Do You Have What It Takes? This Quality Separates The Winner From The Pack

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“One quality often separates the haves from the have nots. The winners from the not winners. Those who are victorious embody this attribute. What is it that divides champions from mere mortals, the successful from the non-success? Persistence!

People who have made great wealth are persistent. Olympic athletes who medal, or those who compete multiple times are persistent. These people don’t quit. They’d rather fight than switch, they would sink with the ship.

They will do anything to not fail and succeed. If you want to cross the finish line you must stay in the race.

Many champion athletes have known great heartbreak, injury and setback but have gone on to face incredible odds and prevail. Countless self made millionaires have built fortunes and lost them only to build them again. They don’t let falling down keep them down. They get up, dust of and move on.

Keep Moving Toward Your Goal Step By Step

These champions in sports, wealth, business, and life do what other people neglect to do. They work every day towards their goal. They relentlessly pursue their major purpose and they develop habits to move them along.

They repeat that which makes them successful. They condition their mind and their being for success. They do whatever it takes.

They let nothing stop them. Mistakes, obstacles, that which appears as defeat does not defeat them. There is no failure in falling down, getting up and going on to cross that finish line. The only ones who fail are those who leave the race early. Winners keep moving forward. Challenges and obstacles are part of playing the game.

Successful people may adjust their plans but never give up their dream. They learn what works and what doesn’t by continuously trying. Sometimes they get lucky but it is because they keep going after it until they discover opportunity and advantage.

Successful people persist in the face of relentless opposition. They don’t let well meaning people discourage them from accomplishing their dreams.

Learn From Obstacles And Challenges

The learn the power of focus and have learned concentration and how to tune out and ignore distractions. They use their time well. Habits rule our lives and they learn success habits that support them in their pursuits.

Our habits can either help us to succeed or be the reason we don’t. We need to insure, as the champions do that we have success habits.

Habits can be changed. If you have some that don’t serve you well this is great news. Habits can be changed through awareness and effort. You need to notice when you aren’t doing what you want to be doing and then do what you want to immediately.

You repeat this process. You are aware of starting to engage in the old habitual behavior and you stop, decide to engage in the new behavior you want to become a habit.

You have to repeat this over and over. There are different estimates on how long it takes for a new behavior to become habit. The range is somewhere between 21 to 90 days.

This is great news! Within a relatively short period of time you and I can learn positive productive habits that can revolutionize our lives!

Play The Game Well And Enjoy Winning

When you get rid of the habits that hold you back and replace them with positive new ones your life will change for the better. It may take some time, yes, but it is worth it.  Whenever you begin to engage in the old habit, stop, decide to engage the new behaviors and praise yourself for noticing the opportunity to change. Don’t be critical or hard on yourself. Instead encourage change.

AS you notice yourself engaging in the new habit celebrate. Celebrate everything. A good habit is formed by engaging in the good habit, the correct behavior, repeatedly over the time period.

As the new habits take hold you will be amazed and delighted with the progress. You too, just like the self-made millionaires can make changes and become unstoppable. You can see yourself over the finish line and make you dreams come true!” Rex Sikes

Smile big live large today. Enjoy everything!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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