Stop Being A Loser: How To Become A Winner!

What You Think About You Bring About. (1) copy

“What can you do to feel better? What can you do to help make your dreams and desires a reality? Whether it is your career goals, a relationship, purchasing your dream home or having an incredible life there is something you can and must do to get it all working for you.

If you want to have what you want to have, and do what you want to do, it is important that you FIRST be what you want to and need to be. Everything you accomplish and gain comes first and foremost from who you are. It comes from the kind of person you are.

Identity Comes First – Who Before What

If you want happiness you must be a happy person first. That is the rule. If you want success and riches you must be successful and rich in your mind first then worldly riches follow. If you want to have great love and relationships you must love yourself first.

So before anything else you need to work on who you are!

So who are you? What kind of person are you? Are you a happy, positive, productive person? Are you a healthy, wealthy, loving person? Are you invincible and confident? Are you able to learn anything you put your mind to?

What image do you hold of yourself?

Building your positive self image is the most powerful practice you can engage in daily.  Every single day, at least twice and as often as you can, you need to spend time building this powerful self image. You spend time imagining the person you want to be. you go inside your mental movie theater and use your imagination to create the ideal you you always wanted to be.

See yourself as the person who is able to do and have everything you want to do and have. In your mind you ‘be it’ first. Thought precedes action. Then everything else will follow. What you think about you bring about. What you focus on you get. What you think about all day long is what you become.

If you can see it in your head you will one day hold it in your hand. This is why, Einstein said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’.  Create the reality first on the inside and you will have it on the outside. Mind First then Actions Follow!

Everything You Do And Have Stems From Your Self Image

Use your imagination to see who you are. This is much more important than knowing how you do what you do or buy what you want. Use your imagination daily and it will become easier, richer, more vivid and more real.

If at first you only have a vague sense that is okay. It will clear up the more you do it. Stick with it. Spend 20 minutes twice a day if you can. At least. But if you truly can’t then do 5 minutes twice a day. After all, you are worth that much aren’t you? Your ability to visualize gets better the more you exercise it just as developing any muscle.

The important this is to image yourself and feel the feelings of being that self you want to be. Enjoy and celebrate how incredible it feels. Bask in the feelings. The feelings are the key component to your visualization. Your words and what you say about it is too. Use these together to reinforce you you want. Stay positive in all regards.

How do you build it? You build it by visualizing yourself as you want to be. See yourself as having already arrived. In your mind you act as if you are already everything you want to become.

You are already that! In reality it is true – you are already that person – even if you are not living as that person would. That is the real you, the ideal you, the person who is inside you that you need to let out. You ARE already that which you want to become. Claim it!

You affirm daily to yourself and out loud who this person is. You put a guard before your tongue so that your talk to others is only positive, to bless, heal and prosper yourself and them.  Your personal story and descriptions arise from this ‘ideal self’ so don’t go sabotaging your efforts by whining, complaining and blaming.

Ask Directed Questions™ that keep you focused on your ideal self. Ask questions that keep you moving in the direction you are moving towards. Direct your mind. So work on first establishing being the kind of person for whom all this is possible.

The most powerful visualization you can do for yourself is to first begin working on your self image.

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

See you as you want to be. See yourself as whole, not broken. See yourself as complete. See yourself as happy, fulfilled, confident, successful. See yourself learning and continuing to evolve. See yourself smart, wise, experienced.

See yourself as you want to be! As you are meant to be. See yourself as divine, inspired, motivated. See yourself as powerful, positive and compassionate. See yourself as decisive and persistent and able to follow through. See yourself as worthy and deserving of all good things.

See yourself as someone who can learn to do anything you put your mind to. See yourself as someone who can accomplish what you set out to do. See yourself motivated, take charge and in control. See yourself going for it and completing it.

Imagine yourself as someone who is optimistic and expects wonderful things to come your way. See yourself as someone joyful on the journey.

See yourself as one  who listens and who is compassionate and thoughtful of others. See someone who is valuable, abundant and worthy and recognizes that in others too. See someone with much to be happy for and rich in all ways. See someone who is thankful.

Every Day Imagine The Ideal You

See yourself with loving relationships and good connections with friends, family and even strangers. See yourself as loving and kind and compassionate. See yourself as helpful and encouraging to others.

See yourself as someone who can speak confidently and appreciate meeting and being with others. See yourself as someone who likes to explore new places, activities and ideas. See yourself as someone curious and filled with life. See yourself appreciating the tiny miracles of each moment.

Imagine yourself as someone who likes to do new things. Imagine yourself captivated and fascinated by what you discover that is good and new each day. See yourself celebrating and being grateful for everything and everyone in your life

Imagine yourself to be the kind of person who will get up after falling down. See yourself as a person who persists and keeps  your commitments and promises to self and others. See yourself as someone who learns from mistakes and never lets anything get them or keep them down for long. See yourself as someone who is unstoppable and who is able to learn.

Imagine yourself as someone open and flexible. Imagine yourself as one who can and will make whatever you positive things you want to happen, that are good for you and others, happen. You are confident and capable. See yourself as willing to learn how to do whatever is necessary to make your dreams come true by applying yourself and discovering more of your resources.

It Gets Easier And Easier The More You Do It

See yourself as happy and fulfilled. See yourself, not only as worthy and deserving but, as able to enjoy all the wonderful things you want. Imagine yourself as meant to do and have these incredible things because you are the kind of person for whom these things are meant for. You wouldn’t want them if you weren’t meant to have them.

