You Have Been Lied To! You Can’t Sabotage Yourself! Do You Know Why?

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“When people attempt to make a career or personal change but aren’t successful they believe, somehow, they sabotaged it. You want to lose weight but you eat that donut, right? Can we ever stop screwing it up? It seems as if something is working against your best intentions. Is it sabotage? Why on earth does this happen?

Do you know why you are you told it is important to think positive? You think positive to keep your mind OCCUPIED with positive thoughts. That is why you affirm, watch your self-talk and change it to the positive when you notice it less than glorious; to fill your mind mostly with good things; to exclude the negative and what you don’t want.

That is why you chant affirmations and mantras, read inspiring books, put posters and mottos up around your environment, listen to positive and motivational audios, hang with other positive people and attend live events. You do these things so that most of your waking hours are spent thinking and feeling good.

Your Thoughts Determine Your Outcomes

Keep your mind positively occupied most of the time because when you do you feel better. Then the preponderance of your day is spent less negative, more positive and more optimistic. You complain and gripe less. Look on the bright side. Instead of problems, issues gossip and negative distractions, you look at solutions and what is possible.

Your focus IS on the positive.  As you do this you reprogram you subconscious mind. Your subconscious relies on signals, or messages you send it. It pays attention to what has the highest emotional signal value and what you concentrate on most of the time. What you focus on expands. What you think about you bring about.

Your subconscious mind is your friend, your reliable supportive ally. It says YES to anything you say; whether positive or negative. It agrees with you thoughts and inner statements no matter what they are. It looks for an outer match in the world of results for what you already believe. It keeps you the same. It keeps you consistent.

What You Hold In Your Mind You Can Someday Hold In Your Hand

It streamlines things for you so you don’t have to relearn everything. It is your best friend. Yet, sadly, most people get it wrong. They claim your subconscious is against you; that it harbors beliefs and paradigms that make it difficult for you to change. That is just plain wrong. It’s good news, especially if your weren’t told this before!

Your subconscious is a learning machine! Everything you know how to think and do IT learned for you. Everything you do, positive or negative, good or bad, it learned to do and to keep doing it. AND it will keep doing it UNLESS you change it. IT is a reliable and faithful servant. They think it is sabotaging you. It isn’t it! It is serving you!

It is supporting you with what it learned to do. IF you want your subconscious to do something different for you, YOU have to tell it what you want. Train it to do the new thing the same way it learned to do the many things is already does. Through repetition and emotion; that is how you learned.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

The issue for most people is that they let their brains run on without ever taking charge of it. They are not in control. They are passengers and their brain is doing the driving. They are in the  back seat of a car and go wherever the driver takes them. They aren’t driving the vehicle, they are being transported.

Your brain transports you and drives you unless and until YOU assume control. It does this because IT IS YOUR FRIEND and it does what it learned reliably so the trip is comfortable and familiar. It doesn’t want to rock your world or scare you. It serves you as it best knows how. It keeps everything the same for you. Consistent!

Since most people have been told change is hard they assume that is the truth. Our inner expectations determine what we tend to find in the outer world. Our brain seeks a match for what we already accept as true. So we assume change is difficult. In reality, it isn’t always easy, but it isn’t hard, for certain, Anyone, can learn to change!

Skill Comes Of Doing

Your brain learns easily and readily. It learned all kinds of wonderful and useful things. It learned all sorts of useless and less than glorious things. To transform yourself you want to remove or replace the less than glorious useless programming with more positive, productive glorious programming. You simply switch one for the other.

Many people learned to focus on problems, limitations and issues. They focus on debt, poor health, trouble, world calamity, instead of what they want. That is what they learned to do. The reason they never get out of debt or their health improves is that they continue doing the same things in the same way. They don’t change anything!

The want to be different but they keep doing what they have already done and hope it will be better. Unfortunately, that does not work. Then they blames themselves, others, god or the world circumstances and environment. They really only need to make a few simple changes. If they did everything could begin to change!

What We Will Do With Ease Seems Difficult At First

A few simple changes and they could be well on their way to an incredible new life. Sadly, most stop there. They say they tried and it didn’t work. They quit. Throw in the towel. Do you know when most people actually quit? Before they ever try anything. They think it will be too hard and they talk themselves out of it.

Have you ever done that? I sure have, in the past. Why do we do that? We quit before we try or we try and quit quickly. Our culture tells us to. We have popular phrases. ‘Three strikes and you are out.’ ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.’ Then WHAT?  THEN quit. We have been conditioned to try a few times and give up. Arg!

