characteristics symbolized by such words as faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, initiative, generosity, tolerance, tact, kindness and good common sense.’

He further states,’To understand the importance of a Positive Mental Attitude in your life, consider the fact that it affects the tone of your voice, the expression of your face, the posture of your body, every thought you think, every word you speak.’

You Do Everything Better Thinking Positive Than Negative

‘It determines the nature of every emotion you feel. Everyone and everything that comes within the range of your personality is affected by your mental attitude.’

On top of this he states it is the most important component in developing, having or maintaining a pleasing personality.  From these statements you can begin to understand the importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude.

All of us can tell the difference between an energy vampire, a downer who sucks the life out of a room merely by entering it and one who uplifts and delights and supercharges the atmosphere simply by entering there too. We know the difference.

Every Day May Not Be Good But There Is Good In Every Day

While maintaining a positive mental attitude does not absolutely guarantee success in all circumstances we know a negative one likely insures failure. If you don’t think it will work you aren’t going to bother. If you don’t bother you don’t act, hence nothing changes.

By their fruits they are known. Some people say ‘by their works’. People can tell whether you are a positive, uplifting Paula or a Debbie Downer just by your presence. One type accomplishes things regardless of difficulty the other does not.

Thoughts generate attitude and attitude generates thought. It is a cycle. Negative thoughts generate negative. Positive generate more positive. Thoughts ARE things. Thoughts are powerful. You can’t escape the repercussions of your thoughts.

You Are Pretty Awesome Keep It Up

Thoughts affect every part of your physical being. They cause your body to react chemically from healthy to unhealthy. They can make you feel good and comfortable or anxious and afraid. You can feel like charging up a mountain, like making love, feeling peaceful or like fighting or fleeing. Thoughts affect your mental and physical health.

Angry thoughts can make your nostrils flare,  your face turn red, your teeth to clench, your heart and blood pressure rates to change. Science knows our thoughts affect us. A PMA is healthier than a negative one. Negative thoughts produce negative outcomes.

A PMA thinks, speaks and acts only to bless, heal and prosper oneself and others. A negative attitude whines, blames self, others and the world. The PMA is a healthier choice. It can make the difference in healing. If you don’t have one you can develop one.

Delight yourself and others! It is worth it! Cultivate a Can Do personality. Shine from the inside out. You’ll make more friends, achieve your dreams and have more fun with a pleasing personality and a positive mental attitude! Enjoy!” Rex Sikes

How will you make this day fantastic?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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