What To Do When You Just Don’t Feel Like It…

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“Do you get inspired only to lose it? Do you you feel positive and then not? Does it sometimes seem like a struggle to keep centered or on the right track? If yes, first know this is completely normal. Everyone goes through it. After all, we are human.

We have ups and downs in our journey. We may not want them but maybe we ought to. When we open up, accept, make the way for, invite and receive we move ahead faster than by resisting. Struggles help us grow. Down times do as well. Contrast is good.

If it weren’t for discontent we might never change. We don’t want to be complacent and comfortable and miss out. At the same time we don’t want to strive and miss what we can appreciate. Balance is the answer. Celebrate struggles, be grateful for all. Then life IS grand.

You Are The Key To Change

I wanted to share a comment from a reader. I answered in the comment at the blog post and I answer this blog for today. I felt it may apply to others so I wanted to address it to as many as possible, not only to those who see the particular blog comment.

The author wrote: ‘As long as I read your post I feel positive and confidant . But after that I go back to the same mental frame . Even that little time frame will expand someday and I look forward to it happening . I thank you .’

Thanks for sharing. You have the correct attitude. That is wonderful. Even though you may not feel positive and confident all the time you look forward to that day when you will enjoy it more so because you know what you are doing now will expand. AND IT WILL!

Take Action Now

That puts you ahead of the game. Expecting to win IS playing the game well.  That IS a positive and confident mind set. You ARE looking forward to that day become more of a regular occurrence. Congratulate and validate yourself and your awareness! Wonderful!

I add the rest only as a reminder to all of us. Reading is only the beginning. You want to DO that which helps change your thinking. The easiest way to accomplish this and enjoy lasting success is to fill your mind with positive reading material daily. Put on a smile!

Read the blog, re-read the blogs. Make it a study not light reading or entertainment.  Read positive and inspiring books, listen to positive and inspiring audios, watch uplifting DVD’s. Listen and watch again and again. Repeated exposure to the same material is amazing!

The Secret To Change – Not Fighting The Old But Building The New

There are 24 hours in a day and most people don’t direct their mind for much of any of it. Researchers say 95-99% of what we do daily is habitual, routine, chronic, thinking, feeling and behaving. It is previous past programming much of which is less than glorious.

In order to begin to change it we need to tip the scale in favor of the positive. We do this through daily dedication and practice. Each positive step we take in the direction of what we want gets us closer to our destination. The journey, how we get there is important.

Have fun. Delight. Enjoy the journey. Find positive infographics, posters, mottos, sayings, affirmations that you can begin to repeat sincerely over and over again. This is very powerful. Look at my blogs on Directed Questions and apply that information.

What You Resist Persists

Set aside time for a gratitude and success journal. List what you are grateful for and you daily successes. Validate what you appreciate about yourself and other. Acknowledge your wins. Visualize yourself, feeling positive, loving, confident, happy, strong.

Whatever you would like more of acknowledge and emphasize. Concentrate on it. What you focus on expands. Accentuate the positive! You bring about what you think about! Energy flows where your attention goes. Maintain your mindset bit by bit. Smile more!

Help others in positive ways. Give to others without expecting anything in return. Appreciate yourself, circumstances and others. Celebrate everything! Persist and soon a new day will dawn. Old habits seem tough to break but you can learn new ones. Smile!

There Is No Better Time Than Now

Smile more, laugh more, Celebrate everything! Move, walk, notice nature and the beauty that surrounds you. Look at how and where the world is good and plentiful. We live in an abundant universe. Notice that. Be gentle, kind and encouraging to self and others.

The way you form new habits  is the same way you learned the old ones. Correct spaced repetition. You perform the same drills again and again in sports to become a better athlete. The same is true about become a positive thinking champion. Keep doing it!

Drop by drop fills the tub. Step by step the journey is made. The more you do the more you can do. Anything worthwhile is worth having difficulty with at first. Whatever we want to do with ease we must first do with diligence. We become what we think about all day.

You Can’t Make A Positive Change With A Negative Attitude

Do daily practice. Read some as much as you can each day. If nothing else read at least a page, a paragraph but DO something. Listen when able. Keep the journals. Repeat the affirmations out loud enthusiastically and silently day in and day out. Smile more! 🙂

Have fun, have faith and you will soon see change. It takes a bare minimum of 21 days to make or break a habit. It can take longer. Make this a daily practice. Commit and keep going don’t quit. Persist. Stay in touch! Oh, did I mention, Smile more?  AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What about today thrills you?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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