Abandon the pursuit. The reality is you must keep going until you break through. Consider this amazing fact. People have tunneled out of prison using only a spoon. Can you imagine that? Certainly, if they gave up after a few spoonfuls they’d never have gotten anywhere. You have to keep going until you break free. If you really want it!

If You Really Want Something You Will Find A Way

A few simple changes is all it takes to begin to re-condition your subconscious to do what you want it to do. If your lover constantly did something that annoyed you or hurt you wouldn’t you attempt to explain to them there was a better way they could treat you. You have to tell you subconscious there is a new way you prefer.

It loves to learn!  Give it the new task of learning to be more positive. Tell it you want to be a new, positive, productive, incredible you! Educate it. It knows how to learn. You don’t have to teach it that. It uses repetition and emotion to learn new skills. You need to provide it what it should learn. You need to tell it YOU are a positive person!

‘I want to be happy.’ ‘I want to be financially free.’ There are ways to instruct your brain so you get what you want. Right now, people are instructing their brains to give them more of what they precisely don’t want. They think about, fret over, worry and concentrate on exactly what they want to avoid or exclude. They negative focus.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

BUT the only message the brain gets over and over again is what they are focused on. ‘I don’t want to be poor.’ ‘I have lots of bills.’ ‘I am in so much debt.’ ‘My back hurts.’ ‘The tumor has grown.’ ‘I am so unhappy.’ ‘I am worried.’ ‘I am stupid.’ ‘I am worthless.’ ‘I can’t do things right.’

‘I could never learn that.’ ‘Some people are lucky but not me.’ ‘Why do bad things always happen?’ Those statements all create negative images in one’s mind. The thoughts and picture are negative and unwanted. Your subconscious doesn’t make the distinction between positive or negative and good or bad. It only gets what you send it.

Whatever you focus on with emotion IS the message. What you think over and over again, most of the time, IS what you send it. It is what you affirm, assert and declare. It is your message. You don’t really want that but  your unconscious mind THINKS YOU DO. That is the message it gets. You keep sending a shabby message to it.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Through constant repetition you tell it what is important. If large portions of your day are spent thinking or worrying about bills and then other portions of your day are spent in mindless distractions and negative internet news items, then the bulk of your thinking day and the message you subconscious gets is – are you  ready for this?

More bills, more bills, more bills. Because over and over during the day that is what you were concerned mostly about. Other times were ‘whatever moments’, daily distractions and traffic woes, etc. Your subconscious looks to create or find a match for what is IMPORTANT to you. It is trying to help. It is trying to help! It is!

It is not your subconscious fault you sent it crappy, unwanted instructions. Then you blame it for sabotaging you. Shame! It carries out your orders precisely giving you whatever you focus on most of the time. That is how IT works, that IS what it knows. It is simply saying YES to you and giving you exactly what it thinks you want.

If You Don’t Want To Do It You Will Find An Excuse

ONLY you consciously don’t want it. Rejoice! There is a better way. Instead, inform and instruct it in what you do want. ‘I want to be financially free.’ ‘I want money.’ ‘I want good health.’ ‘I want love.’ ‘I want great things.’ ‘I want to ski well.’ ‘I want to prosper and be successful.’ Great that is a start. Now, when do you want it?

Someday? Anytime in the future?  You can set a deadline that is good. A target to work towards. That can work. You can also imagine it as if it already has happened. Imagining what you want as if you already have it IS the most powerful way. Your mind sees you with it and feels what it is like for you to have the good you desire.

You see it as if it is RIGHT NOW. You feel the wonderful feelings you would have right now, as if you already got it. AND you assert, affirm and declare it in the present. It is all right now and it feels glorious. This instructs you subconscious mind what you DO want. It tells it precisely. Think, ‘I am rich.’ ‘I have plenty of money’. ‘I feel great.’

What You Say Is What You Get

Do this frequently, most of the time, each day and  your subconscious gets the message. Think about what you want as if you already have it. Feel the incredible feelings. DO this repeatedly. Remember, repetition and emotion. Over and over again. You become, or you get, what you think about most of the time.

‘I have more than enough money.’ ‘My business is prosperous.’ ‘I am financially free and live abundantly.’ ‘I am healthy.’ ‘I have tremendous health and well being.’ ‘I am physically fit.’ ‘I enjoy my loving relationship.’ ‘I adore my incredible new car or home.’ ‘I love the feeling a skiing safely down the mountainside.’

‘I love the snow, the breeze in my hair, the spectacular view.’ ‘This is the good life.’ Get it? Declare it, affirm it. Speak it over and over inside and out loud with great enthusiasm and positive emotion. Spend most of your day thinking positive on what you have. See it in your mental movie theater. ‘I am’ ‘I have’ Declare it! Affirm it!

