Why You And The Rich Lose

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“Why is it everything can be going great and then turn for the worse? What screws it up? Why do you have problems? Why do the fabulously successful fail? If they made it to the top why don’t they stay there? Is it all luck or is it something we do? How does one succeed and remain successful?

If you don’t become an intentional deliberate creator you risk losing everything while trying to hang on. That is why some people who reach the pinnacle lose. They create it and get to the top. Once they have it, once they are there, they get greedy and try to hold onto it. They attempt to horde it. You can’t clutch a butterfly!

Instead of living in abundance and continuing to create more they lose what they have because they become fearful of losing it. They attempt to hang onto it or horde it. Their mindset goes from ‘I’m wealthy and deserving’, ‘there is plenty for everyone’,  to frightened they may lose. If you focus on losing you will lose.

You bring about what you think about. What you focus on is what you get. Affirmations can be positive or negative. If you are fearful you create and attract more reasons to be afraid. If you are negative things worsen. The more you do the more you can do. YOU get WHATEVER you focus on. Birds of a feather flock together.

Lottery winners go broke usually. They win big BUT they never develop the wealthy mindset nor the responsibility that comes with money and power. Instead they spend it all away. To be wealthy you need to feel wealthy. Wealth is a mindset not lots of cash. You can be rich with or without any money. Money is only a part of true wealth.

What We Think About We Become

Those who ‘luck into it’ frequently return to what they had. They return to the lifestyle that their mindset governs.  Since they aren’t wealthy in between the ears they don’t know how to manage and keep wealth. Those who succeed and stay successful continue to create and manifest.

Those who remain successful operate from a mindset that there is plenty for everyone. They manifest for others as well as themselves. They aren’t afraid of losing because they are having too much fun creating and winning. They enjoy their wealth and their money.

They aren’t fearful they are bold. It is a matter of course that they will make great things happen each day because they make good use of the time they have here. Some of us waste time, lord knows I have. Some of us struggle. I sure have.

It rains and it shines. Through it all is your attitude. If you attitude is as wonderful when it rains as when it shines you are on the right track. Do not get discouraged if circumstances sour, keep the faith. You must not let obstacles and challenges get the better of you.

You must fix your mindset such that you welcome tough times as much as you welcome easy times. Realize you are a champion and whatever comes your way you are resourceful enough to navigate. You, and perhaps with the help of others, perhaps not, can make it through anything. Decide this is they type of person you are.

Stay focused. Do not get greedy and needy when things don’t work out, keep the faith. Your attitude determines you altitude. Do not succumb to trying to hang on and hoarding. Celebrate everything. It is an abundant world we live in. Live without fear but with confidence. Live with passion. Live with delight! Have fun, enjoy it! Stay true!” Rex Sikes

Count your blessings!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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