What You Don’t Rule, Rules You!

horizons once-upon-a-timeless-journey-phil-koch

“Why is it important to take control of your thoughts and feelings? Why do you need to control your brain? Why should you take charge of your life? Your brain is an organ just like any other in your body. It has a function to perform and operates by rules.

Neuroscientists, medical researchers and others know that thoughts are things.They are electrical impulses that trigger electrical and chemical switches in the brain. Our body responds to the thoughts we think. Our thoughts affect us!

Our beliefs, attitudes, opinions, and behaviors are made up of previously laid down neural pathways that function as patterns of behavior or habit. They are reliable and automatic. Many more are negative than are positive. There are thousands and thousands.

We adopted them growing up, from birth on. Our lives and present circumstances are the result of this neural conditioning. The brain does whatever it learned to do. It doesn’t care if the programs are right or wrong, true or false, beneficial or not. It does what it learned to do and it will keep doing these reliable until changed.

If you don’t take care to manage and control your thoughts and feelings your thoughts and feelings will manage you. You will continue on in the same fashion as you always have being controlled, your life dictated, by programs you adopted at an earlier age.

Some serve you well, many run counter to what you want. If you don’t learn to control your thinking and lay down new neural pathways and habits your old pathways and habits dictate the results you get. Change won’t happen unless you change it!

If you don’t like your results you must change the early conditioning. You must update and upgrade and develop positive new programs, and automated habits that get you the results you want. Whatever you don’t control controls you. Whatever you don’t rule, rules you.

The good news is your brain continues to learn and can serve you better when you take charge and direct it. Using the same method to learn previous programming you can learn new, more beneficial programming and begin to get the results you want. Take charge!

You work with the brain and condition it according to its rules. Then it is easy. If you don’t do it the way the brain most easily learns you will have a much more difficult time. If you want to get new, better results, and make your life grand keep reading this blog.

In it I share how the brain works, how you can condition your mind for happiness and success and much more. Don’t just read once, read and re-read. Go back through these pages and study. BUT reading alone won’t make the difference. You must apply what you read.

You must use what you learn. Do the exercises. Practice the procedures. Apply the principles. Read to inspire and motivate and learn how. Then do. The proper fruit of knowledge is action. To know and not to do is to not know. If you want to your life to change you must change things in your life.

You must put these methods to work. So keep reading, keep doing. Have fun, enjoy the process. Be patient and keep the faith. Great things are ahead. Claim your life back. Rule your brain and your life. Dictate the results you get. Become the author of your life and write happy chapters! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Greet each day with a smile!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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