How You Live Right This Moment Is Critical! The Secret Only A Few Know & Use!

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“Do you want it yesterday? Some people are impatient for results to show up. Are you one of them? You can’t rush the growth of a flower or a tree. Babies take time to grow into adults. You cannot force the sun to rise. Why are you in such a hurry?

It seems some people want to escape the now and they want to do it quickly. They don’t like where they are at and want a big change to make everything different and better. Occasionally, that happens but in reality most things happen in the same way wine improves. Over time.

I have written on patience and how to wait. You may want to go and explore some of my previous blogs. Most people in Hollywood know an overnight success means 10 to 15 years of work first. So expect to wait, be okay with it and you will fare far better.

Create The Invite And Send It Out

Here is the deal. When you put out a party invitation you send out the word and then you wait for the people to arrive. You can either wait well or poorly.

You can either enjoy what is going on right now while waiting for your guests to arrive or you can worry, fear, doubt, and micromanage each moment. Which do you prefer it to be? Pleasant or painful it is up to you.

Neither of these two ways has any impact of who shows up or when? You have no control over that. The only thing you do have control over is how you wait and whether or not you enjoy the duration. In the same way some people try to push a rope, they try to push the results they get.

They fret, worry, try to do more, they fear, they think there is more to do, something else needs to be done. It becomes an ongoing, endless cycle as the they try to insure they will get their way. I think of it as fishing.

What Kind Of Fisher Are You

You get the proper bait as best you can for what you want to catch. You drop the line and relax. Let the fish take the bait because you can’t make it take it. You can only appeal to it. The fish takes it when it takes it.

You can be frustrated or you can enjoy the time you spend near or on the water. It is up to you.

The key to making you dreams come true is intent. Clarify what you want, be precise, be specific. Focus on it, be passionate it about it, feel wonderful and keep it in mind. Imagine it as if you already have it. Celebrate and be grateful and enjoy the marvelous feelings.

Let Go

Part of getting is receiving. Be open, be receptive, be patient, be relaxed and enjoy the meantime. Live in this time with great delight. Enjoy now! Live in gratitude, with passion and enthusiasm.  Don’t keep checking or comparing. Stop digging up the seeds to see if they are growing.

Let go and be open to receive. Let the guests arrive when and as they do. Stop trying to force and allow. You may be the creator and you may be the attractor but allow yourself to relax and let it come to you.

You Sent Out The Invitation Let It Arrive When And As It Does

We work during the day and we rest during the night. Rest. Trust. Accept. Allow. Enjoy!  This is important. This is a huge part of getting what you want. This is a part many miss. They are so busy managing they don’t realize they are pushing it away.

Have faith. Believe it is coming. Expect it is coming and relax. Trust means you don’t fight for it because you already know it is yours. This relaxed confidence is as much an important part as the effort you put into your thoughts.

Delight and feel wonderful. How you live now is critical! Don’t sacrifice now for the future. Enjoy now and your future will be enjoyable too. Whatever effort you put into making your dreams come true put equal amounts of faith and fun.

Be glad now! Celebrate now! Be grateful now and you will have more to celebrate and be grateful for in the future. Keep this in mind. YOU plant the seeds and you wait for them to grow and flourish. You nurture and you trust.

You Can’t Force The Seed To Grow

If you know this at some level apply it to your dreams and your goals. Relax! Trust. Be open and receptive. Allow yourself to accept them into your life. Stop trying so hard. Do and trust. Keep trusting. Keep celebrating and living in gratitude. Enjoy this moment while you wait. Then you are not waiting you are fully living!” Rex Sikes

Today can be marvelous. Make it so!

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3 thoughts on “How You Live Right This Moment Is Critical! The Secret Only A Few Know & Use!”

  1. I love your analogies here because they are easier to visualize and remember! in fact, I was feeling tired, so instead of pushing through like I normally would, I took a break for peppermint tea. Thank you!


  2. You are so awesome! I do not think I’ve truly read through anything like this before.

    So nice to discover somebody with original thoughts on this issue.
    Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that
    is required on the web, someone with a bit of originality!


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