Your Attitude Is Critical To Your Success And Happiness: Now Learn To Make It Work For You!

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“Do you need more success in your career?  Want a happier life? Make more money? Have more fun? Fulfill your dreams? You can! You can learn how to make all these and much more possible.

Neville Goddard said, “Man is only hampered by the weakness of attention and the poverty of imagination. The secret, the great secret, is a controlled and well sustained attention firmly focused on the objective to be accomplished.” I love Goddard.

Some people do not realize the importance of cultivating and maintaining a positive mental attitude. It has been proven beneficial for your health. You body produces different chemicals depending on what you think; peaceful, supercharged, loving, angry an so on.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Goddard points out that that it is critical to develop a positive mental attitude to control your attention and enrich your imagination to get your goals. You need to learn to control all of your thoughts you and feelings. You need to be in charge.

You need to develop your creativity and your imagination. Put your mind to work generating ideas and seeking new opportunities. As a result you  develop intuitions about what you need to do in order to move forward. Your mind supplies you with ideas and plans.

Energy flows where your attention goes. Most of us suffer from being distracted. Especially in this day and age. We have given in to the myriad of distractions that bombard us. Our attention spans whittled away by fast editing, change of topics, pop-ups and the like.

To Hit Your Target You Must Look At It

Why do I say suffer? Because we are distracted. We don’t harness our powers. We aren’t able to focus our energies because our minds are preoccupied with petty things. We are too busy with TV, social media, and the endless distracting bombardments each day. Each and every second!

We need to  take back control and develop our incredible ability to concentrate and aim our attention so we can focus that energy where we want it. Remember, ‘The great secret, is a controlled and well sustained attention firmly focused on the objective to be accomplished.’ United we stand, divided we fall applies to one, too!

By the force of your attention you firmly and repeatedly focus on the objective to be accomplished. You focus and make it happen. If you can’t focus , if you can’t keep your attention on your objective, you aren’t likely to make it happen. Get it? You mind is wishy washy.

You Must Keep Your Eye On The Ball

You must be able to see it clearly and vividly as if already achieved. You must be able to keep your attention there. Then your creative  imagination provides you with the plan for how you ‘did’ that and you take action. You move forward working the plans.

You focus, repeatedly, all of your energies on your goal until you complete it. Without this focus you mind is adrift. The people who are able to concentrate their energies and their efforts tend to be way more successful than those who are not. It is true!

Aim at what you want. Think positively and believe it is possible. A positive mental attitude helps you focus and accomplish your goals.  It moves your energies in the appropriate fashion so you achieve your chief aim. Negative energy and thinking does not do this.

A House Divided Will Never Stand

Negative thinking, while powerful, is destructive, in most all cases. You want to remain positive and learn to control your thinking process. You want to be able to choose what and how to think. You want to be in control of your mind. So, how do you learn to do this?

When you cultivate a positive attitude you have to become aware of and chose the most productive thoughts. You keep thinking those and eliminate all others. You force yourself to pay attention to what is positive and productive and exclude the rest. You are planting and weeding.

You do it to develop the habit. Just as you build any muscle you work your ability to focus. You think the thoughts, keep your mind there, when you notice yourself straying you return to thinking the positive thoughts. You keep doing this until you can regularly do this! It is a conditioning process. You must work it consistently.

Unite Your Energy And Your Efforts

By working out your mind this way you learn how to control your thoughts. You take control. You are in charge. You learn how to keep your attention strong on the positive thoughts which move you forward. Don’t get sidetracked with negativity or distractions. Learn how to control your thinking especially when times get difficult.

Most anyone can think positive thoughts when happy. That is easy. It is when faced with challenges that it is critical to maintain your positive attitude so you don’t quit. So you persist! You keep your attitude positive and see it through. You train your mind to be your servant.

That is how it is supposed to be, yet, most people are servants or victims of their own minds. They can’t control their thoughts. They habitually think the worst. They struggle but just can’t move it forward . That is just wrong! The whine, complain, blame everything but accomplish little. Sad, in the same way couch potatoes are sad.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

You must exercise you will and your abilities if you want success and more. You develop them by consistent, productive exercise. Not everyone exercises their body. Fewer exercise their minds. Even fewer do both. Don’t be one of these. Choose to make a real difference for yourself. Put yourself in charge. Make it happen!

When the going gets tough the tough get going. Learn how to control your mind. Determine to take charge of what you think. Develop your concentration, your attention and your imagination. Develop you ability to think positive, powerful thoughts that help you to feel good and take appropriate action. Make your dreams come true.” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day of magical moments!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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