Without This Ingredient Your Struggle Will Continue

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“I’d like to discuss that which makes your dreams come true. It is the special ingredient, when added to desire, makes you unstoppable. It makes you absolutely capable of creating what you want. To discuss this I will use some verses most people are familiar with. I hope you won’t mind. I think the verse speaks volumes to this point.

‘Faith without works is dead’,  is usually understood to mean good works. If you believe in love, for example, then you should behave in loving ways. You should do things for others that exemplify love. Others should be able to tell what you believe in by your actions. If you speak about love but are not loving your faith is dead.

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

You know the tree is an apple or orange tree by the fruit it bears. So if you love others, you may be known as a loving person. I want to add to these definitions when it comes to living the kind of life we want. I want to add to it because there is hope and there is faith and there is a difference between the two.

I may hope to get a bicycle for a holiday gift. I am not sure I will get one but I have a great wish. This is different from I expect to get a bicycle. With hope I may or may not get it and I sure want it. With the expectation of getting the bicycle, I sure want it and I have every confidence that I will receive it. I believe it. I have faith. I know.

With hope I am not certain but with faith I am certain. With faith their is no question. It has been said that ‘faith is seeing the invisible’. With faith we see what is not yet apparent. One might look at the chaotic world around them, but see a brighter day. One may look into the heart of a troubled child but see a great leader.

When A Fearless Heart Believes Miracles Happen

With faith one looks forward, anticipating what is to come, or what is already there, to be revealed. In faith one sees the circumstances that one intends to bring about rather than what is presently there. It is not a wish it is a knowing. It is confidence. When you know something is going to happen there is no dispute, there is no doubt.

I believe that if you have faith in yourself, if you believe you will make you dreams come true, if you have faith that it will happen no matter what then you look and behave a certain way. You believe in the invisible, and do not let circumstances dissuade or prevent you. You are known by your works, by your fruit.

Many people think a person of faith believes in an unseen power, meaning God, or powers of the universe, and that is fine. I let people place their faith where they wish. For purposes of this discussion I am placing the locus of faith on, or in, the human, you and me. I am suggesting that when your faith in yourself is unwavering you can accomplish incredible things.

With Faith All Things Are Possible

We will continue to discuss this in upcoming posts because it is an important point in manifesting the future you want. You must be able to see it, believe it is yours to have, and that you will have it. Faith is about what IS and works in the present. Faith is not about the future as I’ll share soon.

‘Faith without works is dead’ means faith is active. It is action. ‘By their fruits you will know them’ means you can recognize a person with faith by actions and behaviors. If you have faith you think, speak and act in specific ways others without faith, don’t. People will see in you that difference.

Faith is immediate. For example, If you are confident you act confident right now. You will also be confident in the future. It is who you are. Faith is freedom from fear, worry, and doubt. We need to cultivate faith to live the life we want. From that faith the life we want will come to be. Faith is the seed. Plant it! ” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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