Time Is Not The Enemy But Your Friend

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“You have changes you want to make in your career or your life. Perhaps, you are going through difficult times. You want relief. You have developed a better attitude and are moving in the right direction. Only it doesn’t seem fast enough, right?

Some people who learn about Intentional Creation, Positive Thinking, or the Law of Attraction give it a try and if they don’t get immediate success decide whatever they are doing isn’t working and abandon it. They want improvement overnight.

Instead of hanging in there they claim whatever they tried didn’t work, or at least not for them. No one can estimate the time it will take for you, because no one else is you. I can’t tell you how well, or even if, you actually apply the principles.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

My assessment of you doesn’t matter. Next concept. It takes whatever time it takes for a seed to grow and to flower. I’m sure you already understand this. Everything takes some time. Why is the question? One answer is because it does. Get over it already.

Another is, you actually wouldn’t be happy with immediate manifestation because it would work both ways. Instant success or failure depending on what your predominantly thinking. So that is why it takes some time to manifest. Be thankful in this regard.

I think there is a much better reason. Not because anyone ordains it the answer, but it just seems to work this way. The reason things take time is so that you can get to be better. The reason things take time is so it is attributable to YOUR efforts and not luck or accident.

Time Shows Us What Really Matters

Things don’t manifest right away to give you practice. Time allows you to develop good habits. You can build the habit of right thinking. Otherwise, you would think it is luck and you don’t benefit from luck. You greatest benefit is from truly conditioning your mind.

Once you condition your mind, once you learn how to control your thinking then anything can be yours. You become more powerful, and wise through experience BECAUSE things take time. You evolve and develop your attitude, abilities and talents. You improve!

The more we do the more we can do is one of my favorite sayings. Things take time so we can grow and develop our skills to become more of whomever and whatever we want to be. We learn the nuance of great power and deliberate attention and control.

The Way We Spend Our Time Defines Who We Are

When things don’t work out fast I accept, perhaps, I need to learn more patience while pursuing my goal. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. One can be patient and continue to act in one’s behalf. Some people haven’t learned this. Maybe, it is time to.

When things are troublesome or downright tough, perhaps, we learn persistence or the ability to be joyful anyway. When money is tight and debt looms we learn to think and focus on abundance instead. We learn concentration and where and how to focus our energy.

I am not saying there is a god or design to this. There very well may be, but that part doesn’t matter for my explanation. It is through trials we become stronger and well seasoned. We get more back than we could ever imagine. So, I say bring it! I want to learn.

Time Teaches Us How To Live

We learn patience, faith and trust and much more when things take longer. If it is wham, bam, thank you… it just isn’t as satisfying in the long run. Immediate results don’t always benefit us overall. We live life while waiting for actual seeds to sprout. That applies here too.

While we wait and see things through, life continues. We continue to exercise out focus to keep our attention on what we want even when it doesn’t seem to be happening. We build so many character muscles this way. We can improve in so many different dimensions.

I want to improve. I want to get better at what I have learned to do. I want mastery not accidental results. I want to learn to stick it out and make it happen and live the utmost! I don’t merely want to escape what is, if I don’t it. I want to rule what is. Don’y you?

You Are Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

I have noticed that I am better off and far more happier because things didn’t manifest how or when I had hoped. I have become aware that I am far more delighted and well off because I went through some tough or long times without a quick remedy.

I have learned to be happy without regard to what is going on. Things can be tough or easy and that doesn’t change my happiness. It isn’t acquisition of money, things or people that make me happy but since I am happy I seem to be able to acquire and appreciate those even more. Happiness first is what time has helped me to be.

Time is not the enemy some people think it is. It can be a wonderful and useful friend. Learn to embrace it. Lean to embrace all things and life becomes much more wonderful. Time gives you more opportunities than you can even imagine. Become aware. Seek and you will find them. Meanwhile, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Time Is Not The Enemy But Your Friend”

  1. I think when things go wrong, it’s a good time to listen to your gut. Sometimes we need more intensity – to come back harder. And other times, it may be a change of direction is needed. There could be a better alternative in another direction.


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