This Is Why You Are Getting What You Do Not Want!

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“Are you getting what you don’t want more of the time? It seems like you struggle or try to do everything right but it is difficult getting ahead. You want more of the good life but it just is not happening as you hope it would. Perhaps, you get some good results but not consistently and you would like to. Is this you?

Would you like to learn how to make work? You may not like what you learn. However, if you take the following information to heart and apply it appropriately you can make incredible changes and advances. You can make your career, your life, your everything so much better. Would you like that? Then, please pay attention.

You Are Already Doing It Whether You Know It Or Not

Affirmations and autosuggestion are working all the time. Whether you practice them or not they are working. You realize this don’t you? Affirmations and autosuggestion are not things you do but rather things you use and direct. They are always ongoing no matter what.

Affirmations are statements. We affirm whatever is. We can say, ‘I like it’; or ‘I hate it’. ‘I want it’; or ‘I don’t want it’. ‘I am rich’; or ‘I am broke’. ‘I am healthy’; or ‘I am sick’. Affirmations are whatever we declare, good or bad, wanted or unwanted. What are you declaring?

Autosuggestion is the process of repeating an affirmation coupled with strong emotion. If we are happy or confident or enthused and we repeatedly think or see inside our mind and/or exclaim to ourself (self-talk) or out loud, ‘I like it’; or ‘I want it’; or I am rich’; or I am healthy’, that is what we are suggesting to ourselves.

Affirmations And Autosuggestions Are Always Ongoing

Unfortunately, many people see what they don’t want, or what is bad in their lives and affirm these coupled with strong negative emotions. Intense emotions signal the subconscious mind to pay attention and produce more of the same. It doesn’t care whether it is good or bad it just knows to bring on more.

If we regularly do this, if we repeatedly think to ourselves, ‘I am broke’; ‘I have too much debt’; ‘I’ll never get out from under this’; we are suggestion to ourselves the very things we prefer to avoid. We are creating more of everything we don’t want because coupled with our affirmations are the strong signal emotions.

It is autosuggestion. It is the process of suggesting to ourselves what we are, what we do or what we want OR what we don’t want. ‘I am broke’; ‘I am sick’ etc.  If you routinely think and say and feel these things you make them a habit. You are auto-matically suggesting these to yourself. Get it? You are using autosuggestion to affirm.

It Is Not If But When

What are you regularly repeating to yourself with strong emotion? Whatever it is IS habit. You become what you think about most! What you focus on expands! Birds of a feather flock together. What you think about you bring about. It doesn’t matter whether what you think about is positive or negative you bring it about. Get it?

Let me repeat, because this is important. It is not whether you use affirmations because you already are. It is  HOW you use affirmations that makes all the difference in the world. You can’t not use them. It is not whether you autosuggest or you don’t. You are always autosuggesting. The questions is what are you suggesting?

You can’t stop these processes! You can not stop these but you can direct them. Don’t you think it is time you learned how to direct and use these for your benefit? You can make changes immediately. You can change your life right this moment by changing what you focus on and how you direct your mind.

Whatever You Think About Most Is What You Get

If, like most people, you think about your life situation and imagine it and feel really bad you are producing more of the very thing you do not want. If you think,  ‘I don’t want to be broke’ while picturing being broke and feeling awful about it your brain doesn’t pay attention to the ‘don’t’ part of the message.

The brain only gets the images of being broke coupled with the strong feelings. Do you understand? It is what you routinely and regularly and habitually send to your brain in the form of emotional messages that the brain reproduces. You create your reality by what you tell your brain to do. What you see is what you get!

If you act broke, you think broke, you say you are broke, you imagine the consequences of being broke and in debt, you feel broke and you hate it intensely you will stay broke. You can hope all the while expecting something better to happen for you but you will remain broke. What you say is what you get! What you feel is what you get!

You Can’t Get Uphill Thinking Downhill Thoughts

How can it be any different when everything you do supports staying in the very place you don’t want to be in.  Everything you are doing is focused on being broke. You are affirming being and staying broke.  You are autosuggesting staying broke. That is the powerful message your brain is getting most of the time. Get it?

So the brain produces more of the same. It doesn’t know that consciously you don’t want that. It just sees the image and knows there are strong feelings attached to it. The more you repeat this, worrying about bills or being poor the more you reinforce it. It is negative autosuggestion and negative affirmations. AND it works!

People are strongly affirming what they don’t want all the time. They are getting getting what they don’t want. Feelings run the show and make affirmations work. The stronger the feelings the better they work.  This is what IS going on!  So how do you make your life better?

Increase Or Decrease – Positive Or Negative – You Decide

You now know. You must affirm what you do want. You must affirm the positive positively and feel good while doing it.  You must stay focused on what you do want and the good feelings more of the time than otherwise. Is it work? Yes. Is it easy? Not so much BUT it is very simple. If you want it strongly enough you will do it.

If it is important to you to be, do and have whatever you want you will do what is necessary to bring it about. OR you will keep on doing the negative autosuggestion until life sucks so much that out of desperation you finally make the changes. Either way, the process is available for you to direct whenever you are ready to. I hope it’s soon!” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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