There Is Only One, Big Reason You Don’t Have What You Want!

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“Most people desire things. What do you want? Do you want any of the following? You want the perfect career;  success;  a fine home; a loving, lasting relationship; that special car; jewelry and many other things. You want to travel, eat in fine restaurants and have lots of cash. You want to be out of debt and able to afford anything you want. What is it?

You want things but you don’t have them. Something holds you back.  There is ONE, single, big reason why you do not have exactly what you want, yet. It is important that you understand this.

The ONLY Reason You Don’t Have What You Want YET Is Because

YOU don’t see yourself with it!

You see yourself without it. You imagine not having it. You may imagine wanting it but inside your mind and heart you don’t have it. You see yourself without it. It is not an inner reality for you.

In order to have it


See yourself WITH it.

I repeat:

You Must See Yourself With It In Order To Have It

If you don’t construct it first in the theater of your mind you won’t have it in your life. The outer reality comes from the inner reality and not the other way around. This is what you and most everyone of us miss. Thought precedes action! See it and you can have it!

The brain can’t go after what it doesn’t see or know it wants. You must inform it. You must tell it. You must teach it. The way you do that is to SHOW IT! The brain only responds to pictures and feelings that are intense and in present tense. You must see yourself having it NOW not some day. NOW!

You must see yourself ALREADY having it. You must see yourself as already in possession of that which you want. You must see yourself being it, doing it, having it, enjoying it. You must imagine life ‘as if’ you are already living that future reality and FEEL these feelings.

This is how you program your mind to go after what you want!

Visualization Should Always Be In The Present

Take the future out of your visualization. It must not be ‘some day I will have this’.

It must be ‘I AM this’.

Don’t think, affirm or visualize ‘I will be happy’ or ‘I will be rich’. Think and see ‘I am happy’. I am rich’.

You must use I AM or I HAVE to put your wants into the present tense. Whatever follows the words I AM or I HAVE is crucial. It must be stated in the positive. You must say ‘I AM Rich’ and  not ‘I am not poor’.

It must be deliberate and specific. See it, hear it, feel it, taste it, smell it. Imagine how good it feels in full, vibrant color. In 3 dimensions. Wonderful movies with complete sound and marvelous feelings.

Visualize Having It – Enjoy It – FEEL The Wonderful Feelings

Visualize why you want it. Imagine the reasons. Imagine the benefits you have from being, doing or having this. You’ll have peace of mind, enjoyment, love, happiness, confidence, etc. Enjoy all the benefits and all the incredible feelings right this instant as you visualize.

Do not worry about how you get it. Le go of the ‘how’ it happens. It is not your concern. You job is What and Why. How will take care of itself in time. The Wright Brothers did not know, prior to their first successful flight, how to fly. You won’t know how at first either.

You will discover soon enough the how and the plans becoming available to you as you keep what you want to have in your mind’s eye. This is where faith and trust in your inner resourcefulness comes in.

Trust that your mind will deliver the plan as you go along. Never be concerned with how only with the what and why. Give it over to god, or the universe or your unconscious processes while you focus on what and why. Do not get caught up in how – it won’t help you get it!

To help you make it most vivid describe what you want in your mind. Hand write it out on paper. Choose your words to help you visualize with more detail and realistically. Use powerful adjectives that make your description not only more vivid and realistic but delightful and wonderful.

Make mental movies of what you are doing, who you are with, where you are and fill in all the details. See yourself in the movie being what you want to be, doing what you want to do and having what you want to have. See yourself WITH IT! Right NOW!!!

In Order To Have It See Yourself In Possession Of It

Whether that ‘it’ is confidence, or a car IMAGINE what it is like to be it and own it. Feel it! Wrap yourself in the feelings. Bask in the feelings.

The most important part of this visualization process is to feel as though you already have it AND delight in the incredible feelings. Feel the gratitude and appreciation you’d have.

For example AND I use this only as an example. I do not recommend this playing the lottery.

If you imagined you won the lottery how would you REALLY feel if you looked in your hands and saw the winning ticket and knew that money was now going to be yours?

Believe It – Have Faith – Expect It – Because It Is Already Yours

How would you feel to take the ticket and have it verified that you indeed won. After that, it is only a matter of time until they cut you the check. You have won.

How do you feel knowing that money is yours? Even though you don’t have it in your hands it is designated to you. It is your money and it is coming sometime soon. HOW DO YOU FEEL? WHAT DO YOU FEEL?

I’m gonna bet you probably are feeling pretty fantastic! Am I correct?

Consider this: Nothing in your actual, present time, real life experience, has changed. From the moment your winning numbers are called to when you get the check nothing is different in your circumstances.

BUT your head is different. Your awareness has changed. You know it is your money. You know it is coming. You won it. You now have all this money headed your way.

BUT nothing has changed in your outer circumstances. Any challenges you had are still there. The people in your life, the house you are in, everything is still the same. Yet, you have changed on the inside. You feel and see another reality.

It is those feelings that make the difference! The feelings of already having. The feelings of knowing it is yours! You expect the money. You know it is yours. You believe it.

You Change First On The Inside Then Circumstances Follow

This is the kind of knowing that is important. This is what is meant when we say, Believe it and you will see it! Expect it.  When you have these powerful feelings of expectation that this GOOD is yours, even though circumstances haven’t changed, you and your life are transformed.

Another powerful way to imagine is to include moments when you can you live it and view it through your own eyes. For example, one way is seeing yourself in the car you want to own. Watch yourself get into it and drive and notice how good you look behind the wheel.

The other way is to put yourself in the driver’s seat and look out through the windshield, over your hands on the steering wheel. Feel the comfort of the seat. Feel your hands on the wheel and the sensation of driving the car. In other words, imagine exactly what it feels like to be driving the car.

In the first version you watch yourself drive the car and you notice how good it feels to see yourself do this. In the second version you feel exactly what it is like to be driving the car. You see what you see, and hear what you hear and feel what you feel as you drive along.

Program Your Mind – Visualize  Daily – Make It A Habit

You see what you see from your point of view inside the car. You hear through your ears the sounds of the auto and the roadway. You also hear your inner self-talk and what you say to yourself.

You enjoy the feelings in your body, your emotions and the sensations of driving this car on the road. You can notice what the new car smells like. Experience it as fully as you can.

Repeat this daily and often. See it, claim it, affirm it as already yours and you will make it happen. You become what you think about. You get what you focus on. What you think about you bring about. Spend time doing this each day and you program your mind to get what you want. You literally impress what you want onto and into the subconscious mind.

Know that this or something better is yours. Let go of how. Simply enjoy it. Feel it fully and feel how exciting it is. Visualize before you go to bed and when you arise in the morning. Set you night and your morning mind in positive ways. Remember, you get what you focus on. In order to have it you must first see yourself with it.

What you imagine in you head you can hold in your hand. This is how you begin to make your dreams a reality. First you create the inner reality and that becomes the outer reality. It has always worked this way. Everything that humans have ever made first began as an idea. It begins within your mind. Stop living without what you want and start making it happen.” Rex Sikes

How much delight can you enjoy today?

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  1. Reblogged this on Live Your Dreams and commented:
    This is absolutely true. I have experienced the power of visualization in manifesting beautiful things in life and keeping my frequency high most of the time. I really enjoy visualization. Visualize and tune into the correct frequency and then let the thought go off. Letting go means believe that it is yours and behave accordingly. If you get what you want, you would not feel not having it and you would not worry about not having it because you have received it. Behave in the same way. Enjoy all other amazing things in life every single day with heartfelt gratitude and leave the rest on Universe, and see the magic.

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