Stop Getting What You Don’t Want! Start Getting What You Want!

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“Are you tired of not having what you want? Does it sometimes feel like you are doing everything you can but getting nowhere? If you look around you have you gotten what you want or have you gotten what you do not want?

How are the results in your life? How are your present circumstances? What and how are you feeling? Is your life filled with joy and happiness no matter what is going on or are you mostly down and out? Maybe, it isn’t a matter of anything being bad, it is that, it is just ‘okay’.

If You Aren’t Excited By The Life You Are Living

You can be. It means making some changes. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Use your imagination for a moment. Think of yourself as a magnet. Imagine that you attract everything. You are responsible for your life conditions. Everything you have or don’t have is completely up to you. Imagine this. There is no one else or anything else responsible but you. YOU attract everything.

Some do not believe this. Others do. Whether you think it so or you don’t believe it, this is how it works. We live in a universe based on attraction. You attract what you want and you attract what you don’t want. It doesn’t matter. You get what you focus on.

You And I Create What We Want

We make happen what we want or don’t want but the word ‘attract’ works for me too.

Like moths to a flame we do seem to attract other like minded people, events and circumstances depending on what we are feeling. When we are on top of the world we seem to ride the top of the wave and when we are crestfallen so is much of the world around us.

You may protest the thought. You might even exclaim, ‘but I know exactly what I don’t want and I don’t want it!’

If you state a loud ‘NO!’ to what you don’t want you are not actually pushing it away or getting rid of it. You are inadvertently adding energy to it. You get whatever you are focused on good or bad right or wrong. The universe doesn’t care. The Law Of Attraction (LOA) doesn’t care.

Whatever you hold predominantly in your mind is what you attract. If you want to be, do or have anything you can then you must focus on and energize what you do want to the exclusion of all else. It is similar to using a flashlight in a dark room.

Whatever You Illuminate Is What You See

In this case, whether you want it or not, whatever you put energy into is what you get back.

You can’t look at mounting bills, feel poor and expect to be rich. Your thoughts and feelings are keeping you poor. You can’t be thinking ‘I am so sick’ and expect to be healthy. Our thoughts do seem to make up our reality. There is a reason for this.

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between a memory, a real event or an imagined one. What you recall, observe or create in your mind, if it isn’t what you want it, will be what you end up with. In order to get what you want you must see what you want.

You Must Hold It In Your Minds Eye

You want it faster you must energize it more, feel good about it and think about it more often.

It works this way. You attract and create whatever you put your energy into. If you put little or no energy into creating it you don’t get it. If you put energy into the wrong things that is what you get. If you put energy into the right things that is what you get. If you put lots of energy into the right things you can get it sooner.

Look around. Your life is a reflection of your dominant thoughts. If you don’t like what you see change your thoughts and you change your life.

There is a simple guide you can use. Typically, when you think about what you do not want, what you want to avoid or exclude from your life you feel angst. You feel frustrated, sad, mad or simply less than glorious. When you think about what you want, what makes you happy, what you want to include more in your life you feel good.

Consider for the purpose of discussion there are only two emotions. One is good the other is bad. Just as there is positive or negative, up or down, hot or cold. This makes using the guide real easy. If you feel good, great, wonderful you are on the right track to getting, making happen or attracting what you want. If you feel bad you are not.

Negative thoughts and feelings are a signal you are off track. They are signals you are focused on what you do not want. Stop, turn your back on it, drop it, let it go, forget about it and start thinking and focusing on what you do want. You want to feel the best and be focused on what you want so that is what you make happen.

You Are Creating Your Future Each Moment

It is the process of becoming based on how you are feeling. How you live this instant, this moment, determines how you will live in the next moment. Right now makes up then!

The more often you feel good the better your present and future will be. Feel prosperous, feel healthy, feel happy, feel wealthy, feel grateful and you become these. Whatever you feel is what you attract and create. This makes it very easy to remember.

Whatever you think about AND FEEL most of the day is what you get!

What you think and feel and manifest is always a match. Your predominant feelings are what you attract. So feel your best as often as you can. I have written about what to do when you can’t feel your finest in previous blogs. Be sure to go back and read through these if that is an issue. Read through the posts anyway it will help in all areas.

Happy Creating! Happy Attracting!

Not everyone believes it, but it makes perfect sense. When you think and feel your finest, your resourcefulness and your actions are congruently aligned. Your head and your heart are clear and you are at your most powerful and your most attractive.

Confident people are drawn to other confident, able, Can-Do people. It works like this. Plus, you are better able to recognize and take advantage of opportunity. You feel alive, energized, capable and unstoppable! Your attitude determines your altitude.

From this place of well-being you can become, do and have anything you want. It all makes sense at a very practical level. When you are ‘right’ things go right! Make your life what you want it to be!” Rex Sikes

Delight today!

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