The Secret Knack Some Already Know: How You Can Get What You Want In Life

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“Do you want a happening career? Do you want to get a great job? Would you like to be happier? Want more money? Are you interested in the good life? People try all sorts of things; they work really hard, hope, prayer, they bargain, try magic and the law of attraction.

How do you get what you want? Lot’s of people work hard but don’t get anywhere. They try all those things but still struggle. That is sad. I think they can have what they want if they work smarter not necessarily harder. They could stop trying and start getting instead. It is not that difficult once you understand how.

I don’t like the term ‘the law of attraction’ but  I use it occasionally to discuss what you can make happen. The practice is powerful and absolutely works but it is not the ‘instant magic pill’ people wish it to be.  When they find out ‘it’ doesn’t match their unrealistic expectations they quit, blame it for not working, and move on.

To Bring Anything Into Your Life Imagine It Is Already There 

When I say it isn’t magic I mean it doesn’t come from outside of you. No one waves a magic wand. It all stems from within you. It is a process and it requires time, so be patient. It is absolutely reliable. It does work AND it is completely up to you. What is the law of attraction then?

It is the harnessing and focusing of your internal mental powers. That means you focus on your goal with such desire, such passion, that all else falls away. You target your goal with laser like precision. All of your energy is devoted to making this come true. With your brain and your being you make it happen.

Your goal begins as an idea that you make real. You create it and then you fashion it. It is all you! You focus your energies and resources the same way you aim a magnifying glass to focus light and burn paper. That same paper can sit in unfocused daylight forever and never burn. You use the power of concentrated focus!

You Attract Whatever You Give Your Attention To

You marshall your resources and abilities. Your intention and attention is so devoted to what you want. Your subconscious works on this day and night. It comes up with ideas and plans for how you can accomplish it. You do not have to know how in order to begin. Your subconscious initiates these processes as you move forward.

As you act the ‘how’ is taken care of by you brain. It makes the connections and generates ideas for the how. Your may change your plans many times en route to your destination. Still, keep proceeding to where you want to get. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. If obstacles arise detour, but keep going. Persist.

Along the way you begin to understand that success never happens in isolation. If you are smart you do things that attract and enlist the aid of others. You develop your personality to be likable. You make certain you are someone others would want to help. You apply the Golden Rule for this purpose.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

You genuinely respect and like people. You go the extra mile and add value first. Help without having to be asked. Surround yourself with others who are smarter than you and who have talents and abilities you do not. That way you don’t need to know how to do everything because there are friendly others who can help you .

They support you because you support others. You celebrate each other. Together, you work in pursuit of your goal as a team. You are a valued player. Through cooperation you all move ahead. Life is wonderful because you surround yourself with positive and inspiring people. You are one too.

With your mind and energies focused your brain becomes alerted to others, events and opportunities that are beneficial.  Wonderful things come your way because you are more attractive. Friendliness, commitment, drive and your passion are attractive. This is how you attract opportunity to yourself like a magnet.

Whatever You Consistently Hold In Your Mind You Experience

You become a beacon, a  light others are drawn to. You evolved yourself. You make everything happen. You are responsible. You are a deliberate creator. You and the other people help you succeed. You discover and create opportunities. There is no reason to be egotistical. Together you make it.

You started it. You have to maintain it. Keep going until you have what you want.  Value your time and energy and use it wisely to accomplish your dreams. Because you have surrounded yourself with like minded dedicated people together you can discover more opportunity.

Enjoy this new good life as it  comes to you; that you draw your way. Celebrate and appreciate everything. Be thankful and express it freely. Remain humble and, yet, certain. Keep the faith always. Obstacles that arise are learning opportunities. Remember, all defeat is temporary unless you give up. So keep going.

You Are The Designer Of Your Destiny

Maintain your focus. Keep up your positive mental attitude and your positive, productive actions, behaviors and practices. Develop positive, reliable habits and eliminate the old worn out ones. Replace tired, chronic defeatist thinking with powerful, positive thoughts. It is far, far easier than you might even imagine.

You have evolved yourself and your life. Looking back you can connect the dots and see how you made it happen. While going through it keep the desire high and the faith high. Believe in yourself and you ability to go after and get what you want. Keep going no matter what.

When finished you will know the law of attraction works.You will have created and attracted what you want. Once you have put it all into practice it is easy to do again and again. Live the life of a creator. Your thoughts become things. What you focus on you get. It gets easier the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time. You develop the knack for it.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Live with gratitude and appreciation. Help others. Most don’t and won’t ever live this way, but you can, if you only will. Celebrate and enjoy! Delight and make more moments marvelous. Have fun and enjoy all the good things you were born to enjoy. The world is your paradise. Love it and care for it. The Law Of Attraction is YOU!” Rex Sikes

What will you accomplish today that makes you smile?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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3 thoughts on “The Secret Knack Some Already Know: How You Can Get What You Want In Life”

  1. I totally agree about the phrase of Law of Attraction. it is Momentum, it is not about wishing for piles of money or a new car. It is as you say, it is YOU. it is all your moments of your life and what you focus on each moment, in the present. the day is done, and how was your energy spent today. thanks for writing a nice piece today. mikey

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  2. Wow sir… Your posts are always inspiring and give a momentum to our life. I have read the book ‘the secret’ and I know the importance of laws of attraction. Very well written post sir. Thank you.. Have a great time.. 🙂

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