How To Quickly Manifest What You Want

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“People often ask, ‘How do we create or manifest what we want?’ ‘Is there a way to attract to ourselves what we desire?’ They want to know if there are ways and how to work it all the more quickly. Can we reduce the time it takes to make things happen? What must we do?

The quickest way to become what you want to be in life is to say ‘I am’ that which you want to be. Declare it! ‘I am happy’; ‘I am successful’; ‘I am loving’; ‘I am healthy’.  What you think about you bring about. You can declare ‘I have health’; ‘I have wealth’; ‘I have everything I need to be happy and successful’. Affirm it!

‘I Am’ is creation. ‘I have’ is creation. You declare what you want as though you already have it. You imagine the good you desire in life and you affirm it. ‘I am’ is the spoken word you declare. ‘I am’ is the picture you seen in your mind. ‘I am’ is the feeling. Feel it fully!

Picture what you want as thought you already have it and savor the incredible feelings. Feeling are the key. Just repeating things endlessly makes no difference. You must see, say AND feel what it is like to already have that which you desire for the future.

Those feelings are the creative power. See it. Declare it done. Feel it fully. It is all three! It is the combination of all three,  pictures, your word, and feelings, that make your affirmations powerful. “As a man thinks in his heart so he is’.  Affirm what you want.

Declare what you want. Your affirmation is your mantra. Repeat it again and again. What you focus on expands. What you think about all day long you become! When you ‘act as if’ you already have you everything you desire and feel it fully your brain gets the message and works full steam to bring it about.

Then get out of the way and allow yourself to have it. You have to be able to receive without resistance. This is hard for many people. You have to believe it is on its way. If you get distracted and think about how your current circumstances are different from what you want you set up resistance. What you resist persists. Stop it!

If you want a new car declare it. Then accept it is on its way. If you do all the creating but then you keep complaining about the current car you are noticing the lack of the new car. Your focus is on what you don’t like and don’t enjoy.

If you knew you had a new car on order and that is is coming from the dealership you’d be eager for it. Without question. You would also know it was on its way without question. You wouldn’t doubt whether it was going to materialize. You know it is because you ordered it and the dealership is delivering it.

You’d feel great knowing you are the owner of this new car and excited about. If you won the lottery and you this for a fact. You’d be thrilled even though you haven’t received the money yet. You still know the money is yours because you won it. THIS FEELING of having it already is how we create what we want in life.

It is the steadfast focus on what you create and the wonderful feelings of possession that open the floodgates. The easiest way to get what you want is to simply feel the best you can most of the time. Live in celebration and gratitude. Love and enjoy everything. Then your mindset is incredibly positive and powerful.

You feel marvelous. If you feel marvelous most of the day, every day, whether or not you got your dreams everything would still be incredible. The secret is when you feel wonderful most of the time you are creating and inviting good things into your life. When you feel incredible life is incredible! This is the way to live!

To feel wonderful you must think wonderful. AND you must do those positive things that encourage positive feelings. Celebrate and be glad. When feeling down shift yourself out of it. Get yourself to feel at least a little bit better. Make yourself! Move toward delight until eventually you get there. Keep moving step by step. Bit by bit.

Dance, sing, play, laugh, skip, walk, do whatever you do to feel your best AND keep doing it. Enjoy life and everything about it! When you love it all you accept it all. You get out of the way so you can be gifted with all good things. You radiate, vibrate, magnetically attract and create because you are that kind of person. Life is grand!

You want to get the things you want as quick as possible? Stop focusing on lack. Stop being distracted with petty annoyances and daily frustrations that bring you down and tire you out. Live fully. Be alive. Have fun, feel good. Be of good cheer.

Be positive and thankful and everything will come your way most quickly. Live, love, laugh and celebrate everything! Live with passion and with zest and you can have everything you want!” Rex Sikes

Whose day will you brighten today?

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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