Stop Wasting Time: Invest Your Time!

horizons tracks and blue sky

“You can never get back? You can lose money and make more again. People have been devastated by losing everything they own and yet they rebuild and purchase more stuff. Loved ones and friends once gone are gone. Cherish them. Still, there is that something else we can never ever get back.

We take it for granted it but once gone it is gone for ever. It never ever gets returned to us. You know what it is.  It is time. Your time! Once spent it is gone forever. Perhaps, the reason why we aren’t more thoughtful, or careful or protective of our time is because there seems to be an abundance of it. Yes, there is. There IS always plenty of time!!! Until there isn’t.

We do not live as if we were actually our last day. IF WE DID you can bet we would have very different days. WE do not treat our loved ones as if it may be the last time we ever saw them BECAUSE if we did we would treat them very much differently. No, we seem to always think there will be plenty of time.

So we watch television. We spend endless hours on social media. We play electronic games or find many different ways to distract us from what is truly important. We may hang out in bars, read graphic novels, scour the internet for another silly animal video. Maybe we just while away the hours in bed.

The point is there are only so many hours in a day and only so many days in one’s life. I don’t believe we should live as though we are being chased, we shouldn’t fear life we should enjoy it. We should enjoy and value our time with family, friends and alone! Often, when people get older they begin to feel like time is running out. Some feel this way even when young. I don’t think that is what we want either.

What we do need to do is learn to invest our time wisely. We ought to put it to good use. We can use our time feeling wonderful, making positive changes, improving our life circumstances. We can evolve ourselves, pursue goals and dreams and make wonderful things happen. We should discover and go after our major purpose in life.

Investments can pay dividends down the road. Time wisely invested in learning to be happier, healthier, more loving and have more loving relationships seems like time well spent. You can learn how to become more confident and live more fully; become financially secure; improve your life and help others improve theirs.

If you realize you don’t actually have all the time in the world perhaps you will spend your time more wisely and productively.

Studies of successful people show that those who have become millionaires watch little TV. Maybe an hour or less a day. They don’t spend much time on the internet. WHY? Because they are busy building their lives. The less wasted time the more time they had available to pursue their dreams.

Use whatever time you have in smart ways. Go for your goals. Invest in yourself! A great use of your time is in celebration and gratitude because you can do it anywhere and everywhere. You can feel happy right now. Be thankful for your blessings in life. Smile and laugh more. Love more. Enjoy the people around you and each moment you have! Celebrate it!” Rex Sikes

Have a brighter day today.

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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