What Have You Learned From The ‘7 Day No Complaining Challenge’?

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Struggles or not, how has the 7 Day No Complaining Challenge been going? What have noticed? I have been hearing from some by email, FB and other means but not so much here in the comments. How are you doing with it?

Have you been journaling? Have you been, and this is most important, treating yourself with kindness? Awareness is the first step in making change. You need to become aware of the triggers that lead to negativity, whining, blaming, excusing, complaining etc.

This isn’t always fun but it is what is needed. Progress is made in stages. First, you begin to notice your complaining, but, after the fact. You realized you ‘were’ complaining. Second, if you stay with it you notice AS it occurs. In the middle of complaints you wake up.

It Is Your Negative Thoughts That Hold You Back

Third, as you keep at it you will learn to notice it before it arises. You will notice the tendency arising and you will preempt it. As you feel this tendency you STOP IT and re-direct your thoughts positively elsewhere. You begin to take charge of your mind.

Every time you successfully redirect your thinking into positive thoughts you are reinforcing a positive, powerful new habit that will serve you for the rest of your life. You transform yourself from the inside out. This is the most important change you can make!

What you focus on expands. What you think about you bring about. Keep this in mind. And commit yourself to thinking only the best of yourself, others and circumstances. Maintain a positive from of mind and your brain will find more of the same for you.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Learning to direct your thinking and feelings is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself. It puts you in charge, at cause, and more able live the life you want, making your dreams come true. It gives you the power to make things happen as you apply yourself.

There is no substitute for learning how incredible you are and what you can do. You already have everything within you needed to make these changes. You simply need to apply yourself, dedicate yourself and keep your commitment. When you do this you will prevail!

So I’m checking in with you. It is ok if it is rough, or even painful. You are changing an old habit. First, comes the awareness of when it happens. As it does pat yourself on the back. Acknowledge, validate and encourage your awareness. That will lead to more awareness!

What You Think Is What You Get

When you acknowledge, validate and encourage your awareness it helps bring more insights, more swiftly. Your reticular activating system looks to find positive matches. When you are friendly toward yourself you discover many incredible things.

If you resist, get discouraged or negative, if you beat yourself up, you only get more of the same for the very same reasons as above. So be kind, gentle, nurturing and encouraging. You’ll find so much more to appreciate and be grateful for when you do. Change will be easier!

Most people would be completely shocked, perhaps appalled, if they could and would add up all the moments of their negative thinking each day. If you only knew precisely how much time you spend each day whining, blaming and complaining.

A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life

Little things, under your breath, big things, inconsequential things. It is all habit, chronic, persistent, unproductive thinking. It is subtle. It can be over the most useless things. The coffee isn’t hot enough or it is too hot. The weather isn’t perfect. Name it, anything is possible.

Someone didn’t keep their word. You’re tired picking up after your dog. Whatever! It can be any number of tiny little complaints that you barely notice, but are there and add up. Eliminate these. These are dragging you down. Focus on maintaining the positive.

THIS is why you want to take the challenge. End this chronic condition. Free your mind from the chatter of negativity. It doesn’t have to be pronounced to be affecting you. Be aware, let it go, focus on the positive and maintain the focus and your life will improve.

Careful What You Think Your Thoughts Run Your Life

If you want a more enjoyable and delightful experience eliminate that which holds you back and add in that which brings you more delight. Take the challenge, stick with it, notice what you notice and celebrate and appreciate everything! Life is grand! I look forward to your comments here too. AGAIN, celebrate everything” Rex Sikes

What more could you want than a day made just for you?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “What Have You Learned From The ‘7 Day No Complaining Challenge’?”

  1. As long as I read your post I feel positive and confidant . But after that I go back to the same mental frame . Even that little time frame will expand someday and I look forward to it happening . I thank you .


    1. Thanks Rex. Even in your reply there is meaningful encouragement. A conviction wich we lack from inside .


      1. Thanks, I think we should find encouragement within and without. We should be our own self starters. The way we do that the best is by helping other people start. What we want to learn – help other with. What we need, give to others. I do believe the process is incredible and amazing. Delight and enjoy Ramesh. Thank you. All the best


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