Why You Must To Keep A Success Journal

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“Do you want to be more successful? There are many ways to succeed. There are the BIG, grandiose successes, the ‘top of the world’ ones. Then there are all the rest. All the way down to the barely noticeable ones. Success comes in all sizes and flavors.

There are even ones you don ‘t count.

Why don’t you count them? Because you take them for granted. They are too small. You consider them insignificant. They don’t make it onto your radar but they are there. You should count them. Awareness is the first major step in changing.

To Succeed You Must First Believe You Can

I’ve encouraged people to keep a gratitude journal for decades. Others have encouraged us to count our blessings since ancient times. Why? Recording what we are grateful for helps us to become aware of all the good things in our life.

We can change our thoughts and our feelings as we become aware of the countless things we take for granted daily we could appreciate. When we fill our mind and heart with appreciation we transform. Celebrate and delight in all and you will feel great!

The same is true of our successes. Want to be more successful? Start acknowledging how successful you already are in so many ways. What is a success? Frankly, it is anything you consider as one. ‘I got up at 6am’ for one person that might be a small success.

You Create Your Own Opportunities

For another person, a huge one! ‘I made pancakes’. ‘I took a bath’. It doesn’t matter how large or small, the only thing that matters is that you are in control of doing it. It relates to you and not other people. You could say, ‘I worked well with others at the office today’.

‘I got along with Susan.’ The point is, in order for it to occur it doesn’t rely on others it relies on you. Understand? If not ask, I’ll clarify in comments. Notice these, no matter how small. In fact, look for all the tiny ways you succeed daily that you never considered.

Not only have you never considered, you have not named them as successes, acknowledged them, given them the recognition deserved or validated yourself for doing them. Become aware of all the ways you succeed and appreciate yourself for these.

Decide Commit Succeed

Write them down. List them. No less than 5 per day. More is fine. More is desirable. I recommend people start a daily gratitude journal listing 25 things. Some people recommend fewer, some may recommend more. The point is to draw your attention to these areas.

If you are already doing a gratitude journal EXCELLENT! That is a success right there. If not, you can begin one now, too. THEN, that would be a success. Since you are doing the gratitude journal, take a moment or two more and list your successes.

You can use the same journal or have two separate ones. Some people really respond better if they personalize their journal and make it really special. Others just use a legal pad. I think having something nice adds value to the process and it is up to you.

Some People Only Dream Of Success

If you want to further the exercise: Write down your daily successes.Write what you did and how it feels. Enjoy validating and feeling positive and congratulating yourself. Enjoy celebrating and appreciating these. Always room for  more gratitude!

Note if you did something you didn’t want to do, but you did it anyway. Write out what you learned in ‘doing anyway’. Congratulate yourself on all the little things and the big things. Remember, everything counts. Keep it simple for yourself. So you do it daily!

You did the laundry; you made you bed; you made breakfast; you had some fruit instead of cereal; you got to work on time; you walked to work; you exercised; you sent a thank you note; you made cookies for kids; you mowed the lawn; you fed the cat; anything!

Others Wake Up And Achieve Success

Of course, they can be larger. Just don’t miss all the grains of sand looking for the boulders. Everyday, write in your journal. Feeling grateful and feeling successful are a sure way to bring about more of the same. Remember, you become what you think about! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

If today isn’t your day, then whose day is it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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