How To Stop Struggling And Really Start Living!

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“Most people don’t want it. You can bet on that. They will do anything they can to avoid  it. Yet, through it greatness is often born. Success is not possible without it. Those who go the furthest are often challenged the most.

Nature may have provided it for us to help us evolve.  Whether it is a horrible experience or an incredible one is up to what we think it is. We decide, by our attitude to embrace it or try to avoid it. Through it we develop as people and expand our consciousness.

Napoleon Hill said, in adversity or challenge is the equivalent seed of opportunity. It is true. Someone else said, ‘I never lose. I either win or I learn’. Emerson said, ‘Do the thing and you shall have the power’. Make struggle your friend you will benefit in marvelous ways.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Struggle toughens us up. It makes us strong. It makes us encounter the face in the mirror; our belief in ourself, our integrity, our abilities, the strength of our desires, our sense of humor, our persistence. We discover who we are and what we are made of.

It makes us move forward. It causes us to consider things we might otherwise never encounter. Most people don’t want it. They want the easy way, the path of least resistance. They want life comfy and cushy. Without struggle we will never know our true strength.

We would never know our true self without it. You can tell much about a person by how that person handles hardship. We grow in experience and wisdom. In these ways alone struggle provides us with opportunities. Magnificent opportunity if we only allow them.

Whatever We Want To Do With Ease We First Do With Diligence

Everything in life comes at some cost. Anything worthwhile comes with effort. If it were easy anyone would do it. Success seems elusive to all, except those who strive for it and make it happen. There is a price. Those who make dreams come true have struggled and pay it.

Hill pointed out, that of the 500 people he studied who were the top achievers and wealth generators of his day, most, nearly all threw in the towel prior to breaking through. He concluded that how high you rose seemed to depend on how low you had to battle hardship.

Those who made it didn’t stop because of struggles. The continued on in spite of them. They mastered their struggles and broke through. As a result, they got the rewards, and moved on to the next struggle. Everest is there for those who aren’t afraid of challenge.

Struggle! You Need Something To Talk About At The Top

Some people look for challenges to overcome others run away. Stop struggling with your struggles. Stop fighting. I know it seems tough to want to do this, but when you are able to say, ‘okay, bring it, give me your best shot,  I will prevail’ you are ready to come out on top.

Embrace the obstacles and challenges in your life and you will learn much. You will  move through them quicker when you don’t make an issue of them.  What you resist persists! Of course, some people love struggles because they can whine, complain and blame something!

I don’t know whether struggles are given to you from some god in the sky or a random result of evolution. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your attitude about them. You either sink or you swim. You either finish the race or you don’t.  Whatever your experience IS, is due to your decisions about it.

You May See Me Struggle But You Will Never See Me Quit

Consider this. Physical exercise, such as weightlifting, is a struggle to lift weight, to break down the muscle tissue so it will grow stronger and more capable. Facing challenge is our mental and spiritual exercise. We can expand ourselves because of it. We can become better people. We are better off for it.

If you can go through whatever suffering you have and learn from it you are better off than going through it and being broken from it. If you can look back on it and see the value, as you most likely will, why wait? Why not begin to value its lessons right now. Appreciate that you have an opportunity to learn, to grow and to become stronger.

Recognize it for the opportunity it is and you can start living in new and more productive ways. When you stop struggling with your struggles you are free to move through them and on to your successes. When you develop the attitude that you can handle anything life throws at you life may stop throwing things. If it doesn’t you’ll still be able to handle it. Either way, you win or you learn!!” Rex Sikes

The day will be what you make it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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