A Critical Secret Necessary For Success

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“In times long past there was a practice that has long been lost. It meant the difference between remaining the same, staying stuck at a certain level of existence, and moving forward into success. It was a way of life that has been lost in modern times. Tiny remnants remain and while that is good news it is true we suffer from the loss of this practice. What is it?

Apprenticeship. The art of being and apprentice or a disciple. From early times on there was a path to mastery whereby the knowledge sought, the skills necessary we learned between a talented master craftsperson and an apprentice.  There was a process of becoming a knight. One did not just declare oneself a knight.

Nor did one declare oneself a master mason, carpenter, educator or anything else. One learned from a master and when the master deemed the student ready to progress then and only then did the student learner move to the next level. We certainly don’t do anything like this today, at least, in my culture.

What we have is beneficial and a tiny remnant of this important educational process. We have mentors. Studies indicate that nearly 94% of successful millionaires attribute their success to having at least one mentor in life or business. They attributed their wealth creation directly to having a mentor.

A mentor is someone who can show them the ropes, who can advise them and tell them what to focus on. A mentor can tell them what to do and what not to do. They share their mistakes and the student benefits from not only their knowledge but their experience. Wisdom comes from experience and nothing can replace that.

Finding a success mentor is a great way to become richer. You want someone who has been where you are and who is doing what you want to be able to do. Their experience should parallel your experience as much as possible. You want someone who has traveled the same road you need to, but before you, so they can show you the way.

Nearly 70% of self made millionaires said having a mentor was critical to their success overall. You want to find a good mentor to help guide you. Along the way you may meet many. Your parents, relatives or family friends could be your first mentors. They might become mentors later once you are older.

Books are good for gaining insight but there are obvious limitations. You do not get any human feedback. Still, you can learn much from books and should read to better yourself. You might find someone in your work, or while attending seminars, or networking. Whomever ends up being your mentor is someone who you respect and trust. You need to know they have your interests in their heart.

Learning and evolving is wonderful and each day you can become more of the you that you want to be. You can dream big, aim high and reach your destination making your dreams come true. A mentor can help you in ways you may not readily be able to help yourself.

Alone, you can still succeed. You will be schooled by hard knocks and learn life lessons by trial and error. NOTHING can ever actually replace  experience. Be glad! What you learn along the way will stay with you. It will become a part of you. Pursue your dreams and do not quit.

You may have to be your own cheering section but persist. When you do you will celebrate the win. You can be, do and have anything you want in life. So go after it. A trusted mentor will bring you great value but don’t let being alone stop you. Go for it. Make it happen!” Rex Sikes

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