Troubles Causing You Trouble? Discover How Some People Learn Another Way!

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“When troubles arise people, frequently and automatically, look to the down side. They fret and worry. The lose hope and fear. They make themselves sick thinking of all that could go wrong. Troubles cause trouble. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are alternatives! Would you like to know what they are? Consider this.

Plants and trees grow stronger from the wind and elements that challenge them. Your muscles grow bigger and stronger, as does your intellect, through use and opposition. Challenge makes us strong. Obstacles in our way make us think and devise ways around them. We become smarter. Without wind the kite would never rise.

Struggles, shake us up. They upset the cart, the normal course of our day. They require we pay attention and become more alert. New doors open up.  They wake us, shake us up and make room for new things. We may lose out. We could lose everything and have to start over.  Isn’t that what we may fear most?

Hard Times Prepare People In Extraordinary Ways

Those who have often report, in retrospect, that going through hardship changed their lives to the positive, forever. They found new reasons to be alive, to love and to enjoy life. Sometimes we have to throw out the old stuff in the closet to make room for the new. If we are changing and evolving we are certain to encounter some speed bumps along the way.

It is inevitable that there will be problems as we seek to make life better. We grow smarter and stronger through the experiences if we are open. Sometimes we must loosen our grip, or our hold, on the way things were, in order to allow things to become what they will be. This includes our beliefs and old ways of thinking as much as anything else.

If we are to learn new things, really learn and be transformed by what we learn, not just learn a new factoid or bit of information, but change our lives, then we must learn how to have an open mind. Sometimes nature has to hit us about the head many times to get our attention or get through to us. Troubles are often a big wake up call.

It Is Not How Often We Fall But How Often We Get Back Up

Whether you wake up or not is how you respond to your struggles. If you react as you always have you will stay stuck. If you learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting opportunity is before you. Do you know that most people quit before they start? They think of something and then think of all the reasons why they cannot do it. It is over before it begins for them.

Some will begin but the moment if gets tough, give up. You can’t give up. Struggle strengthens you. If you can overcome your immediate problems you can learn to overcome anything. Learn persistence and keep on going. It has been said, ‘Never quit when the going is tough. Quit when you win.’Quit a winner. I love this! The only time you ever really fail is when you quit too soon.

If you throw in the towel. It is over! Learn to persist and move forward and accomplish what you want to accomplish. Set your mind to win and keep going until you do. Don’t stop until you get there. If it is truly worth it, it IS worth all your effort to get it. Keep in mind whatever you say you have, you will have as you say. Do you understand this? Your declarations make it so! Watch what you say!

Change Is The End Result Of All True Learning

If you make a mountain out of a mole hill it WILL be a mountain. Learn not to discuss your problems as problems. Learn to put problems in the past. What you say something is, IS what it is. If you call it a problem it will be. It is better to label it an opportunity, a learning, a disguised blessing. What you say is what you get! Stop, and only speak to bless, heal and prosper! Affirm what you want!

People spend time chronically complaining and whining out of habit. Stop it. If you must talk about it discuss how you are changing it, improving it, learning as you go along. Manage your conversations with others AND with yourself. Watch your self-talk! Remember, words that follow ‘I am’ or ‘I have’ are your assertions, affirmations and declarations. Don’t declare what you do not what in your life.

David of the Old Testament rushed Goliath the giant. This huge problem faced David and his people. The Giant called him names and taunted him, while towering over him. David declared a victory was imminent and rushed at Goliath. He triumphed. He charged his problems. Story, fact or fiction, the point is triumph over your adversaries. Live as a victor. Declare victory. And so it is!

All My Troubles And Obstacles Have Strengthened Me

Don’t be afraid of your struggles be in charge of them. Put your struggles in their place. If you learn to do this positively, with optimism, and consistently you will develop the unstoppable mindset of a winner. You will learn to reign victorious over the problems and challenges life throws your way. You’ll say ‘bring it! Is that the best you got?’ and smile as you overcome!

You will have learned a new way to think, to feel and to be. When you can laugh about your troubles you are free of them. When you can celebrate and enjoy and be happy in spite of any opposition in your circumstances you are in charge.  You are bigger than the issues around you!  You always have been.

Maybe you didn’t know this or act like it, but you always have been. It’s time to claim it and take hold of your power. Struggles are good. You become better because of them. Go through tough times with a winning mindset. Be the victor. Live as a champion. Celebrate and enjoy everything! You will be glad you did!” Rex Sikes

Make today your day to shine!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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