What You See Is What You Get

See the dreams that came true and feel what it feels like to live them right now. Even thought outer circumstances may not have yet caught up with your inner reality THIS is how you reprogram you subconscious mind. You tell it, show it, and feel all the good things you want, as if you already have them.

You show it and tell it and feel it over and over and over again until you do.  Yes, it requires some time. It takes time to exercise and condition your body. It takes time to prepare, cook, serve and enjoy a meal. It takes time to get from one end of the country to another. It takes time to plant a seed and harvest. Everything takes some time!

You want magic and want it over night but that isn’t how it works. You weren’t a baby and then a fully grown adult. Everything is a process. You condition your subconscious mind for success. YOU condition it. You CONDITION it. You condition IT! Do you understand yet. Do it and you will get the results. Only if you do it!

Exercise Takes Time – Champions Aren’t Made In A Day

You have already proved it to yourself when you got the results you don’t want and you keep getting the same ones over and over again. You conditioned yourself for those. Stop it. Break those habits by developing new ones. You subconscious mind will love you for tasking it. It has new things to do. It loves learning!

Program it wisely. It is here to serve you. You aren’t here to serve it. Still, that is what most people do. They remain victims of their own shabby programming, because even though the message has been around them forever, they never ‘GET IT’, that THEY can do something about it. You can. You can be different from them.

Some people learn to be helpless and want others to do it for them. Some learn to be helpless and hopeless. Still, they can change. Some people need to hit the very bottom of the gutter in order to decide they have had enough and will change for the better. Some just  decide right where they are. Now is the time. Here is the place.

Champions Are Champions In Their Mind First – It Is A Mindset

The only thing that cannot be done is no one else can do it for you. You must do it. AND you must focus on what you want and ignore the contrast in your present circumstances. They will change in time with the new thoughts, but it will take time for outer circumstances to catch up. Focus on the positive and exclude the rest. Concentrate.

Pick one thing. One goal. Create a mantra or affirmation around it. I gave you examples above. Focus on it. See it inside, visualize and feel it. Chant your mantra day and night with passion and enthusiasm. Keep going until you get it. Be patient. Consider doing it most of the time for 30, 60, 90 days, repeatedly. Longer if necessary. Go for it!

You have everything you need within. You have an incredible ally in your subconscious. It knows what to do and how to do it. Use good judgement and tell it the positive, productive wonderful things you want it to do so you can begin getting those results. Be patient. Persist. Never quit. Tough times may come, they usually do.

When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going

Push through it. Love yourself, forgive yourself, trust yourself and keep going. It may take some time reconditioning your mental muscle to give you what you want but it will ‘get the picture’ soon. It will GET IT quicker if you pick one thing to focus on exclusively for a while. Once you make that happen move on to the next thing.

You will re-educate your subconscious mind in this manner. It already says yes to you. Give it great things to say yes about. Be grateful you have such a magnificent servant at your disposal. It is faithful and reliable. Program it with what you want it to do. You can do this. If anyone in the world can do it, and many have, you can do this! Do it today!” Rex Sikes

Today is your day to shine!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “You Have Been Lied To! You Can’t Sabotage Yourself! Do You Know Why?”

    1. Yup. Subconscious runs the show based on what it learns. Conscious mind is the director. Think of a symphony orchestra and the conductor. The conductor attempts to get the players to play together in harmony, the same song. Each plays what they play.

      The conductor is the director. The orchestra members don’t try to sabotage the conductor. They just do whatever they learned to do. When it is over, the conductor might exclaim, ‘what are you trying to do, ruin me?’ Nope, they just did what they did.

      The conscious mind comes up with the reasons, blames and excuses for success or failure. The subconscious is the automobile the conscious mind the driver. Driver determines where driver wants to go. Car transports. What is the driving thinking of? What is the driver’s destination? What is the driver focused on? Where is the driver’s attention? What does the driver want?

      The subconscious is a reliable, well working, incredible asset that keeps getting dissed by the conscious mind and practitioners who need a reason for why things don’t work out as hoped for.

      Set a course, set your sail and go for it. If you quit along the way it isn’t the boat’s fault. You quit. If the boat sprung a leak or were faulty, aka neurological impairment or damage, that is a wholly separate issue. Stop blaming the boat, learn instead, how to sail.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So you’ve seen my show. 😉
        This is clarifying! Our SubCon just has learned so many things and some things may be in conflict with what the person now wants. All need be done is stay steady and at some time the new thing will be learned overriding the old learning. Or am I just stoopid?

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