How To Stop Living Like A Beggar And Start Living Like An Emperor!

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“Can you imagine the emperors of old. They were in charge. They had the power. They commanded and others obeyed. Can you imagine what it would be like to be an emperor? If you could command it and your words would be carried out. That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

So what is stopping you? Think about that for a moment. What prevents you from living as an emperor? Yes, yes, I know those days are gone. I mean, why don’t you act like the emperor you already are? You do know that’s what you are don’t you?

Who Is In Charge

I mean, either you are in charge of you OR you are not. Either you are the emperor, the controller, the ruler of your own being or you are not. So which is it? Either you command things to happen or you hope they will.

When you hope you are really a beggar. You are hoping someone, something will be kind. You hope and pray things will work out but you don’t really know. All power is outside of you. Others have the power you have to beg to get their scrapes. Is this you? I hope not!

Live Like An Emperor. Stop Living Like A Beggar. Live as a champion. Walk and breath as a winner.

Stop whining, sniveling, begging, hoping, wishing, comparing and complaining. Stop worrying about your career, your relationships, your money, your life.  It isn’t helping anything so give it a rest!

No Whining Stop Worrying

Let’s pretend all this Law Of Attraction quantum physics stuff is true. You are a creator you are one with the universe. You are an aspect of the divine, an expression, a fractal, part of the hologram in which all is contained.

You are responsible for everything. You, your atoms, have been here since the beginning of time. You are one with everything.

This universe is as much yours as you belong to it. SO for goodness stake stop begging and hoping and wishing that you get some good part of it. Demand it and expect it. You create all of it. Create what you want.

Make it happen. You are responsible for all good things. So make sure YOU get some of them for yourself. All the other stuff I write about patience and kindness and going first, allowing and accepting and forgiving still applies. You are a benevolent Emperor!

It Is Your Decision And No One Else’s

It is all part of the whole and the whole is in each part. Stop acting like change comes from outside of you.

Everything necessary for having what you want is already in you. Exercise it! Use it. Claim it. Stop expecting something from the outside to grant your wish.

Grant your own wish! MAKE it happen. After all, that is WHO is making it happen anyway? Speak it into being! Think it into being! Your thoughts create your reality. Create the results you want!

While ancient texts, and new thought leaders and people like Neville and Hill and Wattles and current gurus all proclaim the Law Of Attraction realize YOU are the magnet in your own playground.

Stop creating division and become whole. Be congruent. Become one. Hill emphasized that YOU need to know what you want.  Make it a burning passion and desire. Have faith. Go for it and don’t stop!

Know What You Want And Go For It

Do whatever you have to, in positive ways. Co-operate with others, for the best for everyone, and you will get want you want if you never give up.

He didn’t say it would physically materialize over time.  No one said the atoms would magically assemble in the environment until it physically manifests while you meditate and chant,

Stop comparing and wondering if it will happen. Decide it will happen. Do everything to make it happen. YOU do it. You create it You attract it. Demand it of yourself and stop hoping somehow it will come together if you are just good enough.

MAKE it happen. YOU make it happen. Believe in yourself. When you understand you are responsible you can get out of your own way. Become congruent. Align your desires with your intentions and get what you want.

Stop Comparing Stop Wondering 

Stop the self-sabotage. Stop wondering ‘if’ it will happen. Put an end to the pleading. When you do these things you will stop being a victim and become a victor. You will take charge as you should You should be the person in control. Where there is a will there is a way.

Okay, NOW let’s imagine the LOA is a crock. It is BS. It is a fairy tale and none of it works. The same principles apply. You make it happen. No one else will but you. If you are going to get your goals it will be completely your responsibility.

Stop sniveling and whining and hoping and wishing. Stop doubting and fearing and worrying and comparing. Pull yourself up. Set your attitude right. Get it straight and keep it that way.

Know what you want. Make it a burning desire. Keep working it until you succeed. You will if you never give up. Either way it is up to you.

Attitude Is Everything

Make all your  goals and dreams come true. Go after it the way a champion athlete prepares for the Olympics.

Dedicate yourself. Have the right mind set, get the right coaching you need and train yourself to win. Keep going and don’t quit. No excuses. No reasons. No Blames. Live as an Emperor. Command yourself. Demand of yourself. Expect yourself to follow through. And Do it!” Rex Sikes

Transform today!

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