What If You Don’t Believe In Your Own Success

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“People ask me, ‘what should I do if I don’t believe in the affirmation I am repeating?’ This actually is a great and an important question. There are a couple ways to think about it.

The point of the affirmation is to come to accept and believe the statement you are making. You are affirming with authority and intense positive feeling that what you say is what you are.

You may not believe it at first. That is normal. In repeating the affirmation you are working to change your thinking from what you don’t want to what you do want. You are learning something new.

What You Say Is What You Get

For example.  You have no money. You have been focused on the lack of money. Now you want to change that. In order to change it you begin to focus on abundance and wealth. You think differently.

So you claim, ‘I am rich’. But you may not believe that. It doesn’t ring true. That is okay.  It does run counter to the experience you have been paying attention to. It is foreign to you current practice.

If you doubt it or feel less than glorious you need to keep at it enough until you do feel wonderful claiming ‘I am rich’. THIS is the point. It will be at odds with your current experience.

You Become What You Think About

You never thought this way before. In order to get comfortable and accept it, and begin to live from it, you must repeat it enough over and over. You must send a clear signal to your brain I WANT THIS!

If you don’t yet feel incredible, intense marvelous feelings when you affirm and visualize there is work to do. Stick with it. Keep doing it. All good things come in time to those who persist.

It IS important to feel good when you visualize and affirm. If you think and affirm ‘I am rich’ and it feels wonderful, great! Keep at it. If it doesn’t feel good keep at it. Soon enough you will.

You Can Be, Do And Have Anything 

Do something to make yourself feel good when you affirm. Shout it. Ramp up the enthusiasm. Get excited. Jump up and down. Sing it. Whatever makes you feel good, utilize!

This might seem tough but by deliberately intend ing to feel good you are training yourself to. Work the muscle just as you would in physical exercise. Push it if you must. Have fun as you can!

Intend to believe the affirmation and intend to feel great while thinking and exclaiming it. Through the power of your will you are learning a massive amount of self control and valuable skills.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Through repetition and strong emotion you are sending a clear, concise message to your brain this is what I am. This is who I am. This is what I believe. I AM RICH. Ultimately, your brain will get it.

You can search here for my work on Directed Questions™ which is another way to assist you in accepting the affirmation and getting what you want easily and swiftly. Incredibly valuable!  Look into it.

The point is you should want to learn to deliberately control your thoughts and feelings and do whatever it takes to gain that positive and powerful ability. Pay the price whatever it is.

Stop Being A Passenger In Life Become The Driver

It is your brain and your life. It is up to you what you make do with it. If you opt out of controlling your thoughts, as most people do, the alternative is you remain the same. Your thoughts control you.

If you chose to control it, while it may be somewhat difficult at first, ultimately it gets easier with practice and the benefits are incredible. Whether you do or don’t is completely up to you.

It will seem foreign, so what. Get used to it. You will through practice. That is the point of spaced repetition. Anything and everything you have ever learned you have learned this way.

Go Where You Decide To Go Don’t Be Taken For A Ride

I’ll save that discussion for another time. For now supercharge you affirmations with positive feelings. Find out how you can cheerfully and powerfully chant them with full expression. Have fun doing it!

The more omph you add the sooner they take hold. The quicker you make changes. The more you repeat the thoughts you want to believe the more you will believe them. You change your thinking.

Take charge and learn to think what you intend to think. Learn to be in charge instead of having your brain run on automatic old, negative programming. If you want it bad enough you will. It’s up to you.

Everything Is Better Through Celebration And Gratitude

There is so much more to cover. I’ll do so in upcoming blogs. You can also go back and read through these pages. In them resides great value and life changing practices and principles. Study and enjoy!

Drop by drop fills the tub. Little  by little these small changes add up. You can design and evolve yourself in whatever positive ways you want. Enjoy the process, be grateful you can, and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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