Visualize yourself as you want to be and see yourself as already that. Feel what it feels like to be who and what and how you want to be. Hear what you sound like when you speak out loud and the sound of your own supportive and encouraging self-talk.

See how bright and wonderful the world appears through your eyes. Live it! Feel it fully! Appreciate these wonderful feelings and wrap them around you. Bask in these. Feelings drive the show. From the images we make feelings arise. Use these positive feelings by enjoying and accentuating them.


Imagine everything as if it were real right now. This instant! This is you and your current reality! Do not imagine it being sometime in the future, imagine you are it right now! Don’t delay it for another time. You subconscious doesn’t know when someday is. It is eternally present. It acts now.

Act as if you are already that which you want to become with powerful positive wonderful feelings and your subconscious mind will get the message and respond. This is what is meant by using autosuggestion deliberately to get what we want. This is the conditioning process.

Just as pro athletes condition themselves for success so do the rest of us when we realize how important and valuable it is. Athletes work at it every single day. The provide themselves the right nutrition, the right amount of exercise and rest.

Every pro athlete knows the necessity of having the right mind set to gain the competitive edge. This is what we all must do in everyday life!

Wrap The Positive Feelings Around You 

Everything we do or accomplish arises from who we are. Our self image is important. Our thoughts about ourselves critical. If you want happiness and success to follow you YOU must first be happiness and success. It is the ‘who’ who does and gets what one wants. Your self image is so important to all of your happiness.

That is the way it works. ‘To those who have more shall be given’. Start by making yourself happy, resilient, flexible, successful, blissful and all else will follow. Begin with the best of you! Spend time developing the self image you want. Be like an athlete dedicated to you. Be devoted to being and doing the best for yourself!

IT is a choice. You are not saddled with or a victim of anything that you can’t right now choose to make different. Each second you have a choice to perpetuate an old way or develop and live from a new way. If the old way causes pain and suffering or if it is not working then it is time to chose another way, a new way.

Self Image Development Is Critical To Getting What You Want

Every truly happy and successful person already does this. Either they learned it growing up, lucky them, or later they became aware of the need to consciously choose. You make a decision. It is a deliberate choice. You can make this choice right now for yourself.

Know this. It is very simple. It is easy although it may not always be easy. You have to commit and stick with it when times get tough. That is just the way it is. If you want a radical positive life change than you must invest in yourself, and see it through. Everyone who arrives has to go through this.

There are times when an athlete wants to give up. In order to become the best they need to push through it and continue. They need to apply the training skills they have learned to keep going.

There is no getting a medal if they quit. They use their mental attitude to keep moving forward. That separates those who do and succeed from those who give up and go home.

It takes some time. Just as it takes time to build a house it takes time to build your self image in a positive way. You lay a strong firm foundation and once you do that you can build successsfully on top of it.  Once you begin this process, as you lay the foundation, it will get easier because you have that foundation to support you.

Self Image Development Is Critical To Enjoying What You Want

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. You get better in time the more you repeat the process correctly. You build positive habits. Anything worth having is worth the effort you put in to gain it. You have to pay the price. It is not for free. You have to labor to get what you want.

As it becomes habit it becomes automatic and reliable. Still, there are times when you deliberately choose to direct it. You drive your car in the same way. It is habitual and unconscious. You should never get behind the wheel when not fully conscious, alert, and sober.

Driving requires your conscious awareness and the unconscious the skills you learned and made habit. It is both. Use your conscious mind to direct your unconscious mind to become who you are destined to be.

You direct your inner movies the same way a movie director does. Put it together how you want it to be. Write your positive story. Your mental screenplay. Direct your mind as a traffic cop does. Be in charge of the flow. Take control of what you accept and reject. Make it how you want it. You are a master chef with all the right ingredients and the skills necessary. Make a marvelous dish!

As you do this you will create the new neural pathways replacing the old limiting ones. You will change to a new mental address just as when you move from one residence to another in actual life. It takes awhile to learn and recall and travel to the new address but once you ‘get it’ you automatically go there and let go of the old one.

Replace The Old With The New Easily

Your new self image will replace the old one of you. The one you did not deliberately choose. It will replace the one you were provided by others. Now you are free to choose to be who you want to be. You are free to choose the kind of person you are. This is incredible freedom and power you have available to you.

Spend time visualizing yourself each day and you will be surprised at how life can change and become more wonderful. You will find new things to delight and appreciate. If you have never spent time there you do not know what you are not noticing. You aren’t aware of what you are missing. Begin changing your life for the better now!

Update And Upgrade Your Self And Celebrate The New You

As you visualize and improve your self-image you will begin to notice your life becomes more enriching. As you place you attention in these new areas you find and learn new things to appreciate. Celebration helps you move forward and feel wonderful.

It all builds on itself. Once you take the small necessary steps you begin to walk a journey that continues to become more and more glorious as you continue forward. You discover more beauty and glory than you could have previously imagined. You negotiate and navigate through troubles easier and more resourcefully.

It is a process. All along the way you continue to move forward. Whether you walk easily into the valley or on the straight-a-way or whether you struggle up a hillside you are moving forward. You create momentum and continue delightfully on the journey.

You are moving forward in the right direction! You are coming into your strength and creative power. You are evolving yourself in a positive direction. You are releasing the person you have always been meant to be. Enjoy the process. Begin now and do not stop. Keep going until it pays off because the pay off is magnificent!” Rex Sikes

Make the day magical!!

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  1. Very reassuring. It builds self esteem and optimism. It’s all about ‘mind over matter/ body. It’s true pessimists usually have a fatalistic approach which hamper their success in life.


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